SteelChair had a quick chat with ICW founder and hardcore wrestling enthusiast, Mark Dallas, about the success of the promotion, the future of ICW and who he would book in a dream match.

When you first created ICW back in Maryhill, did you imagine the promotion becoming as popular as it is today?

No, I had a vision of possibly selling out the venue in Maryhill, maybe 5 or 6 times a year. I certainly didn’t see it getting any bigger than that.

How do you manage to strike the balance between the amount of talent that comes into ICW as well as ensure that everyone gets the same amount of spotlight?

Not everyone can get the same amount of spotlight. It’s up to the performer and how the fans take to them. And most importantly, if they sell tickets.

Will we ever see ICW travel around the world and do shows?

Yes, it’s definitely a goal of ours to put on shows in different countries. So far, we’ve been as far as ROI, outside of the UK. The ICW Heavyweight Championship continues to be defended across the world, and one day, we hope to run a show in America and Japan.

Do you think wrestling promotions should take the same adult-orientated approach to the production as ICW does and do you think that it brings in a bigger audience?

All promotions use the same method, that’s what makes us unique. Everyone has different tastes. We have a good mainstream crossover that showcases the best talent from around the world in an environment you wouldn’t normally see them in.

Do you feel that there is a constant expectation every year that you need to try and do one better for Fear and Loathing than the previous year?

Yes, that’s the way it always should be. It’s the biggest show on the calendar and every year the spectacle grows bigger and bigger. It’s an exciting time.

Why the golf club as weapon of choice to use in ICW?

I thought it was a play on the fact that I’m meant to be Scottish and wrestling back in the day focused on very character-driven circumstances. Now and then, it’s also likely you will see someone use it as a weapon on the city streets of Glasgow.

Who would he love to see in an ICW ring past or present to face any current ICW wrestler?

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock. Just kidding, Hogan vs. Grado.

ICW has hosted some incredible matches and feuds since its creation, which ones are your favourites and why?

I was a big fan of the Gold Label/ICW feud as it put us on the map in many ways. Since then, many classic feuds have taken place, such as Galloway/Jester, Renfrew/Grado and Wolfgang/Gunn.

What would you say sets ICW apart from those other promotions and why fans flock to ICW events?

ICW is very character driven and everyone is from different backgrounds. Yes, you will see great wrestling but it’s the wide array of cast and characters that sets us apart.

ICW is currently touring its signature show, Fight Club, around the UK hitting Leicester, Cardiff and London. Grab your tickets here at Ticketmaster

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