WWE has signed independent wrestler Kennadi Brink as a referee for the company. She already worked as a referee for a few NXT events last March during Florida dates. With the upcoming WWE Women’s Tournament, Brink would bring a supplemental female touch to an all-women event, alongside a still unknown female announcer.

Kennadi Brink, 25, started training in 2010 at Gillberg’s wrestling school in Maryland. Ever since, Brink has been wrestling for promotions like MCW, SHIMMER, SHINE, and ROH. In 2014, she won the Reid Flair scholarship, presented at the Mid-Atlantic Legends fan-fest in Charlotte, North Carolina.

WWE is making another major step in their “women’s revolution” even if a female referee wouldn’t be an absolute first for the company. If female referees were usually synonymous of special guest or Divas, WWE already had a constant female referee.

In the 1980’s Rita Marie Chatterton was the first-ever WWF female referee. Ever since WWE Divas have previously taken the role, mostly for women matches and for the individual was involved in a feud. Trish Stratus, Stephanie McMahon or more recently Eva Marie and Summer Rae have all donned the referee stripes.

Some reasons that were quoted among fans about the fact there were no official female referees in wrestling are a lack of interest in women having that kind of power, with the signing of Brink, this could be a sign of things to come from WWE.

By Steph Franchomme

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