As WWE took over Europe at the beginning of May with its latest overseas tour, this was a chance for some of the companies talents to showcase what they could do in front of a UK audience for the first time.

Part of this tour was the historic tapings for the new WWE UK show, which is set to air later this month. VultureHound were fortunate enough to catch up with the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne, Wolfgang and 205 Live’s The Brian Kendrick ahead of the shows in Norwich’s Epic Studios.

If I start of with finding out what it is been like for you guys being on the road with WWE, for Brian I know this is a return for yourself so how have the days been so far?

Kendrick: So far it has been really good, I love travelling and I met a lot of the UK guys from my time doing the indies so it is nice to be on the road with with and seeing some more friendly faces in the locker room And it is nice to be out on the road with the guys from 205 live as well, as it puts us in front of a new audience.

And for Pete and Wolfgang how has it been to be on the road with WWE and to be part of this environment?

Wolfgang: Well the first show we did was Glasgow, which is my home town. So to go out in front of a crowd of almost 10,000 people to a venue I used to go a watch WWE shows. Like I went there to see people like the Undertaker, Stone Cold and Kurt Angle when I was growing up. Then to be on the same card as some of these people is crazy. Like they had the card on the wall so I kept that as a little keepsake. But to actually get the ball rolling on the UK product is very exciting.

Pete: I’m just really proud to see that we’ve gone from having this two day tournament, where we didn’t really know what the expectations of it were, but my expectations were blown away from it, and that still goes on today as we get to tour with the Smackdown team which is incredible and you are still pinching yourself a little bit.

Because of the reaction that the WWE UK Tournament got, does that add an element of added pressure going into these shows here in Norwich over the weekend?

Pete: I honestly don’t feel that pressure, we just want to kill it all over again. I have learnt to come in with no expectations for anything and just go with it and do my best. And I am approaching these shows in the exact same way as I just want to go out there and make the matches I’m involved in the best that I can.

Wolfgang: Yeah it’s the exact same really, you just want to put on the best show possible.

And for yourself Brian you had a similar experience with the CWC becoming 205 live, so have you been given these guys an advice as to changing things up from a tournament to a weekly show?

Kendrick: With the Cruiserweight thing it became its own entity and I would think it is going to be the same with the UK thing. So I guess it is just a case of getting used to the WWE style where things like hitting times is very important. And I hope that having people like myself with them it will help and they can pick our brains. For example with the tournament it was very clear there is one objective, but now it is all about building those characters for a show.

Wolfgang when the original WWE UK Tournament aired you were the only ICW original on it, do you feel that you had to fly the flag for the company and Scotland?

Wolfgang: Completely, I feel like I have the weight of a nation on my shoulders. You can boil it down to we are all British, but to me it stands out that I am the only Scottish guy. So it is down to me that Scottish wrestlers can go as well as anyone else. There is pressure, but I also felt a huge support from everyone from Scotland.

And mainly for yourself Wolfgang and Pete, this year was the first year you were at Wrestlemania as part of WWE so how was that experience?

Pete: I have never done Wrestlemania in any capacity so it was my first experience of the whole thing. So it was just incredible from that point anyway. One of the best things about that whole weekend was that I still got to do the indie stuff with PROGRESS and Evolve as well as being back stage for all the WWE stuff. I was just getting the best of both worlds. It kind of puts everything into perspective.

Guys thank you very much for your time and all the best with the rest of the tour.

Pete: Not a problem

Wolfgang: Cheers

Kendrick: All the best now                 

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