12th May 2017

Elite British Wrestling – “May Day 2017”

Montgomery Hall – Wath-Upon-Dearne.

I hold my hands up.

I was not motivated for this.

Not one bit.

I was tired, I felt sick and when I looked at the card I knew we had to work incredibly hard just to stand out a bit. There were a lot of Multi-Man matches on this card, there were two tag matches, a triple threat, a fatal four-way as well as our six man match.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was excited to get back in the ring, especially with the likes Paul Malen, Kyle Bradders and James Bacon. As well, it’s always fun getting the chance to work with Ivy, Sam Kenny and Jason Jacobs under “The Monsters” umbrella.

We turned up to the venue and started to help setting up. Got the chairs out, pulled out the bleachers, set up the ring, set up merch and everything else. Everything got set up quickly, meaning I had more time to just sit around and wait, which wasn’t helping.  It wasn’t until I started hearing the crowd coming in and heard the first lot of music playing that I actually started to get going.

I went out for my first appearance, out at ringside for Ivy’s match against Ruby Summers. It didn’t start well for me out there, during Ruby’s entrance a young fan ( I say young, she was about 15) threw out her hand for a high-five and I pushed it out-of-the-way, as I would always do, and she stood up and started screaming at me daring me to do it again.

So I did and she squared up to me. I could not stop laughing. I didn’t know whether this girl was so aware of everything that happened in wrestling that she thought she was getting involved in the show OR she thought everything was real and was offering me out for an actual fight…

Anyway, the match went down well, Ivy wins via pinfall after we all got on the apron to make sure everyone was all right…. 😉 and off back we go!

First part done well. Now it’s time for the second match.
The Monsters (Alan Kay, Sam Kenny and Jason Jacobs) vs Paul Malen, James Bacon and Kyle Bradders.

I enjoyed this match, even though when I watched it back, I really had very little involvement! But the most interesting part of the match didn’t actually happen in the ring!

During the beat down, Sam had Kyle in a pinning position and I heard a scream from the side. In my usual non-friendly manner I shout back “Just shut up!” to which they responded “Make me!” so down I drop to do so.

I square up to a lady, who just so happened to be Kyle’s relative, expecting a slap of some sorts. The slap did not come. Instead something much worse. Now, for those who aren’t aware as I am not sure if I have mentioned it here before, I don’t drink. I used to drink, quite a bit then it became an issue so I stopped.

So, back to the story, as I said, I was expecting a slap which did not come instead, Kyle’s relative decided to pour Blueberry cider down my chest! I walked away, quickly.

As I turn around, Ivy is in her face. But not screaming. Just in her face genuinely dressing her down. Absolute madness!

I spoke to the person after the show and she apologised so much which is always a lovely thing to do. But moral of the story is don’t pour drinks on people. It’s not cool!

My wrestling weekend was not done there though! I was lucky enough to be brought along to LCW – Elevation’s show in Leicester on the Sunday. Ivy had been asked booked for a match and had been told she could bring a couple of people down if she wanted.

A few of us went down and I was lucky enough to get involved in the 15 man Rumble match. At the time I wasn’t thinking anything of it then I saw the plan for the rumble. I was in there with two of their biggest names.

When I was in the ring I was in there straight away with Lucas Archer, who has appeared for WCPW, was able to get some stuff done with him which is a great honour and also got to run a sequence with a wrestler call “White Tiger” a guy who I have seen creep up a couple of times but apparently has travelled and worked with one of my head trainers “The Pigman” Andy Hogg.

It was great to speak and work with someone who probably was taught stuff from one of my trainers! it was a completely different experience to what I am used to while I was down with LCW, I am used to working in Working men’s clubs when wrestling, this show was held in a college and in a bigger ring. I thoroughly enjoyed being down there and hopefully one day I can get back down and get some proper matches under my belt.

Coming up next!

Phoenix Events Yorkshire Present – I Will Be Heard
I defend my Phoenix Rising Championship against Sam Kenny, Tommy Nova, Kyle Bradders in a Fatal Four-way match.

“Every story needs a good villain”


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