After nearly five months of hiatus, Season 3 of Lucha Underground is back for 20 more episodes. And what better way to kick of the mid-season premiere than with an Iron Man match. But before going on, let’s have a look at what happened a few months before…

Cage won a series of matches against Texano Jr. and earned a magic glove, which changed his attitude. Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo won the belt thanks to The Worlwide Underground faction (Taya, PJ Black and Jack Evans). Drago was kidnapped and brainwashed by Kobra Moon, then his friends Fenix and Aerostar saved him. Dragon Azteca Jr wanted to kill Matanza Cueto, and his mentor Rey Mysterio tried to stop him. Vampiro used black magic to resurrect Prince Puma. Mariposa continues to play mind games with Sexy Star. Jeremiah Crane was with Ivelisse, but he is still in love with Catrina. Pentagon Dark was at war against The female Japanese Triad, and Black Lotus broke his arm. Marty Martinez turned against his sister Mariposa, who was later kidnapped him. Cortez Castro was banned of the Temple. Dante Fox and Killshot were still feuding.

Tonight, Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo defends his title in an “All Night Long” no-disqualification Iron Man match against The Mack. Taped from The Temple in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, My name is Steph, your Doctor Frenchy, and I watched it all for you.

LU20 1
Mack and Mundo square up.

Mundo launches into action, spitting and slapping Mack in the face. Mundo puts him in a side headlock, but Mack answers with a massive slap and works Mundo into the corner. Mundo escapes and earns a near fall. The Mack hits a massive clothesline, a double-knee gutbuster and a knee drop. But this is not enough for Mack to get the first fall. Mundo comes back with kicks to the head and the Moonlight Drive. His first attempt of End of The Worlds is blocked by Mack, but the second reaches his target and allows Mundo to get the first fall.

Johnny Mundo 1-0 The Mack

LA20 3
The first fall for Mundo.

32 minutes remaining, and Mundo is quick to move on from the first fall, taking Mack in a side headlock. Mack earns a near fall with a modified uranage. The Mack takes advantage of the momentum to hit a clothesline and a running cannonball in the corner. Near fall again. Mundo lands a massive Disaster Kick, attempts the End of the World, and is blocked again by Mack. Mundo hits a huge Magistral cradle and grabs the top rope to cheat Mack out of his second fall.

Johnny Mundo 2-0 The Mack

LA20 5
Mundo has 2 falls to the Mack’s 0.

Mundo is sent outside the ring, and Mack dives over the top rope. The Mack rallies and delivers a neckbreaker on the apron. He continues inside the ring with a release Exploder Suplex. Mundo tries a springboard crossbody, but Mack grabs him in mid-air to earn his first fall.

Johnny Mundo 2-1 The Mack

LA20 6
The Mack’s comeback.

Mundo regains control of the match and sends Mack into the second turnbuckle face-first. Mack reverses a suplex for a near fall. The two luchadores struggle to stay on their feet as they exchange blows. Mundo rakes Mack in the eyes to send him outside. He then hits a corkscrew crossbody, but lands badly on his right leg. Officials, referees and trainers rush to the ring and try to put Mundo on a stretcher. Time is escaping, and the crowd is not happy. However, Mundo in fact fakes the injury, and hits Mack with a DDT on the stretcher and scores his third fall.

Johnny Mundo 3-1 The Mack

LA20 7
Mundo used the stretcher to score his third fall.

The fight is now on the stairs. Mundo is using the stretcher as a weapon, so Mack is quick to do the same. The two exchange clotheslines and kicks on top of the stairs. The Mack then slams Mundo onto the stretcher, straps him onto it and forces him to feel the fall.

LA20 9
Mundo is ready to fly on the stairs.

Mundo tries to get himself out of the stretcher at the bottom of the stairs. The Mack grabs the stretcher and flips Mundo over face-first. Back in the ring, Mack hits the Stunner on Mundo for a second fall.

Johnny Mundo 3-2 The Mack

LA20 11
Second fall for the Mack.

Mundo rolls under the ring and runs into the corridor. Mack follows him to the back, and Mundo returns from under the ring with a kendo stick. PJ Black attacks Mack with another kendo stick. Black and Mundo both work Mack with the kendo sticks.

LA20 13
Black and Mundo attack Mack with kendo sticks.

Son of Havoc makes an unexpected appearance, asking for beers to pour over Mack to revive him. Havoc and then Mack whack both Mundo and Black with the sticks. Tables are set up at ringside by Mack and Havoc, but Mundo and Black attack Mack with the kendo sticks yet again. A cocky Mundo grabs the mic asking the band for a victory song. The maraca player, who happens to be Sexy Star, dives off the bandstand and takes out Black and Mundo. Mack lands a sit-out Tombstone Piledriver through the tables at ringside and rolls Mundo inside.

Johnny Mundo 3-3 The Mack

LA20 15
Mack ready for a leaping piledriver through the tables.

Five minutes left, and both men bring their weapons into the ring – Tables for Mundo, a ladder for Mack. Mundo places the ladder on the second rope to whip Mack into it. Near fall. Mack replies by grabbing the leg of Mundo and pulling him face-first into the ladder. Mundo positions Mack on the laid-out ladder to hit the End of the World, but Mack rolls away and Mundo lands right on the ladder. Mack sets up the ladder near the corner and lays Mundo on the table. As Mack is scaling the ladder, Ricky Mandel arrives, and holds the leg of Mack. Less than one minute left. Sexy Star and Son of Havoc appear to take care of Mandel. The Mack frogsplashes Mundo through the table. Fifteen seconds remaining. When Mack is able to reach Mundo for the fall, the bell rings.

LA20 17
Mack on top of the world.

Result of the match : Draw

Dario Cueto then comes out of his office and says there are no ties in his Temple. Because there must be a winner, next week, the match will restart and the next pinfall or submission wins, even if it takes all night long, again. As Mundo celebrates in the ring, The Mack hits a Stunner on Mundo, taking his turn with the title.

LA20 19
Johnny Mundo is still the Champion, until next week?

What a match and what a night. The season is just starting back and action is already at a very high level. Until next week, hasta la vista!

All screenshots courtesy of El Rey Network.

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