WWE Extreme Rules. Will it live up to its name in this year’s edition? Probably not. Nevertheless, the RAW exclusive pay-per-view promises a few interesting match ups that have the team at Vulturehound racking their brains. Here are our predictions for the show.

Craig’s Predictions –

Let’s start with the big one, the #1 contender for the absent WWE Universal Championship. I’d like to see Bálor or Joe win this, but ultimately, Lesnar will remain unhindered until Summerslam when he meets Strowman. I’m a fan of Ambrose, but The Miz always makes the Intercontinental Title relevant, something that Ambrose isn’t being booked to do. Miz = Win. The Vince Russo 2017 addition of the Kendo stick on a pole match, Bliss should defeat Bayley to cement her run as Champion. Cesaro and Sheamus to win, after all, if the Tag Team Titles fixed Matt Hardy, It’d be a shame if losing them made him BROKEN again. Third times the charm for Aries. It is now time for “The Greatest Man ever Lived” to seize the Cruiserweight Championship.

Steph’s Predictions –

Alexa Bliss and Kendo Sticks will make a great match, where she keeps her belt. The Hardys, Masters of Extreme, losing a Steel Cage match? Impossible. The submission stipulation was made for Aries to finally win the Cruiserweight title. With the No Disqualification stipulation and Maryse by his side, The Miz has the best tools to get the IC title back. For the Fatal 5-Way, it’s set in stone that Lesnar will go against Strowman at Summerslam for the belt. So whoever wins, he’s not going to be Champion next month. I’ll go for Rollins, or Joe.

Alan’s Predictions –

Swann and Banks vs Dar & Fox – Have I missed something here? Strange match up! erm. Swann & Banks win.

Neville vs Aries – The time is coming for Neville to drop the Championship and go back to the main roster. Just not yet… Neville wins.

Hardyz vs SheaSaro – Sheamus and Cesaro win. Matt Turns on Jeff, leading to a partially BROKEN run…

Alexa Bliss vs Bayley – This is simple really. If Bliss loses I riot. Bliss Wins.

Ambrose vs The Miz – Miz will try everything to get Ambrose DQ’d. I’m calling a Guerrero chair spot leading to a DDT… Ambrose annoyingly wins.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Samoa Joe – Spot fest that see’s joe dominate until the end. I can see any of three winning this but I think Finn will prevail in the end.

Lee’s Predictions –

It’s now or never for Austin Aries. If he loses his chance to become Cruiserweight champ now, it’s passed him by. Bayley must win after the awful ‘This is Your Life’ segment lest irreparable damage be done to her character. Miz to be rewarded with the IC title for magnificent heel work. Ditto Cesaro and Sheamus. Roman to win the shot. Or for Brock to squash anyone else who does. No matter how up-and-coming.

James’ Predictions –

When it was first announced that Alexa Bliss would face Bayley in a Kendo stick on a pole match, I’ll be honest, it didn’t sound too exciting. But, given how much we’ve seen of Bliss’ in ring work and the chemistry she’s had with Bayley recently, it could turn out well. Alexa will win though, don’t see Bayley winning it back just yet.

Jozef’s Predictions –

I think that Ospreay-Kushida III, as well as being a potential MOTY contender, will see the Essex lad… Oh, we’re talking about Extreme Rules? I’m seriously behind on RAW, so with no idea what the stories are, I’ll say Reigns, Miz, Bliss, SheaSaro, Neville, Swann & Banks.

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