Current Impact Wrestling Knockout Champion Rosemary has made the perfect start to her Impact career since joining in early 2016. In just over a year she has made a name for herself as part of the Decay stable, won the Knockout Title and has quickly become one of the most popular female wrestlers in Impact.

Whilst she may have only been with Impact for over a year, her start in the industry came in 2007 although wrestling had been installed in her DNA from an early age.

“My Grandpa, Dad and Uncle all used to watch wrestling and I used to wrestle with my cousins in the basement. I remember going into high school and me and my friend decided that we were going to become wrestlers. But there wasn’t many great options to train and so we put it on the shelf.”

“After graduating from high school and University I still in my mind wanted to be a wrestler. I have always maintained that I never wanted to live with regrets and so I decided I at least wanted to try and train. My love of Impact was a major choice in deciding to train and I was lucky enough to train with Scott D’Amore who had trained lots of people I had been watching on my television.”

Prior to signing with Impact, Rosemary was an integral part of the Canadian independent scene for eight years. With accomplishments including former Shimmer Tag Team Champion, she had almost become accustomed to spending her career outside of a major organisation.

“I had come to the conclusion that I was probably never going to get signed. But I was ok with that. I had decided that if that was the case, I was going to the best on the independent scene that I could be. I can honestly say that when I come up with the dark character that, that was it for me. It made me feel complete and true to myself.”

It didn’t take long from the transformation into the dark character before Impact came knocking and Rosemary signed with the promotion in January 2016. Whilst timing may have helped, having supportive friends at Impact at the time were always hugely beneficial.

“I genuinely don’t think that things happen in the World until you are ready for it. Like with anything it was largely being in the right place at the right time and it happened to be when they had come up with the idea of forming Decay. It was mainly down to Crazy Steve and Eric Young who had put my name out to Impact. Eric Young was the reason that I was given a look.”

With the makeup and violent nature, many have compared Rosemary to Harley Quinn. However, Rosemary has drawn from other female characters for her inspiration on her character but has also been influenced by her favourite horror film character in some of her character building.

“I stopped watching wrestling and just spent my time watching horror movies. Wrestling is the perfect medium, it really can be anything and I thought to myself, why can’t it be pure horror? I wanted to make it scary horror, not like cheesy horror. I wanted something creepy which would make people speak. The influences come from the likes of Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter and Drusilla from Buffy. Both are females who don’t see themselves in a position other than strength and are just powerful women.”

“I don’t think that there is a character that comes close to Freddy Krueger. I mean he is an absolute asshole but he is so witty and he makes you feel almost bad for laughing at his jokes. That is something that I have been trying to harness in my dialogue.”

With her character developed and causing mayhem across the Impact roster, Rosemary’s biggest break came on December 1st when she defeated Jade in a six sides of steel cage match to become the Knockouts Champion.

“Winning the belt is absolutely the highlight of my career. The knockout division was a huge influence on Women’s wrestling when I was getting to learn to wrestle and train. All of the prominent Impact females came from Ontario and had all worked on the same circuit that I had. Seeing them on television just gave me more inspiration to make it and it was a huge influence on my career.”

Having captured the top honours in the promotion, Rosemary is definitely on the mind of most of the women’s roster who are all looking to knock her off the top spot. With Decay now defunct, Rosemary will have to defend her Title without the support of her brotherhood which is something she is very prepared and excited for as her career moves into the next phase.

“Right now what we are moving into this exciting story telling between me Allie, Laurel and Sienna which is going to be featured on television over the next few weeks. I love the story and how we are telling it because we all threw ourselves into it completely.”

“As the Champion, no matter what there is still work to be done. I have so much to do and a lot to explore from being a performer, to being on my own now that Decay is no more, to developing my character and being a storyteller.”

With much work to be done, focusing on recent actions fans were shocked when she saved Allie from a beating at the hands of Laurel and Sienna. Whilst it may have shocked the Impact fanbase Rosemary explained that she has been hearing the cries for help from Allie for a long time.

“If you track back there is several times that Rosemary has claimed to hear souls crying for help. Allie is just another soul that she has heard cry out to her. What Rosemary is potentially offering Allie is the ability to harness some anger which she hasn’t yet harnessed. Rosemary is offering to help as an agent of chaos, which people construe as negative. But chaos is what keeps things interesting.”


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  1. Great interview. RoseMary’s supervisor has a very inspiring and interesting journey into this career. It’s been amazing watching her different characters and personas over these past five years (for me) and it’s exciting to think of what she comes up with next.

    Upon watching RoseMary progress this past year and a half, I kept getting a Krueger vibe. I was right! I happen to be familiar with the character because my mom loved him and pretty much forced me to watch every Elm St. up to early 1991. Rosemary’s such a unique creation that the possibilities are virtually endless.

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