It’s that time once again, another weekly episode of the best show on the WWE network (besides Legends House) NXT. We get some actual story progression, plus a match-up between Oney Lorcan and Hideo Itami after their confrontation as NXT TakeOver. How does it all hold up? Let’s take a look…


What was initially thought to be a simple squash match, turned into character development for Andrews & Sullivan. Sullivan remained in control and actually dominated fairly early. That all changed once Andrews was tagged in and turned into a pancake. Heavy machinery did in fact win, and Andrews, unfortunately, had to endure another beating by his own partner.

Lars Sullivan right now seems like the big guy that WWE has been guilty of using time and time again as a template. But, it’s early days. Right now, his character is frustrated with his weaker partners giving him a loss and he definitely brings that anger to their attention. Doesn’t seem like much is new here? However, I’ll use the power optimism and wait to see how this plays out.

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During an interview with SAnitY, Killian Dane expressed how unsafe everyone is. Especially No Way Jose.

Ember lamented over her losses and claims that she’s more focused than she has ever been (even though she also said that she’s going to sort out the Billie Kay & Peyton Royce problem)

Back on the main show, Roderick Strong addressed the WWE Universe that he wants the NXT championship. In response, Bobby Roode came down spouting crocodile tears then proceeds to mock his wins, his fiancé, and his kid. Roode told Strong to stay in his lane and should avoid trying. God damn, I love to hate Bobby Roode. Though the glorious gimmick may be starting to wear off, you can’t deny that his persona and charisma is really fun to watch in action right now.


We have the debut of… Sarah Logan! A woman who grew up in the woods wrestled goats and lived rough. Her resilient nature definitely got on the nerves of Royce, Logan would come back hitting harder with her fists or even using her own head. Although Logan didn’t get the win, she did well in her first match. Her character has potential plus it’s adding more interesting women onto NXT. Take notes RAW & SmackDown Live.

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Nikki Cross was losing her mind on the roof while repeating to herself ruby’s name and wanting to play again. The fact that she’s so into this character is interesting to watch, she is more of a lunatic than the supposed lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose.

We also saw actual development with Andrade ‘cien’ Almas. It initially started out with him walking with a group of women to presumably a nightclub. Until one woman came up to Andrade and questioned whether is this how he is now. Followed up with Andrade getting a slap and we finally had something different with his story. Granted, it wasn’t much. But it was something new.


The match started off quite good with a back and forth between Lorcan and Itami. But that wasn’t it, It was pushed even further as the strikes between them became harder and faster. Oney, I love how fast he is and how quick momentum can change in his favour. Better yet, when he does gain dominance you’d be hard pressed to find a way to get back on top. He’ll throw his entire body weight at you and still get up.

Itami though, starting to embrace his heelish side took advantage of a referee break up to kick and punch and slap the hell out of Lorcan. Even after that onslaught, Itami hit him with not just one, not two, but three GTS’S. Kassius Ohno had to interfere before there was a fourth. The friendship between Ohno and Itami has been put into question.

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Itami hasn’t gone full heel yet, he’s currently feeling it out. Overall though this match was hard hitting, energetic, and brilliant to watch.


First off, SAnitY’s new theme? Love it, although I did appreciate the more raw feeling and less professional nature of the original. Secondly, it’s great to see No Way Jose back on NXT, plus this was an okay match to reintroduce into the show. This was a fairly standard back and forth match but was helped by the coordination done by both these men.

Even the progression flowed well with Jose on multiple attempts to bring the hefty Dane into the air. When he did finally achieve it the impact felt satisfying, even though it ultimately didn’t bring him the win. Although Jose didn’t get the win, we know he’s back and willing to fight.

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