Lucha Underground is back for another week, and what a week it was! First up, let’s recap what went down on the mid-season premiere last week:

Johnny Mundo faced The Mack in an “All Night Long” No-disqualiification Iron Man match, for the Lucha Underground Championship. When the match succumbed to the time limit at a draw, Dario Cueto proclaims that the result shall be decided the following week, by the first pinfall or submission.


To start the show, we cut to Prince Puma in the locker room, in front of the mirror. He has flashbacks to his “Grave Consequences” match with Mil Muertes. He becomes immersed and panicked, when Rey Mysterio appears to console him.  Mysterio tells Puma that Vampiro is using him, and he should not be persuaded by him. But, Puma rejects this, and squares up to Rey before making his exit. Rey is alone, when Vampiro appears, with the message, ‘Stay away from him Rey. Like is last master, I will send you straight to Hell.’

Sudden Death

Back in the temple, the sequel to last week’s Iron Man match between The Mack and Johnny Mundo is set to begin. Before the bell sounds, Dario Cueto emerges from his office to clarify some things about the match.  The first fall or submission will decide the Lucha Underground Champion. What’s more, the match will be Sudden Death and Falls Count Anywhere.

The initial momentum is back and forth. Both men battle into the crowd of believers. The Mack pulls out a pile of chairs, before slamming Mundo into the wreckage. It doesn’t take long at all for the Mundo-obsessed Ricky Mandel to make a comical appearance, yet provides a distraction beneficial to Mundo, who has scurried to safety in the crowd. He flips from the railings, hitting Mack hard on the way down. Sexy Star arrives to even the score, coming after Mandel.

But from here, The World Wide Underground take charge. PJ Black slides out from under ring with kendo stick, attacking Mack and setting up tables. His devices backfire, when Mack delivers a Stunner on the apron to Black and he himself goes through the tables at ringside. With a failed attempt at The End of the World by Mundo, Matt Striker proclaims that “the world will not end just yet,” as Mack returns with a sit-out Powerbomb, but to no avail. Finally, with the assist from Taya, Mundo wins with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb onto the pile of chairs at ringside, and a three count to retain.

Dario’s Announcement

Dario stands in the centre of the ring, to deliver what he claims to be the most imaginative concept in all of wrestling. His show has revolutionised the underground wrestling scene with the help of his new innovations, and the next instalment is likely to follow suit. Melissa Santos appears at the top of the temple stairs, holding the “Cueto Cup”. Beginning next week, there will be a singles elimination tournament awarding the winner with the title of number one contender for the Lucha Underground Championship. However, the champion at this time is yet to be confirmed, as Johnny Mundo will face Rey Mysterio for the title of the night of the Cueto Cup final. The winner of this match and the number one contender will fight for the title at Ultima Lucha Tres, thanks to the “Lucha Libre Genius” himself.

Trios Championship

Vibora, Pindar, and Drago are the new Trios champs, after a change of heart from Drago. Aerostar struggled for most of the match. When he goes to tag in his partner, Drago, he is met with a spray of green mist spat from the mouth of his now ex-partner. Drago crosses the ring to confirm that he has joined his adversaries, tagging in and hitting a splash from the top rope on Aerostar (held by the limbs by Pindar and Vibora) for the win. Drago brings ‘gold to his queen’ in Kobra Moon.

Backstage with Mundo, Taya, and Mandel

“If I’m gonna take him to Slam Town, I’m going to have to train harder than I ever have in my entire life,” says Mundo, as he proceeds to go to the car with nothing but a towel around his waist. Taya has brought Dario’s news of his match with Mysterio to Mundo, who is taking no chances against his future opponent.

Boil Heights Street Fight

Another addition to the classic Lucha Underground rivalry, Prince Puma is set to take on Mil Muertes in a Boil Heights Street Fight. Puma is a changed man, consumed by the hate of Muertes. Puma slides into the ring from the crowd, dressed in black street clothes, looking to sneak attack his opponent.

The match is high impact, the hometown hero out for revenge. It hits a turning point, when Puma sets up a table against a wall, and is unsuspectingly speared by Mil. Vampiro relishes in the violence, as it spills out into crowd, and the luchadores climb the stairs. Puma is on the defensive, attacking Mil with a shoe, the most feared of all weapons. A modified TKO by Mil on the mat sees them return to ringside, but Puma recuperates. As Striker calls, he is a man defending his turf. They burst into Dario’s office, trading blows. Mil confronts Vamp at the commentary table, before re-entering the ring. Puma shows off his outstanding athleticism, landing a Coast to Coast somersault with a trash can set up on Muertes. Mil manages to kick out, so Puma adds one more move to the mix, with a 450 splash, but he turns to celebrate with the fans.

Katrina capitalises, entering the ring and slapping Puma square in the face. But Vampiro won’t let it go down like this. He approaches a shaken Puma at ringside, handing him a brick. Puma delivers the final blow, a brick to the head cements the win for Puma, who celebrates as the credits bring the show to a close.

The Cueto Cup is set to begin next week. Who will become the number one contender? What will become of Puma and Vampiro? How will the Lucha Underground champion Mundo prepare for the challenge of Mysterio? Catch us same time next week to find out.

All Screencaps from El Rey Network.

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