Lucha Underground is back for another week. But first up, let’s recap what went down last week:

After an All-Night-Long match two weeks ago, the feud between Johnny Mundo and The Mack ended last week in a Sudden Death Falls Count Anywhere match. Johnny Mundo is still the Lucha Underground Champion. Dario Cueto announced the beginning of The Dario Cueto Cup, a 32-people singles elimination tournament. The winner will become the #1 contender for the Lucha Underground Championship. The night of the Cueto Cup final, Johnny Mundo will face Rey Mysterio for the title. The winner of the Cup will face the winner of Mundo vs. Mysterio in a match at Ultima Lucha Tres, the season finale. The Snake Tribe of Drago, Pindar and Vibora became the Lucha Underground Trios Champions and offered the Gold to the Queen of the Reptile Tribe, Kobra Moon. Prince Puma defeated Mil Muertes in a Boyle Heights Street Fight, thanks to Vampiro who gave him the brick of success.

The brackets of The Cueto Cup were revealed on Tuesday (see above) and include both Luchadors and Luchadoras. One name is still unknown in group D. Perhaps another Dario Cueto special surprise? The tournament begins on this episode, with the four opening matches in group A.

The show opens with Pentagon Dark entering Dario Cueto’s office. He has returned to the Temple and wants his revenge on Black Lotus, who broke his arm months ago (episode 13 of season 3). Cueto claims Black Lotus has left for Hong Kong and hasn’t heard from her in the months. Pentagon Dark threatens to break Cueto’s arm the same way Lotus did, twisting his hand. Dario tells him he’s entering The Dario Cueto Cup and will have a chance to become the next Lucha Underground Champion. Pentagon then threatens Dario to break all of his bones if he doesn’t become the champion.


The Mack goes straight into lucha libre style and hits Suerte with a leg lariat. Suerte is able to counter The Mack many times to finally hit a basement dropkick. The Mack answers with a head of steam and a cross body. But Suerte has the same idea, and the two crash at ringside. After both men struggle to get back to their feet, The Mack hits a massive exploder. Near fall.

Suerte comes back with an inside-out german suplex. He climbs to the top rope and lets us think he will leap the three quarters of the ring to a grounded Mack, but instead comes back to the mat and rolls a senton. Near fall for Suerte. The Mack hits The Big Willy Slam, another near fall. Suerte tries a crucifix bomb for a near fall, again.

Suerte heads to the top for a swanton bomb after a nice spike DDT. But he misses it, allowing The Mack to hit the Pounce and a stunner to get the win.

Result: The Mack advances to the next round of The Cueto Cup tournament

Backstage, Cage is training. He has the “power fist” on that gives him a very new form of power. Cueto tells Cage to go meet up and get acquainted with his “dear friend”, Councilman Delgado. Cage refuses at first, then takes the contact information Cueto is giving him.

THE CUETO CUP – FIRST ROUND MATCH – GROUP A: Pentagon Dark vs. Argenis

Pentagon Dark’s return is so widely expected by the Believers of The Temple, that the chant “Cero Miedo” is heard before the luchadors even come to the ring. Pentagon Dark grounds Argenis immediately with two soccer style kicks. Argenis comes back with a frankensteiner, but Pentagon Dark hits a sling blade and a punt kick. After a load of kicks from both men, Argenis hits a moonsault on Pentagon outside the ring.

Back into the ring, Pentagon recovers and attacks Argenis, who battles back with a neckbreaker. In this high impact match with hard hitting moves, Pentagon finally gets the victory with The Fear Factor, after Argenis is caught on the top rope and kicked in the head.

Result: Pentagon Dark advances to the next round of The Cueto Cup tournament

After the match, Pentagon comes back to the ring to break Argenis’ arm.

THE CUETO CUP- FIRST ROUND MATCH – GROUP A: Texano vs. Famous B w/Beautiful Brenda

Famous B, wearing a cowboy, hat asked announcer Melissa Santos to introduce him as being from Texas, and then tries to bring Texano to the good side, his side. It wasn’t much of a match, as Famous B claimed he didn’t want to win and laid down for him on the mat. Texano teased following his request, but lifted Famous B before the count of three. Texano then hit a sit out powerbomb for the win.

Result: Texano advances to the next round of The Cueto Cup Tournament


A video package is aired about the upcoming Johnny Mundo-Rey Mysterio title match, where the two are shown training.

Before their match, Aerostar has a message for Kobra Moon.

The Queen of The Snake tribe has a message, too.

THE CUETO CUP – FIRST ROUND MATCH – GROUP A: Drago w/Kobra Moon vs. Aero Star

Drago is lead to the ring by Kobra Moon, guiding him with a steel chain wrapped around his neck. Aerostar tries to wake up his former partner. After a minute of hesitation, Drago attacks his former friend and takes control of the action, Kobra Moon screaming him orders from ringside. Aerostar rallies but is sent by Drago into the chairs at ringside. Drago keeps on with the chairs by sending him face-first into a chair. Kobra Moon then slaps Aerostar and asks Drago to finish off his former friend. Drago hesitates, allowing Aerostar to come back, resulting in a near fall.

Aerostar traps Drago in a modified indian death lock, but Drago reaches the ropes. He then tries to use Drago’s own Whip Of The Dragon’s Lair rolling pin to beat him. But Drago escapes. Aerostar tries Drago’s move again but this time, Drago is able to pin his shoulders down for the win. After the match, Kobra Moon asked Drago in Spanish to kill Aerostar. Drago slams his former partner, before Kobra Moon chains his neck again.

Result: Drago advances to the next round of The Cueto Cup tournament

While the action is over in the ring, it is set to continue in the City Hall, as Cage is meeting up with Councilman Delgado. Delgado claims Cage can’t take his glove off because it’s working for him and, very soon, Cage will be more powerful than he can ever imagine. “Very soon, our work will begin”, announces The Councilman. Cage tells Delgado he doesn’t work for him, but Delgado insists he eventually will, because the glove gives a purpose to his meaningless life.

Cage then grabs Delgado by the neck with the glove, throws him up against the wall and Delgado starts spitting blood. Cage apologises for snapping. Delgado accepts the apology, because he knows Cage is still thinking like a man. But Cage snaps once more, watching his iron fist, and hits Delgado in the head. The fist is now covered in blood. Delgado is dead, as Cage stares at the Councilman’s brain matter sliding off the glove and the eyeball resting in his hand. Cage says he’s not a man anymore, but a machine. Cage walks away, with Delgado’s dead body crippled on the floor. Cage then crushes the eyeball with his foot (no gif or video extract will be provided to illustrate this horror-movie moment).

Pentagon Dark will compete against Drago and The Mack against Famous B in the next round of the bracket. The tournament is just beginning and promises to be full of surprises. Until next week, hasta la vista!

All pics and tweets courtesy of El Rey Network.

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