Last week, Impact Wrestling was in Mumbai, India, for an amazing show with 4 title matches. The Wrestling Namasté continues this week with another week of Indian Experience. Sonjay Dutt will compete tonight against Low Ki for the X-Division title, a title he never held.
This week in Impact Wrestling is brought to you by the “Doctor Frenchy” Steph, your new weekly Impact reviewer (I absolutely want to thank Tyler Fudge for the trust he put in me when he was leaving his review to my french hands when he was absent, and for showing me the way to make this review the best possible way).

The show begins with a teaser for tonight’s X-Division championship match between Low-Ki and Sonjay Dutt. Dutt, whose family is from India, has never held the X-Division title since he started with TNA in 2003. Josh Mathews is announced to be scheduled to have a sparring session in the ring tonight. Because of the tag team match between Borash/Park and Mathews/Steiner, the official announcers of Slammiversary on July 2 will be ESPN host Robert Flores and the original iMPACT color commentator Don West.


Ten-Man Sony Six Invitational Gauntlet Battle Royal

This over-the-top-rope eliminations match will begin with 2 competitors, a new entrant is going to be revealed every 90 seconds. The winner of this Battle Royal will receive the Sony Six Trophy, Impact partner on these Indian shows.

Entrants #1 and #2 – Suicide & Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal quickly hits two consecutive monkey flips on Suicide. Sydal then sends Suicide to the ring apron with a hurricanrana. Suicide rallies with a suplex and a running knee as the countdown is coming to an end. Sydal ducks a clothesline from Suicide to hit a spinning heel kick. The clock is counting down.

Entrant #3- Davey Richards

Richards attacks both men and strikes them down with a Snap suplex on Sydal and a back suplex on Suicide. Sydal counters Richards and recovers with a hurricanrana. After a failed attempt of knee strike on the corner post, as the clock is counting down, Suicide is taking care of Richards.

Entrant #4- KM

KM offers Richards to work together on Sydal and Suicide. Sydal counters a drop from Richards, grabs KM who was coming to save Richards and drops them down both. Suicide and Sydal work on KM with a series of clothesline, KM is nearly eliminated by Suicide.

Sans titre 02

Entrant #5- Swoggle

As Swoggle is coming into the ring, Richards eliminates Suicide with a dropkick off the apron. Richards and KM are attacked by Swoggle but his chops have no effects on both men. KM drops down Swoggle with a single hand push. Sydal comes to defend him, hits KM with a running double-knee to the chest but is send face-first in the corner post by Richards. Swoggle tries an attack on Richards but he’s kicked in the mid-section.

Entrant #6- Eddie Edwards

Edwards rushes into the ring to go after his former partner Davey Richards. They eliminate each other but coninues to brawl on the outside.

Entrant #7- Rockstar Spud

Spud goes straigth after Swoggle but Sydal kicks him in the knees to help Swoggle. Swoggle keeps on targeting the knees and, with Sydal help, is able to ground him. Spud attacks them both as KM is resting in the corner. Spud sends Swoggle in the corner post as KM is attacking Sydal. Spud stomps on Swoggle yelling “I never meant to pull your pants down” as Sydal tries to raise KM on his shoulders.


Entrant #8- Kongo Kong

Kong targets Sydal but all his attempts are stopped by the massive Kong. Kong nearly eliminates Sydal by sending him into the ropes. Spud is still yelling at Swoggle in the corner. Sydal hits a kick on Kong from the ring apron but Kong throws him and eliminates Sydal. Kong is now targeting Spud, he quickly eliminates him.

Entrant # 9- Moose

Moose is not in the ring yet that Kong, helped by Spud, eliminates Swoggle. Moose enters, Kong and KM teams up to attack him but Moose answers with a headbutt on Kong, a crossbody and corner splash on KM. Moose is trapped into the ropes by KM and Kong, who eliminates him jus before the clock is counting down.

Sans titre 2

Entrant #10- Mahabali Shera

The Indian darling is cheered by the crowd and his family. Kong splashs him in the corner, hits a splash, but Shera counters and eliminates Kong. KM and Shera are the final two remaining competitors. KM unloads kicks and strikes before a splash. Near fall (the final elimination is decided to be by pinfall). Shera rallies and drops KM down with a Standing fireman’s carry. Shera is on fire and hits clotheslines and strikes. Ready for his sky-high finish, KM counters and goes for a pump-handle slam. Shera escapes the hold and hits the Sky High for the win.

Sans titre 3

Shera goes into the crowd to celebrate with his family. Sony Six’s CEO from India N.P. Singh, Bruce Prichard and Scott D’Amore make their way to ring to present Mahabali with the trophy.

Josh Mathews is ready for his sparing session. A video teaser is aired to explain Dutt’s history in the X-Division. He calls this match his final shot, as he’s able to become champion in his home country. If he doesn’t suceed tonight, Dutt will never ask for a title shot again. Another video shows us the training of former NFL pro DeAngelo Williams who’s coming to Impact Wrestling. LAX are still in their headquarters, he tells his fellow LAX members they’re going to invade local promotions in Orlando to take advantage of the local promoters. They already tried with WrestlePro, as shown in the footage.

The spiritual awakening of “E Singh 3” ?

Sans titre 4

EC3 is coming to the ring with an Indian translator and is announced as “E Singh 3”. He’s wearing traditional Indian clothes. “E Singh 3” says that he checked his heritage and found out that one of his relatives was born in India. E Singh 3 compliments India’s history and, with Impact Wrestling, wants to make history in India. Carter calls India a third world hell hole, as far as culture goes. E Singh 3 is here to destroy India’s history. He only comes to India to find despair. He claims Impact Wrestling and India perfectly found themselves because they are very much like each other. EC3 insists, he is the one true golden god. Carter says India and Impact Wrestling deserve to be punished. He then grabs a leather strap and whip the translator. James Storm rushes to the ring, takes the belt off Carter’s hands, but Carter escpaes before Storm is able to whip him.

Sans titre 6

Video footage from the catering earlier in the day, where Swoggle and Spud start arguing with each other when they sit down to eat as The “Mumbai Cats” are already seated at the table. Spud tells Swoggle that he hates short people. Swoggle climbs on top of the table and pushes Spud’s head into his plate and runs off.

The Josh Mathews Sparring Session

Mathews is sure he and Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner are going to eliminate Joseph Park and Jeremy Borash from Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary. Because Mathews is not allowed to physically touch Borash until Slammiversary, she scheduled this Sparring session to train. Local wrestler Sandeep Tahkonn comes to the ring, Mathews says that Sandeep is a star in India, who competed in The Olympics in wrestling and Cricket. Mathews hits a hip toss and a drop toe hold before mocking Sandeep with slaps. The Indian star rallies and answers with two hip tosses and a dropkick. Josh retakes control with knee lifts and a swanton bomb. Mathews then gets Sandeep in the Steiner Recliner. Sandeep submits.

Sans titre 8

Mathews refuses to release the hold. Shera comes to save Sandeep but Lashley rushes to attack him. Mathews locks him in The Steiner Recliner. Alberto El Patron comes to rescue Shera as Mathews and Lashley heads up to the ramp.

Video footage of Park and Borash working on Steiner’s case with wrestling action figures and video highlights of Big Poppa Pump in TNA. Their phone is ringing as the video finishes, both men are in fear when they stare at who’s calling.

Braxton Sutter w/Allie vs. Trevor Lee

Trevor Lee, without Gregory Helms, attacks Sutter on the apron as he’s coming to the ring. He knocks Sutter to the outside with a kick to the face. German Suplex from Lee, followed by kicks in the face in the corner. Lee then goes outside to go after Allie but Sutter comes to save his girlfriend. Back in the ring,  Sutter hits a swinging neckbreaker for the win.

Sans titre 9

Laurel Van Ness and Sienna make their way to the stage to insult Allie and Sutter. Sienna claims Allie isn’t as innocent as everyone believes, just because of last week when she attacked her and Laurel with a weapon. Sienna then challenges Allie to a tag match next week between her and Laurel against Allie and her friend Rosemary, even if Sienna is sure Rosemary won’t show up next week.

Sans titre 10

Video package on Low-Ki. He says that there is a reason why he is a 5 time X-Division champion and tonight he is going to kill Dutt’s dream. Another video about the 15th anniversary of Slammiversary and what it means to the Impact talents.

Moose and the “dummy” Drake

Impact Grand Champion comes to the ring to remind the crowd that two weeks ago, he successfully defended his title against Eli Drake. Eli’s music hits and he heads down the ramp with Chris Adonis. Drake starts with insulting the crowd who was singing with him. He criticizes Bruce Prichard and the management for the way his career has been going. Drake claims Moose’s nose is way too close the new Impact management butts so he’s able to kiss them and even tell what kind of curry they ate. Moose then challenges Drake to a tag match at Slammiversary. Adonis reminds Moose Drake has him when Moose has nobody. After fighting them both, Moose promises to announce who his tag team partner will be next week.

Sans titre 11

Another video of Joseph Park and JB’s video training session. They answer the phone call of Scott Steiner, who appears on their lap top. Big Poppa Pump says that they are both dead men. Park and Borash beg for forgiveness and ask for their Slammiversary match to be called off. Borash says that we gotta put a stop to this and hang up on the call.


Low-Ki goes straight on Dutt’s injured eye and rips the patch off, Sonjay’s eye is still swollen. Sonjay hits a hurricannrana and brings Low-Ki to the mat with a wrist lock. Low-Ki strikes down with a sharp elbow straight in his injured eye. The pace of the match is quick and the moves sharp. Dutt then sends Low-Ki to the outside. They battle in the crowd, Dutt hits a superkick on Low-Ki and send him face-first into the ring apron. Dutt executes a beautiful moonsault from a very short distance. His landing is not good but the move hits Low-Ki perfectly.

Sans titre 12
Low-Ki rallies and slams Dutt onto the steel steps. Back in the ring, Low-Ki gets Dutt in an abdominal stretch. Dutt starts to rally, counters a Low-Ki springboard attempt with a Russian leg sweep from the second rope. The crow is chanting “This is awesome”. He then hits a rolling basement dropkick on Low-Ki for a near pinfall. Dutt attempts a tornado DDT but a bruised-eyed Low-Ki uses the ropes to throw Dutt across the ring. Low-Ki continues with a kick from the ropes, near fall. Low-Ki takes off his suit jacket to zero in on Dutt. Superb handspring kick in the corner from Low-Ki. On the top rope, Dutt attempts a superplex but Low-Ki knocks him down with a head butt. Dutt hits a right hand and hits the superplex off the top rope. Near fall.

Sans titre 15

Dutt rolls above for a sunset flip but gets double-foot stomped by Low-Ki. Low-Ki then brings Dutt up to the top rope, he carries him on his shoulders and runs across the ring with him but Dutt gets out of it and grounds Low-Ki with a tornado DDT. Sonjay heads to the top rope, hits a big splash and pins Low-Ki.


For the very first time in his career after starting with the company in 2003, Sonjay Dutt has finally won his first-ever X-Division championship. Impact wrestlers comes to the ring to congratulate and celebrate with him. Dutt is carried on the shoulders of Mahabali Shera and sprayed with champagne by his Impact friends in front of his native crowd. Incredible match for an incredible champ…

Sans titre 13

What a main-event! A 5-Star PPV-quality match. This travel to India seems to have brought Impact Wrestling to his real value, action. Slammiversary is in 2 weeks and the card can bring us new surprises. Good or bad would they be, see you next week to find it out.

All pics and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling.

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