Money in the Bank could be considered one of the most influential WWE pay per view’s of the calendar year, given the prize that is up for grabs. With the winner guaranteed a championship title opportunity at their discretion, the briefcase has all the potential to change the course of the top tier program.

For the first time ever, the Women’s Championship will be subject to a cash-in. In this era of opportunity on SmackDown, unpredictability is definitely on the cards for this year’s Money in the Bank. But, being the fine smart marks we are, we thought we would have a crack at the guessing game. Here are our predictions.

Steph’s Predictions 

The Usos will keep the titles, thanks to a DQ. The New Day will take the belts sooner than later. I see Lana winning the Women’s title, but to be beaten by the MITB winner just afterwards. Sorry Randy, but Mahal stays champion, thanks to an intervention, maybe by Rusev returning to help his former ally…

Predicting the unpredictable… Every Money In the Bank participant, male and female, are valuable players and have earned both their spot in the match and the briefcase. One pick is too difficult, so I’ll go for Natalya or Tamina, and Sami Zayn or Shinsuke Nakamura.

Jozef’s Predictions 

Sami Zayn to win Money in the Bank. Sami Zayn to win and cash in and become a glorious champion. Sami Zayn to not immediately lose a title to Kevin Owens. I know it’s unlikely, but I’m hoping if I say it enough it will come true. Also, I have Becky, Naomi, the Usos, and Jinder.

Lee’s Predictions 

With Lana vs Naomi, they’re either going to go one of two ways. Either Lana is going to lose in less than a minute, or she’s winning the title for the winner of the women’s MITB Match to cash it in on her. I’m thinking Charlotte. Usos win against the New Day via shenanigans, the feud continues. Zayn wins the men’s case. Corbin isn’t ready yet. Jinder retains. I can see him going to SummerSlam with it, possibly to be knocked off by a flag-waving, shovel-carrying Cena, and he beats Flair’s record against Jinder Mahal. Oh, dear God…

Bradley‘s Predictions

Without a doubt the biggest talking point of this Sunday’s Money in the Bank PPV is the Women’s MITB Ladder match. Who will win is anybody’s guess, which is why I’m banking on (see what I did there?) Becky Lynch to win. A typical underdog babyface is the only possible choice when there is a lack of arrogant heels on the Women’s roster.

As for the men’s match, it has to be Zayn or Corbin. Zayn, is the biggest underdog on the card, whereas Corbin could carve his path of destruction when finally cashing in the briefcase. Who knows?

One thing is for certain. The New Day will be the SmackDown Tag Team Champions after Sunday night’s match against the Usos.

Erin‘s Predictions

Here’s a long-sighted prediction for you: Becky Lynch to win the briefcase and eventually turn heel upon cashing in. It makes sense, right? The RAW and SmackDown women’s rosters are inundated with babyfaces. SmackDown writers have a knack for making the impossible (or even impractical) a reality. This decision, however, is totally practical. It’s a surprise I would welcome in the long run.

As for the men’s MITB match, for all intents and purposes, Zayn SHOULD win. Which is why I think Corbin will take the briefcase home. Every underdog has his day. Someday.

P.S. I miss Rusev. And Mike and Maria.

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