Well then. Money in the Bank sure was great, right? Okay, maybe it disappointed 99% of fans (accurate statistics that I just made up) but last night’s SmackDown, just like your parents divorce, looked to address the issues left behind from Sunday. Or more precisely, correcting their mistakes and pretending it never happened. Again, just like your mum and dads marriage. Welcome to the most must-see Vulture Hound weekly review in history; welcome to… The SmackDown Review.

Opening the show was the four non-winners – or as I call them, losers – of the women’s Money in the Bank match. They were arguing backstage which Daniel Bryan addressed by telling them he will speak with Carmella and James Ellsworth first. That being said, Miss Money in the Bank, Carmella and the chinless wonder Ellsworth, came to the ring to fuel their hate. Carmella, rightly so, pointed out that with MITB being a no DQ match there’s nothing anyone can do about it. She further stated that interferences always happen in those matches and this was nothing different.
Later on, all of the participants from the Money in the Bank match joined Daniel Bryan in the ring. After berating Ellsworth for being the meddlesome swine that he is Bryan had made his decision and demanded that Carmella hand over the briefcase. Meaning next week there will be another Money in the Bank ladder match to determine a true winner. As Bryan stormed off with the briefcase he confirmed my suspicions that SmackDown clearly panicked after the fans rejected the result and have now rendered Sunday’s PPV entirely pointless. Also, a fight broke out amongst the women, where Charlotte and Becky took out Carmella. Meh.

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The best action of the night featured Kevin Owens as he stood in the ring and issued a “New Face of America Challenge for the United States Championship”. AJ Styles received a large pop as he responded to the challenge but Owens declared the challenge was only for Dayton residents. An even bigger pop was to be had as Chad Gable came out and said he had just moved to Dayton Tuesday morning. Whether thats true or not is irrelevant. He was pretty funny in this segment as a babyface and, of course, it was great to see American Alpha back on tv!
The match itself is worth watching back. Gable looked strong as he suplexed Owens multiple times, even managing to bridge it for a near fall. Gable hit a moonsault and it looked as though he was going to be The New Face of American and United States Champion. That was until Owens kicked out and eventually slammed Gable with a pop-up powerbomb. Great match and a nice little push for Chad Gable too!

Gable Strong // wwe.com

Here’s some supplementary data:

– Continuing the rivalry between the New Day and the Usos, Big E scored a singles victory of Jimmy Uso. This feud has legs longer than Torrie Wilson.

– Daniel Bryan was met by the deliciously Hyped Bros backstage where he promised them a tag title shot if they can defeat the Usos in a non-title match next week. No doubt they will lose and Ryder will turn heel as a result.

– Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Dolph Ziggler. Again. This is getting old pretty fast so they better do something good with the Artist Formerly Known as the IWGP Intercontinental Champion.

Earlier in the show Randy Orton had a backstage interview and vowed to get his revenge on Jinder Mahal. Orton said he’d go after Jinder’s entire family in India in retaliation to the Singh Brothers putting their hands on his father, Cowboy Bob… yet, considering the Singh Brothers aren’t actually his family I’m inclined to say that Orton is a little bit racist and maybe he’s the real heel in the feud.

The Mahal-raja //wwe.com

Things got spicier than a Bombay Mix when, during Jinder’s match with Luke Harper (no idea why this the main event), Baron Corbin came out and teased cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase, believing he was in Mahal’s head. The Singh Brothers again aided Jinder the victory as they distracted Harper, allowing Mahal to hit the Khallas and get the pin.
Following the match, Orton came out and beat down the Singh Brothers for the 15th time this month. As he went to hit Mahal with an RKO the Singh Brothers intervened and Mahal escaped through the crowd. Upset, Orton hit an RKO on one of the Singhs and posed in the ring.

By Bradley Tiernan

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