Lucha Underground is back for another week. But first up, let’s recap what happened on the last episode:

Pentagon Dark, Drago, The Mack and Famous B won their matches in the first round of The Dario Cueto Cup (Group A). Kobra Moon is still holding Drago under her reptilian power. Pentagon Dark threatened to break Cueto’s arm if he didn’t win the Cup. Cueto asked Cage to pay a visit to his friend Councilman Delgado, the man who offered him the magic glove. Cage didn’t want to share his glory with Delgado, and killed him. 


This week, the 7 luchadors and the luchadora of group B will compete in the first round of The Cueto Cup. The show opens with Fenix arriving to the Temple in his car. Melissa Santos comes to greet him. Fenix tells her he will dedicate all of his successes in the Cueto Cup to her. But not so far away, an angry Marty The Moth is watching and smashes his head through a window.

The Cueto Cup Tournament – Group B – First Round : Cage vs. Vinnie Massaro

Bad Boy Massaro starts with cheap shots, but is unable to make the body builder Cage move. After a massive clothesline, Cage suplexes Vinnie onto the ring apron. Vinnie tries to come back to the ring, blindsides Cage and tries a clothesline that again, has no effect on Cage. Cage answers with a spinebuster. Massaro rallies to hit his “snoring elbow” to ground Cage. Vinnie reaches Cage’s corner to grab and use the Metal Gauntlet. Massaro tries to punch him unsuccessfully. Cage then beats down Massaro in the corner and then lifts up Vinnie to hit a modified brainbuster driver for the victory.


Result: Cage advances to the next round of The Cueto Cup Tournament

After the match, Cage puts on his Metal Gauntlet glove and attacks Massaro. He busts him open before sending him off with a choke slam.

A video feature airs hyping the upcoming Lucha Underground title match between Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio claims he fears no man or challenge. Mundo acknowledges Rey is considered the greatest luchador ever, but everybody will have to recognize Mundo is the best after he defeats Mysterio.

The Cueto Cup Tournament- Group B – First Round: Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez w/Melissa Santos vs. Saltador

Melissa introduces Marty, who stands in front of her. Saltador tries to put Marty in a trance with his strange costume, but it doesn’t work. After a demonstration of chain wrestling, Saltador finally hits drop kicks on Marty.  He then hog ties him into the bottom rope and slams Marty for a near fall. When Saltador attempts a leaping rana, Marty grabs him and power bombs him into the steel gate. Marty stares at Melissa to see if she wants to see more, but she turns her head. Back in the ring, Saltador is dragged around the ring as Marty takes one hand in his mouth.  Gut buster by Marty, near fall.


When the referee tries to seperate them in the corner, Marty spits in the referee’s face. Saltador rallies, attacks Marty with a load of moves and a leaping springboard head scissors. Saltador then lets Marty think he has a cramp, but in fact coaxes him into a superkick for a near fall. An over-confident Marty hits an exploder suplex, but Saltador rolls him up in a small package for another near fall. A furious Marty picks up Saltador and hits a double underhook suplex transformed into a gut buster, for a win that Melissa Santos has difficulties announcing.

Result: Marty The Moth advances to the next round of The Cueto Cup Tournament

As Mascarita Sagrada is preparing for his match, Paul London and Mala Suerte of The Rabbit Tribe approach him and treat him as if he was their leader. Mascarita walks away.

rabbit tribe

Marty The Moth is in his secret lair covered with pictures of Melissa Santos. Marty grabs a picture and starts to talk to it. He says that he is not mad at Melissa for wanting to keep their relationship a secret, and then licks her picture. His sister Mariposa tells Marty that his lust for Melissa has made him weak. She tells him that after she wins her first round match, she will advance to face Marty and she will be forced to teach him a lesson. Marty tells Mariposa to remember how they used to play when they were kids. Mariposa leaves and Marty talks to Melissa’s picture again. He tells her that they will one day be family too.

mariposa marty

The Cueto Cup Tournament – Group B – First Round: Mascarita Sagrada vs. Pindar w/Kobra Moon

The match starts with Pindar over powering and flinging the tiny Sagrada all over the ring. Mascarita battles back and is able to to take to the air to ground his opponent. On the outside, Sagrada connects with a hurricanrana. Back in the ring, he continues the offensive, but Pindar catches him in the air to hit a pop up diamond cutter from his knees. Kobra Moon interferes and kicks Sagrada in the face. Pindar then carries Sagrada around the ring and spanks him to humiliate him.


Sagrada rallies with an around the world head scissors, but Kobra enters the ring to go after Sagrada. He evades to slap her on the outside. Sagrada hits a moonsault on Pindar for a near fall, but it’s Pindar’s inside-out power bomb that earns him the victory.

Result: Pindar advances to the next round of The Cueto Cup Tournament


The Cueto Cup Tournament – Group B – First Round Match: Mariposa vs. Fenix

Fenix has decided not to take his female opponent as a real contender, but Melissa Santos as his supposed lover… A long series of kicks and strikes before Fenix hits a standing drop kick direct to Mariposa’s head. Mariposa battles back with kicks from the corner and connects with a pretty tilt a whirl DDT on Fenix, near fall. Mariposa then hits a running hurricanrana on Fenix on the outside after a series of kicks to his back.


Back in the ring, Mariposa hits a springboard bulldog on Fenix, near fall again. Fenix strikes back with a release german suplex. He then kicks Mariposa in the head. When Fenix picks up Mariposa for a powerbomb, she counters and hits a modified sunset flip power bomb. Fenix stops the offensive of the luchadora with a martial arts kick. The fight continues inside the ropes – Mariposa blocks Fenix in the corner for a monkey flip, tries to go for a cross body block, but gets caught by Fenix who hits The Fenix driver for the win.


Fenix defeats Mariposa to advance to the next round in Group B of The Cueto Cup

Marty comes out after the match to attack Fenix in front of Melissa. Marty and his sister then attempt to team up to beat him down, but Fenix battles back and ends up leaping over the ropes onto them at ringside. The episode ends with Fenix celebrating.

Cage will compete against Pindar and Marty The Moth against Fenix in the next round of the bracket. When you’re not used to intergender wrestling, this main event is a real eye-opener to lucha libre, in the Lucha Underground style of course. Until next week, hasta la vista!

All pics and screenshots courtesy of El Rey Network

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