So last night Progress Wrestling put on #Chapter50 I Give It Six Months which was a milestone for the London based promotion who have been a staple of the British Wrestling scene since 2011. It was my first Progress live show, although not through lack of trying it just seems that they have a very dedicated fan base who go out of their way to snap up tickets within minutes of them being released. Low and behold I attended the show looking forward to a seven match card which featured both the Women’s Title and Tag Team Title’s being defended.

The show opened with current Progress & WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne addressing the crowd and Progress management, claiming that he would not defend the Progress Title until the Alexandra Palace show which takes place on 10th September. Dunne was about to leave when Progress owner Jim Smallman told Pete that he pays him to work and that he will be competing tonight in a non-Title match. He also confirmed that if anyone beats Pete between now and 10th September they will get a Title shot.

Progress Women’s Championship Match
Toni Storm (c) Vs Kay Lee Ray

What a match to kick off the show and the Women certainly held their own on a stacked card and was probably only topped by one or two other matches on the card. The Champ Toni Storm really is the total package and I can totally see why the WWE have signed her to compete in the upcoming Mae Young Classic Tournament. Kay Lee Ray held nothing back in this one striking Storm with all that she had and coming very close to getting the victory on several occasions. But it was Storm who was able to overcome the tough challenge, taking her opponent to the ropes before hitting a second rope jumping pile driver which was every bit as crazy as it sounds. I don’t think they could of hoped for a better opener to the show.

Result – Toni Storm defeated Kay Lee Ray to retain the Progress Women’s Championship

The London Riots Vs Banter Edition

On paper this one could have been overlooked but it turned out to be a great comedy style match which the crowd were very invested in. Dave Mastiff rallied the crowd to sign their entrance theme which was a joy to watch and be a part of before the two teams squared off. Lots of comedy spots in this one with El Ligero and some great big man spots with Mastiff and Rob Lynch including a hurricanrana from Mastiff which was incredible. The end came when the Riots hit Ligero with the GBH to end a very enjoyable tag match.

Result – The London Riots defeated Banter Edition

“Flash” Morgan Webster Vs Jack Sexsmith

Going into this one I hadn’t seen either of these two wrestle in the past and so was someone sceptical. But it didn’t take long for them to win me over and I was very impressed by the match that they put on. Webster has a very unique style and I really enjoyed just how intricate he is with his moves, making very slight adjustments to them so that they appear different to how everyone else performs them. Sixsmith’s gimmick treads pretty close to the line and I’m not a fan of the condom being pulled out the trunks but each to their own. Just as he was about to hit his finisher, Damian Dunne’s music hit and he interrupted the match, hitting Morgan and Sexsmith with a megaphone before beating down on Sexsmith.

Result – “Flash” Morgan Webster defeated Jack Sexsmith by disqualification

Non-Title Match
Pete Dunne Vs Donovan Dijak

This match absolutely blew me away and was an barn burner from the get go. Was the second time I have seen Dijak wrestle live and he has not failed to entertain me yet. He was on point at #Chapter50 and brung it to Dunne from the opening bell hitting an insane springboard moonsault to the outside wiping out most of the front few rows. For a man so big it is just crazy how he moves around the ring and I was certainly bought in to the possibility that he may beat Dunne a few minutes in. Dijak also hit a chokeslam onto the apron which was one of the best spots in the match for me. Back in the ring Dunne was able to shift the momentum back in his favour with a pedigree and some vintage Dunne moves including biting the fingers of his opponent and trying his best to pull Dijak’s nose from his face. The end came when Dunne hit the Bitter End on Dijak for the three count. A great Progress debut for Dijak and whilst he come up short in this one, hopefully we will see him back at the Ballroom very soon.

Result – Pete Dunne defeated Donovan Dijak

Nathan Cruz & Zack Gibson Vs Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins

It was Haskins birthday so the match started with his wife giving him and Havoc party hats which was pretty hilarious to watch. Gibson took to the microphone to air his views on how ridiculous the whole thing was and also refer to the Tournament of Death as the Tournament of the Backyarders. The match started outside the ring which favoured Havoc and Haskins until Cruz threw Havoc up against the wall which was a nasty spot. In the ring Cruz and Gibson attacked Havoc’s back which was still evidently in a bad way after TOD but aside from that I can’t attest to remembering a great deal from the match. The ending came when Haskins went to throw a chair (which Havoc had given him as a birthday present earlier in the match) at Gibson who ducked and it clattered Havoc in the face. I thought this may lead on to a feud with Havoc and Haskins but the pair embraced after the match and so that seems like a no go at the moment.

Result – Nathan Cruz & Zack Gibson defeated Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins

Travis Banks Vs James Drake

The SSS16 2017 winner Travis Banks is incredibly over with the Progress crowd and this was evident throughout the duration of this extremely hard hitting match with James Drake. I don’t think anyone hits a tope suicida faster than Banks and I was very happy that he just decided to hit it in the opposite direction to where I was sitting. Drake had some good heat with the crowd and played up to it well in getting off some good offence on Banks but it wasn’t long until Banks took things up a gear. His kicks are vicious and ring out around the Electric Ballroom, after hitting Drake with the Slice of Heaven he got the pin fall and it would be hard to image him not challenging Pete Dunne for that Progress Title at the Ally Pally.

Result – Travis Banks defeated James Drake

Progress Tag Team Championship Match
CCK Vs British Strong Style (c)

This match had a big match feel to it and prior to either team coming to the ring, we were treated to a very well put together promo video which was projected onto the wall. It featured CCK telling us that they would prove why the three most important letters in Progress aren’t BSS. BSS didn’t even have time to get to the ring as Brookes hit a Tope con Hilo taking out the Champs and from the off CCK took it to BSS. The match was spent outside the ring for the first 10-15 minutes with each team throwing everything they had. Seven threw Lykos about 5 rows back into the crowd, Brookes hit a flip off the stage on to Bate and there was just so much going on that it was hard to keep up. Eventually the match made it back to the ring and Chris Roberts called for the bell to get the match officially started. Seven and Bate used their strength to overhaul CCK for a while during the match before things started to heat up with some great double team moves. Pete Dunne then make his way to ring but was quickly chased out of the building by Travis Banks which was a joy to watch. Seconds later Kid Lykos hit the Brainbuster and got the three count to capture the Titles for CCK and cap off an incredible show. The crowd lost their minds when Roberts counted to three and it was notable just how much it meant to CCK in the emotion on Brookes face as he held the Title aloft his head. I can’t wait to watch this one back from the comfort of my living room chair so that I get to see everything that happened in the crowd which I missed but I don’t think that either team could of offered much more in this match and they all truly left everything inside the Squared Circle.

Result – CCK defeated British Strong Style to become the new Progress World Tag Team Champions

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