Last Wrestling Namasté as this week ends the Impact Wrestling visit to Mumbai, India. Contracts signings were announced for tonight. Rockstar Spud and Swoggle are set to compete in a Mumbai Street Fight match. X-Division Champion Sonjay Dutt and Matt Sydal will square off against Low-Ki and Trevor Lee. This is the last Impact before Slammiversary, tension and action are surely going to be on the menu of the night…

This week on Impact Wrestling is brought to you by Miss Doctor Frenchy Steph (stay tuned all the week-end as full Slammiversary card, predictions and of course results will be on our website).

The show opens with a footage of the 4 combined contract signings for Slammiversary, that took place earlier in the night. Jeremy Borash and Bruce Prichard are in the ring.  Rosemary and Sienna are the first to come. Sienna tells Rosemary she’s in her head, not Rosemary in hers. If Rosemary is able to spit mist, Sienna assures she can spit fire. Rosemary answers if tonight they signed a contract with ink, at Slammiversary they will seal their destiny in their own blood.

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The next contract signing is for The Full Metal Mayhem match between Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards team with their wives against each other. Richards signs the contract and asks Edwards to kill him right now because if he doesn’t, at Slammiversary, he is going to bury Edwards next to his wife.

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Next is James Storm and EC3, for their strap match at Slammiversary. A disgusted Carter tells Storm he will tear his heart piece by piece, flesh from the bone and sacrifice him because he has to, as he is a Carter and the company needs him. James Storm answers Ethan that his family had better not be watching on Sunday because he’s going to whip him over and over and when blood is going to come over his body, he will continue to whip him again and again.

The final contract signing is Lashley vs. El Patron for their unification World titles match. Lashley teases El Patron saying everybody knows he will not beat him at Slammiversary. Alberto then challenges Lashley for a match but Bruce Prichard interjects and books an 8-Man Tag Team match for tonight’s main event. Alberto, James Storm, Eddie Edwards and Mahabali Shera will compete against Lashley, EC3, Davey Richards and Kongo Kong.

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Back from break, footage of Kongo Kong walking the streets and scaring the people of Mumbai. Another footage of Swoggle and Rockstar Spud praparing for their Mumbai Streetfight tonight. Video teaser on Sunday’s X-Division 2-out-of-3 falls title match between Champion Sonjay Dutt and Low-Ki.

X-Division Tag Team Match: Low-Ki & Trevor Lee vs. Sonjay Dutt & Matt Sydal

Dutt and Lee started the match, Dutt heavily supported by Indian crowd. After a few minutes of locks, kicks and punches, Dutt took control with a hurricanrana for a near fall. He tagged in Matt Sydal who started to work on Lee’s left arm. Dutt and Sydal double teamed Lee a few minutes before he was able to tag in Low-Ki. Low-Ki tried to take control but the face duo made a great team work, hitting dual standing moonsaults on Low-Ki and Lee. Back from commercials, Low-Ki trapped Sydal in an abdominal stretch. Sydal tried to escape the stretch but Low-Ki hit a standing double foot stomp on his chest. Trevor Lee was tagged in and connected with a neck breaker.

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Lee and Low-Ki also made a great team work by double teaming Sydal in their corner. Sydal was finally able to rally and tag in Dutt who went straight on both Lee and Low-Ki. Dutt hit Lee with a tornado DDT after springboarding off of Low-Ki. Lee rallied and hit a strong forearm on the champ’s back. Lee tagged in Low-Ki who teased Dutt for fight and hit Sydal on the apron. Duut then tagged in Sydal but Lee was back too and Lee was quickly knocked down with a high knee. Sydal tried to reach the top rope for his shooting star press, Low-Ki tries to push him off, but Sonjay kicked Low-Ki before he can do it. Sydal then hit his Shooting star to pin Trevor Lee.


Video profile on DeAngelo Williams that will team up with Moose at Slammiversary.

Eli Drake & Chris Adonis vs. The Mumbai Cats

Full domination and great team work from Drake and Adonis dominate. They could have ended the match quickly several times but they prefered to continue to humiliate The Mumbai Cats. Drake finally hit the Eli Bomb for the victory.

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Eli Drake & Chris Adonis defeat The Mumbai Cats

Borash and Mathews announced that MMA fighter King Mo would be in the corner of Bobby Lashley during his Slammiversary match as Alberto El Patron’s father Dos Caras would be in his corner this Sunday.

Mumbai Street Fight – Rockstar Spud vs. Swoggle

The referee for this match is Suduq Kumar, the man who stopped the fight in the streets last week between the two. Battle began on the ramp with Swoggle blinding Spud with powder. Golf balls and trash can were involved.

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Spud dragged Swoggle to ringside and set up a table. Spud tried to suplex Swoggle onto the table but Swoggle bit him. Swoggle tried to send Spud too into the table but was unable to. Back in the rinf, Spud grabbed a mic to tell Swoggle this business is for big men and him, the crowd and the whole Internet hates him, slapping Swoggle after every insult. Spud admitted he wanted to pull his pants down when this all started but Swoggle slapped him. But Spud continued his attack. The referee tried to stop him, sending Spud down to the mat. Spud responded by pulling the referee’s pants off to reveal his underwear and attack him. Swoggle was able to recover and pull Spud pants down. Swoggle put Spud in his shoulders to hit a doomsday device. Swoggle then brought Spud to the apron and samoan dropped him through the table at ringside and earned the pin.

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Borash- park video training showed Borash handing Park an Abyss doll and asking him to fing his inner monster. Video footage on El Patron, his background and legacy.

Sienna, Laurel Van Ness & KM vs. Rosemary, Allie & Braxton Sutter

Allie started the match with Laurel Van Ness but she quickly tagged in KM. Sutter came in the ring and unloaded punches, kicks and clotheslines on KM into the corner. KM rallied and hit a full nelson slam and a gut wrench suplex on Sutter. Sutter battled back with an exploder suplex. But KM tagged Laurel back, allowing Rosemary to attack the Disfigured Bride with a huge kick in the head and a fisherman suplex. Near fall as Sienna broke the count. Allie, KM and Sutter came in the ring, the 6 competitors started to brawl.

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Sutter sent KM on the outside as Laurel hit a cutter on Rosemary. Allie then grabbed Laurel to hit a Death Valley Driver but Sienna knocked her down from behind. Sienna wanted to work on Rosemary but pushed Laurel when Rosemary was about to spew green mist in her face. Allie run to save Rosemary and hit a code breaker on Sienna. Rosemary earned the victory for her team by hitting The Red Wedding on Laurel. During the victory celebration, Rosemary patted Allie and Braxton on the head to thank them for a job well done.

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Back on JB-Park training, as Park is staring at the Abyss doll and suddenly has flashbacks of Abyss matches. Park then grabbed “Janice”, Abyss preferate toy, and starts to crush the Scott Steiner doll with it (read our Scott Steiner views and opinions article here). Long video package on Lashley and El Patron, and their history coming to the main event of Slammiversary.


IMPACT MAIN EVENT: Bobby Lashley, EC3, Davey Richards & Kongo Kong vs. Alberto El Patron, James Storm, Eddie Edwards & Mahabali Shera

Shera got attacked as he decided to get in the ring before his partners were introduced. Of course the heels beat him down, as Kong Splashed him in the corner, Richards double foot stomped him with a steel chair. Shera’s partners finally rushed to save him. With Shera injured, the match became a 4-on-3 fight. Richards and Edwards started the match but Richards quickly tagged in Carter. Crater mocked Shera by doing his dance. Everett got to tag in Storm in but Carter tagged Lashley in.

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Lashley kicked Storm straight in the ring but Storm rallied and punched Lashley onto the corner. Strom tagged in El Patron for another load of punches, followed by Edwards. Storm came in to hit a double elbow on Lashley with Edwards. Edwards continued the work on Lashley who finally rallied, slammed Edwards and tagged in Carter. Carter was beaten down by all three members of face team. But Carter ended up choking the eyes (french way of saying raking the eyes…) of Edwards and tag in Kongo Kong, followed by Richards. Richards kicked his former Wolves partner but Edwards came back with a hip toss, punches and clotheslines. Storm was in and got cornered bu Richards who sent him face-first on EC3’s foot. EC3 came in to beat Storm but he battled back with a sling blade. Edwards then hit a flurry of moves on Carter. But when Edwards tried to bounce off the ropes, Richards stroke him from the apron allowing EC3 to clothesline Edwards down to the mat.

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Lashley now hit Edwards with a delayed vertical suplex and sent him outside the ring to be beaten down by Richards and Lashely. Edwards escaped heels’ corner to tag in Alberto but referee missed the tag. When Eddie finally escaped, his opponents pulled his partners off the apron to prevent him from doing the tag. Richards and EC3 continued to attack Edwards but he came back with a double hurricanrana. Mahabali Shera rushed to help his team. Tagged in, he hit a double clothesline on Richards and Carter. Shera slammed Lashley and Kong, but his attempt of pinfall was stopped by Lashley. Lashley then picked up Shera but he blind tagged El Patron. Shera and El Patron teamed up against Kong and Lashley, hit a double foot stomp on Kong, allowing Alberto get the pin for the win.


This Indian incursion was quite beneficial for Impact Wrestling, with 4 good episodes in a row. Many promos this week as Slammiversary is coming very soon, but quite good action. As always, great X-Division match and the KnockOuts are just incredible. Who’s gonna win and who’s gonna come up short at Slammiversary ? The question is very uneasy to answer, but for sure the action should be solid and interesting…

All pics and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling.

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