The 15th edition of Slammiversary takes place this Sunday night, live from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The historical PPV of the company will be honoured by the City of Orlando as Wednesday, July 5, 2017 has been declared as “IMPACT WRESTLING DAY IN ORLANDO.” Mayor Buddy Dyer will attend an IMPACT Wrestling show for the first time and be the “Special Ring Announcer” for two matches of an upcoming Impact episode.

The first PPV of the Impact Wrestling Era, and the first for 2017, is signing the deal of a new era, with Impact and GFW titles mergers and the confrontation of everything that helped build Impact over the years : Legends of the Six-Sided Ring, talented KnockOuts, high-flying X-Division wrestlers and Impact Wrestling new roster of wrestlers. Slammiversary XV is about history and future, high stakes for a company that has been reinventing itself since the beginning of the year.


Here is the full card of the event: 


Tag team match: Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park vs. Josh Mathews and Scott Steiner

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner is back on the Impact Zone and he’s ready to do what has done best, punch (read our Steiner interview here). Even if necessary, his partner of the night, Josh Mathews. Since last April, Impact announcers Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash have been in a heated rivalry that led to an 8-Man match with each announcer forming his own team of 4 wrestlers. Team Mathews lost the match, meaning Mathews lost his spot as Impact lead commentator. But Mathews was not ready to give up and confronted Borash again. On April 27 episode, Borash and his lawyer Joseph Park agreed to compete against Mathews and his partner at Slammiversary. But Park and Borash never expected this partner to be Scott Steiner… A few days ago, on the latest edition of Impact, Joseph Park was asked to find the devil inside him, and it appeared as the face of Abyss (if the Monster was appearing this Sunday, he would have been a part of every edition of Slammiversary…)

The Frenchy prediction: with Abyss and Janice possibly involved in the match, let’s go for Borash and Park.



Leather Strap Match: Ethan Carter III vs. James Storm

On April 20 episode, Carter interfered in a match between Lashley and James Storm for the World Heavyweight Championship, hitting Storm over the head with a beer bottle. On May 11 episode, Storm was lashed more than 30 times with a leather belt by a Cowboy-dressed Carter. Being a Carter, EC3 became the favourite opponent of the new Impact management. Carter defeated James Storm and Magnus and become the number one contender to the Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. But the following week when he was defeated by Alberto El Patron in a Six Sides of Steel match, failing to win the GFW Global Championship and lost his opportunity to face Lashley at Slammiversary. The comeback of the leather strap in Mumbai episodes reignited his feud against James Storm.


The Frenchy prediction: Carter cockiness could be his biggest asset or his biggest enemy… mostly in front of a veteran like James Storm. Storm will have his revenge. 



Full Metal Mayhem (TLC) match: Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards vs. Davey Richards and Angelina Love

The feud between the 2 ex-Wolves partner is a story that seems to not want to end. Richards came back to Impact in January to help Edwards retaining his TNA World Heavyweight Championship title. But Richards quickly turned his back on him, costing Edwards the belt. Angelina Love and Alisha Edwards, Richards and Edwards’ wives, soon became involved in the feud. Brawl after brawl, weeks after weeks, Richards showed not only his most evilish sides but his ability to take over his former partner. A Full Metal Mayhem Match (Tables, Ladders and Chairs match) was then set between the two couples.

The Frenchy Prediction: it’s going to be violent and personal. Experience, and probably the victory, is on the side of The Richards.



Tag Team match: DeAngelo Williams and Impact Grand Champion Moose vs. Chris Adonis and Eli Drake

Moose, also a former professional football player, is the current Impact Grand Champion. Moose defeated Drake to retain the title just before Impact flown to India. But Drake, accompanied by Chris Adonis, confronted Moose on Mumbai shows and challenged him to a tag team match at Slammiversary. The following week, Moose revealed his partner would be DeAngelo Williams, a former professional NFL player (like Moose), now a free agent and a wrestling rookie.

The Frenchy Prediction: The Namer of Dummies is not going to be helped by a weakened Adonis (he hurt his shoulder during Mumbai episodes). This tag match is more about Drake and Moose. And Moose has the power to shut Drake up.



Fatal 4-Way match for the GFW Tag Team Championship and Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Championship: The Latin American Xchange “LAX” (Ortiz and Santana) (c) vs. Drago and El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Naomichi Marufuji and Taiji Ishimori vs. Laredo Kid and Garza Jr.

LAX reformed last March with Homicide, Ortiz, Santana, Diamante, and manager Konnan. They quickly not only won the TNA World Tag Team Championship but also the GFW Tag Team Championship in just a few weeks. Helped by their teammates, Ortiz and Santana are reigning supreme on the Impact Tag Team division. For Slammiversary, LAX will put their titles on the line in an international four-way match. Not only they will square off with their Impact foes, Laredo Kid and Garza Jr., but also with Impact guests, Japanese federation Pro Wrestling NOAH Naomichi Marufuji and Taiji Ishimori, but also with Mexico promotion Lucha Libre AAA, Hijo del Fantasma and Drago.

The Frenchy Prediction: more an exhibition match than a real championship match. No reason for LAX not to cheat again and keeping the titles.



2-Out-of-3-falls match for the Impact Wrestling X-Division Championship: Sonjay Dutt (c) vs. Low-Ki

The first-ever X-Division Champion in 2002 against an Impact veteran who became X-Division champion for the first time in a 14-year career.  Obviously the match of the night, as it brought us back to the roots of Impact Wrestling and also because an X-Division match can’t disappoint.

Dutt returned to Impact last April and made clear he was back for the X-Division Championship. But the same day, he sustained a severe eye injury after a kick from Low-Ki. Dutt had to witness Low-Ki becoming a 5-time Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion. The feud reignited in India, Dutt’s home country, with Dutt this time busting Low-Ki’s eye open. On June 15, Dutt was able to defeat Low-Ki to win his first-ever X-Division Championship. But Low-Ki asked for a rematch, which Dutt agreed to give him but as a 2-out-of-3 falls match.


The Frenchy Prediction: Dutt and Low-Ki are just awesome performers, the match is meant to be a 5-star one. Who will be the winner? Dutt probably, even if the bad chick in me would love to see Low-Ki become a 6-time X-Division Champion.



Unification match for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts and GFW Women’s Championships: Rosemary (Impact) vs. Sienna (GFW)

On April 21, Sienna defeated Christina Von Eerie to win the GFW Women’s Championship and become the first woman to have held the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship and the GFW Women’s Championship. But her story with Rosemary started months before when Rosemary defeated Sienna last December to become the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion. More recently, Rosemary helped Allie wo was attacked by Sienna and her new friend Laurel Van Ness. Despite Allie and Laurel as possible tag team partners for a match, Sienna and Rosemary will square off in a one-on- one match for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship and the GFW Women’s Championship titles unification.


The Frenchy Prediction: Rosemary has Allie and Braxton Sutter by her side, Sienna Laurel Van Ness and KM. Are they going to be involved in the match? Possible but unnecessary. These 2 Knockouts are able to offer a great match on their own. My heart is bending towards Rosemary’s side… even if Allie is a strong competitor and also earns the win.



Unification match for the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight and GFW Global Championships: Lashley (Impact) (with King Mo) vs. Alberto El Patrón (GFW) (with Dos Caras)

El Patron debuted on Impact Wrestling last March and won the Impact World Heavyweight Championship in his first match against Lashley. But controversy made him relinquish it the following night. He successfully defeated Ethan Carter III to become #1 contender. But meanwhile, Karen Jarrett announced that GFW and Impact Wrestling had officially merged, including the Championships. On May 11 El Patron defeated Magnus to become the GFW Global Championship. On June 1st, he retained his title against EC3 but also took his opportunity to face Lashley at Slammiversary for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship. The match quickly turned on to a unification match for both GFW and Impact titles.

Albert El Patron will be joined in his corner by his legendary father, Dos Caras, as Lashley asked MMA fighter King Mo to be in his corner (he asked President Trump first, but Trump never answered…)


The Frenchy Prediction: the face vs. the heel, the New Era vs. the former Era… but controversy and power on each side. If this match is about making history, El Patron will prevail…

By Steph Franchomme

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