We were telling you yesterday that GFW Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron was detained by police at the airport in Orlando on Sunday afternoon for a case of domestic violence battery. New details emerged today from Paige’s family and TMZ website.

Paige’s brother, Zak Bevis, posted a message on his Facebook page on Tuesday morning, claiming he was concerned about his sister’s safety. “I’ve got too say I’m very worried about my sister (…) now she’s with a control freak who think he’s a tough guy cause he’s beats my sister and has money too cover his tracks.”

Paige seems to be out of control as Bevis adds: “I love my sister she will end up like Whitney Houston or Amy Winehouse ….please share this,,I want the world to know that i care about my lil sister…..everyone keep an eye on her …you’ll be angry at me but I love you, I’m writing this on behalf of all the Knights.

Zak also stated that their father, Ricky Knight, will weigh in later: “Thanks for all the messages. Yes this is very hard to do. Ricky Knight is the head of this family and will have his say later.” Paige’s father has always criticized his younger daughter’s relationship with El Patron, something that has leaded into a wrestling match between them.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y71Bfyp518w]

Paige claimed the airport incident was not between her and El Patron, but with an angry fan that allegedly threw a drink on him. TMZ released yesterday an audio recording (hear above) of the incident revealing that Alberto was telling someone, possibly Paige, “Call the cops, let’s do it. Get the cops.” Paige was heard crying and yelling, “Just stay out of my life. Leave me the f-ck alone. I’m trying to get away from you!”

The witness, a woman described as a huge wrestling fan, who recorded the argument recognized them while they were arguing. El Patron can be heard saying that he’s pressing charges against Paige. He then told the witness to call the police and said that Paige assaulted him and needs to be arrested. He added that they got in a fight at a restaurant as the recording ends.

Heavy.com spoke to this witness that Paige blamed for threwing a drink on Alberto after asking for a photo. She claimed Paige’s allegations were false and that El Patron was smelling alcohol as he was chasing Paige in the airport. During the argument, she clearly heard Paige screaming that Del Rio had been doing cocaine for “two days straight”.

She called him abusive as her and Alberto were arguing and screaming at each other. The witness claims Paige was saying: “You’re such an abusive husband, I hate you. You’ve ruined my life, you’ve ruined my career.” Alberto asked for Paige’s luggages to be checked as he claimed she had drugs on them: “Check her bag, she’s got all the coke in it, it’s all hers.”

The witness noted the argument would have started because of some bad news Paige  received about the health of her uncle on Sunday and Alberto said something negative about the uncle.

She claims: “From what I gather, he said something like, ‘I hope your f–king uncle dies tomorrow, and grabs her wrist because he was mad she was on the phone for so long. They wanted to leave, so he got mad and grabbed her wrist. She got upset and threw water on him and she ran out.”

After the recording ends, the woman said she stayed with Paige and asked her if she needed help. She also said airport police with a K-9 dog then stopped Alberto because they could smell alcohol on him. Which lead to him being arrested.

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