Jeff Jarrett, after the roaring success of Slammiversary XV, let the press in on his plans for the future of Impact Wrestling and GFW, the next Impact event, The Road to Destination X, and he was also joined by Tony Marrero to discuss ‘Remembering Pulse Nightclub, 1 Year Later’ the tribute to those we lost in the devastating terrorist attack on the gay nightspot in Orlando. The tribute was held on July 3rd at The Impact Zone in Orlando. Tony was thrilled with how the tribute went after being introduced to Jeff by a fellow survivor of the incident.

Then Jeff took to the stage to tell us the future of GFW and all the exciting things they have planned.

Global Force Wrestling has indefinitely suspended Alberto El Patron effective immediately until the investigation is resolved. GFW are helping the authorities with their inquiries. Jeff Jarrett has reached out to the both the professional and collegiate sporting community on how to best handle a situation of this matter. Jeff Jarrett says he will take as much responsibility for this scandal as people want to put on his shoulders. He wants the company to be as transparent as they can in this matter. He also believes that the title is the least important thing to worry about right now with all the real life implications.

GFW looking at a UK tour early in 2018, possibly even a European tour.

The Broken Brilliance gimmick was the brainchild of several writers and is own by the promotion until it is brought back from the company. This is the same in wrestling as it is everywhere else in entertainment.

CM Punk has had no contact with GFW according to Jeff Jarrett, but he believes Punk is a winner for chasing his dream with the UFC.

GFW wish to push reality-based reality based wrestling but won’t descend into “smut”. “You just can’t focus on that male 25-34 demo. It’s got to be much broader to be successful.”

Video games and action figures are their number one priority on their merchandising front.

The rebranding of TNA was primarily done to distance the company from the PR disasters of the past, as well as the double entendre.

Going live is not a reality in 2017 Impact Wrestling.

The depth of women’s wrestling has exploded over the last 36 months.

Taking the PPVs on the road several years ago was a financial disaster

GFW will be making announcements soon regarding their partnership AAA and the possibility of a talent share with Impact Wrestling.

Jeff Jarrett doesn’t think that James Storm is in the twilight years of his career.

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