The weekly WWE Network show ‘Talking Smack’ has been reportedly cancelled as a weekly show. The show is mainly hosted by Renee Young and Daniel Bryan as well as part time hosts such as JBL and Shane McMahon. Whether due to low ratings or change in attitudes, according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, the show is rumoured to take place after PPV’s much like RAW’s own RAW Talk, instead of airing after Smackdown Live & 205 Live.

The show has garnered a positive response from fans somewhat, as it gave more chances for superstars to develop their characters and create a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Without the show, we may not have seen wrestlers like The Miz shine and gain the spotlight. Plus, the chemistry between the hosts seemed very organic and had felt engaging to listen to back & forth of differing opinions. While some of these may have been scripted, they felt more natural in tone than most promos done in the squared circle.

Whatever the case, It’ll be sad to see less of what some fans may believe to be one of the best things to watch on the Network weekly. Hopefully, for the WWE, this doesn’t lead to people dropping the streaming service completely.


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