It’s that time of the week, time to check out what happened This Week on NXT. We finally get to see undefeated stars face off to determine who will face Bobby Roode for his championship at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn, will it be the person they’ve been building up for months? Or the guy they just inserted into the story very recently? Only one way to know and let’s take a look.


Both competitors wanted to get the early win as we saw roll-up after roll-up. What was impressive throughout the match was the chemistry between Ember and Ruby, their moves seemed to sync up so well and gave us some impressive spots of athleticism. It was hard to tell who was on top as there always seemed to be a counter or a quick opportunity to get in the lead. The thought still lingered though that Ember was going to win due to the amount of time they’ve been building her up lately. But, you almost forget thanks to how well Ruby performed in the match.

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Ruby looked set to win the match after a Frankensteiner off the top rope. But yet again, Ember was able to come straight back with the offence, take to the top rope and hit the Total Eclipse for the win. A perfectly paced match while spotlighting the talent and ability these women have to offer to the WWE.


– Hideo Itami confronts Kassius Ohno about the match between them is confirmed for them next week. He kicked a bin in anger, the bin sadly didn’t sell the move as intended.


Two bald technically sound brawlers is just the thing I needed on the show. We start to see a bit more of a bad side to Burch who gained the momentum after sucker punching Lorcan and decided to take the fight to him. Lorcan, once back up, sprang back into action and soon the match became an intense back and forth of strikes, slaps and one hell of a clothesline that would make JBL look twice.

The match ended with an impressive reversal by Lorcan into a single leg Boston crab. Once again another perfectly paced match that exhibits the talent and how good they really are even in a spontaneous manner as this one. Would really like to see more of Burch and Lorcan and it looked like we just get what we wish. Danny Burch put forward one more match and Oney agreed. Cannot wait.

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We were reminded that Bononi was the guy that debuted and beat Andrade Cien’ Almas 2 months ago. Thank God they recapped that because I wouldn’t have remembered. Bononi came out with a decent offence and caught Jose off guard. But, Jose did win thanks to his knock out punch and he danced his way back into the locker room.

Suddenly, Andrade was at ringside and after arguing with the woman he’s been seen with in the past, jumped into the ring and started beating down on Bononi. He laid his eyes on Jose and it seems like we now have a feud between Jose and Almas. A quick match designed to push this new conflict, whether this will be worth anyone’s time will be anyone’s guess.

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– Street profits were being teased once again but this time one of them climbed up on top of an NXT truck and started dancing. That’s cool, am I being sarcastic? I don’t even know anymore.


It was clear from the start of the match. You’d be hard pressed in trying to find two men that have been as unstoppable in the ring. McIntyre definitely had his work cut out for him as he got tossed around and had to find a way around the dominating Dane. It all seemed to be going Dane’s way until McIntyre hit a strong liger bomb and soon he was back on top.

It was a back and forth fight but Dane still managed to keep his momentum but both men were taking all the energy that they had just to try and keep the other man down. Slam after slam but no one refused to quit. The most shocking part of all this being Killian Dane withstanding both the Future Shock and the Claymore. He just kept himself up slapping his head, almost trying to keep himself conscious. One more Claymore though, and Drew McIntyre is the new Number one contender.

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Even though this was Dane’s first defeat. Damn did it not feel like it, he still came out looking like an unstoppable beast and an opponent not to take lightly.

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