Last week, after teaming up with his better enemy, Lashley was delighted to witness LAX battle El Patron in order to make him become their new member. Gail Kim announced she will retire by the end of the year but promised to go out on top until that moment. 

Tonight, another Super X-Cup match is on the card. Also, a 3-Way X-Division match, a Fatal Four-Way involving Impact Grand Champion Moose and 6-Man Tag Team action were also announced.  And we’ll see if Grado was able to seduce The Disfigured Bride Laurel Van Ness…

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In a buildup to this week’s show (available in 3 parts on Impact YouTube Channel), Konnan and LAX have gotten to Alberto El Patron’s father Dos Caras and brother El Hijo de Dos Caras and threatened them both to ensure Alberto will join the stable tonight.

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SUPER X-CUP TOURNAMENT – First Round Match – Drago vs. Sammy Guevara

Fast-paced and impressive match. Guevara had control at first and sent Drago to the outside. Guevara climbed the top rope to leap with a shooting star press.

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Drago rallied in the ring and connected with a reverse hurricanrana. Guevara hit a marvel of 630 splash, very Lucha libre, for a near fall. Drago came back and went full speed to hit a running neckbreaker for the win.


What to say about this one… A few kicks, a delayed vertical suplex and the AK47 submission move and Sienna, of course, won the match. She grabbed the mic to claim how good she is after beating Rosemary at Slammiversary and unifying the GFW and Knockouts titles. Because everybody doubted her, especially Karen Jarrett, Sienna called her out.


Sienna asked Karen to get on her knees and call her the greatest champ of all time. She refused and Sienna got in her face. Alie rushed with a kendo stick, Laurel Van Ness attacked her from behind. Sienna and Laurel double teamed Allie but Rosemary saved her and speared Sienna. The attack continued until Karen Jarrett announced that Sienna will face Rosemary next week in a Last Knockouts Standing match for the Unified GFW Knockouts title.


Six Man Tag Team Match – Laredo Kid, Garza Jr. & Octagoncito vs. Trevor Lee, Idris Abraham & Demus

A Strange mix of personalities in this match… Trevor Lee is still wearing the X-Division title and the real X-Division Champion Sonjay Dutt was asked to stay away from the ring by Bruce Prichard who thinks he is the better champion than Dutt and deserves to be holding the X title.

Lee and Garza Jr. debuted the match but Lee quickly tagged Mini Demus in. Garza laughed at him and tagged in other Mini Octagoncito. Nice three-way action when all faces grounded the heels after taking to the air. But heels took control back quickly after when Idris Abraham beat down Octagoncito. Lee is tagged in to continue the beating. Octagoncito finally escaped and tagged Garza Jr. in.

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Garza Jr. cleaned up the ring, tagged Laredo in and offered good tag action with aerial moves. The heels are sent outside and the 3 faces dove to the outside at the same time. The action continued in the ring with multi-man moments. Garza and Laredo got the heels in an “around the world” rowboat. In the centre of it, Cito hit a rana on Demus and earned a near fall. Action went back outside when Laredo leapt onto the heels with a moonsault. Octagoncito climbed onto Garza Jr.’s shoulders, reached the top rope to splash Abraham and pin him for the victory. Maybe mini wrestlers may offer maxi matches, but they should convince the Doctor a little bit more…


Grado and Laurel Van Ness went out for dinner, Grado stayed away from her and he’s right as she burped while eating… Ridiculous…

X-Division 3-Way Match – Low-Ki vs. Matt Sydal vs. El Hijo De Fantasma

Of course, this would be the match of the night, it’s an X-Division match and it’d be fast and furious… Fantasma hit a spinning back breaker on Low-Ki, near fall. Sydal took down Fantasma with a spinning heel kick. Sydal then got Low-Ki and Fantasma in opposite corners and ran at full speed into both of them. Low-Ki battled back with a reverse double foot stomp on Sydal’s throat. After an exchange of strikes, Low-Ki sent Sydal onto the outside floor to take care of Fantasma. But Fantasma nailed him with a leaping side kick. Sydal climbed back to the ring and was welcomed with the same kick from Fantasma.

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Low-Ki and Fantasma hit aerial moves, all three men were outside the ring. Fantasma regained control but Sydal rallied, took out Fantasma and hit a standing moonsault on Low-Ki. Sydal then sent Low-Ki crashing on top of one of the corners but Fantasma put Sydal in a surfboard submission. Low-Ki leapt off the top rope on Sydal who collapsed onto Fantasma. Low-Ki kicked Sydal down and Sydal answered with a high knee to the face. Low-Ki was able to stop Sydal airborne finisher, reached to the top for the Warriors Way but Fantasma knocked him down. Sydal rallied and took down Fantasma. Both Low-Ki and Sydal tried to finish him off. Low-Ki hit the Warriors way double foot stomp but Sydal finally hit the shooting star press for the victory.


Low-Ki storms off after this defeat. Fantasma shook Sydal’s hand as Low-Ki was already away. Sydal called the X-Division world class wrestling (absolutely right) and asked for a shot at the X-Division Championship. Prichard came to answer him if Sydal is deserving of an X division championship match, others are more deserving than him.


Lashley came to the ring to also ask Prichard for a title match because he is the only person in the company worthy of a title shot. Sydal interrupted him, Lashley shut him off by spearing him. He told Bruce Prichard to make things happen before leaving.

The Grado-Laurel story continued and it seems like Grado is more keen to hug Joseph Park than Laurel… Still ridiculous…

Fatal Four-Way Match
EC3 vs. Eli Drake w/Chris Adonis vs. Moose vs. Eddie Edwards

After another hormone-fed beef segment with Drake and Adonis, the match can finally start. Moose and EC3 brawled on the outside immediately while Edwards and Drake brawled inside. Carter and Edwards prevailed. Eddie hit a caffeine dive on Drake but EC3 attacked Edwards. Moose was knocked off back of the apron by Carter after trying to go inside. Drake and EC3 continued to beat down Edwards. They started arguing, allowing Edwards to come back in the match and hit a double hurricanrana. Moose finally entered the ring and unloaded strikes on Edwards, before hitting an elevation dropkick on Drake. Carter got involved but Moose clotheslined both Carter and Drake. Edwards and Moose send them outside.

Sans titre 20

Edwards and Moose went one on one while Moose hit a pump kick on Edwards before power bombing him to the outside straight on Drake and Carter. Moose continued his attack but EC3 sent him head-first into the ring post. Edwards rallied to hit a top rope hurricanrana on Carter who was able to counter a Boston Knee Party attempt. Carter hit the 1 percenter on him but Moose pulled him out of the ring before being able to cover Edwards. Eli Drake came back from out of nowhere to Edwards. Could have been better, but wasn’t that bad after all…


LAX came to the ring with Dos Caras and El Hijo de Dos Caras. Carlos/Konnan wanted an answer from Alberto or he’d beat down his father and brother. LAX roughed them up anyway while Konnan spoiled his saliva for nothing about Mexico, Alberto being influenced, his revolution and “Mexican Street Style” violence. The rough-up continued as Alberto did not come. Konnan said that the way to humiliate a luchador is by taking off his mask. So he wanted Dos Caras to be unmasked for the first time ever.

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Alberto (finally) came and asked Carlos to leave his father alone. Their common story is told again, the now famous El Patron/Mysterio/Konnan brotherhood. Alberto asked Konnan to let his family go free if he wanted his answer. Carlos agreed and Alberto accepted Konnan’s offer but their friendship is over. Carlos and Alberto shake hands. But too happy to understand, LAX was beaten down with a kendo stick by Alberto who ripped off his LAX shirt. So the yes was in fact a no?!

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Just because of the 2 X-Division matches this episode was worth watching. The rest of it was easily forgettable. When I talked about writing a new chapter after Slammiversary, I forgot to say that turning the pages in a chapter is also very useful… 

All pics and screenshots courtesy of GFW Impact Wrestling.

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