Previously on Lucha Underground, Cage murdered Councilman Delgado and won his first round victory in the Cueto Cup over Vinnie Massaro. Son of Havoc faced and defeated his mysterious twin-like Son of Madness. Prince Puma promised Rey Mysterio that he will not lose in the tournament. 

Last week, the first round of The Cueto Cup came to a close, as the 16 Luchadors involved in the second round were made known and the quarterfinals began. The Group C finals will feature Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane, and Fenix is already set for the finals of Group B. Luchadors of Group B and D compete in this episode to determine the finals of these two groups.

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The show opens with Prince Puma standing on the rooftop of the Temple. A question mark is spray painted on the Lucha Underground billboard. Puma starts hearing voices and having flashbacks two what happened to him. Puma is approached by Vampiro, who’s telling him if he’s looking for peace and quiet, the only way for him to make the voices quiet, is to win The Lucha Underground Championship. Meanwhile, The Worldwide Underground are arriving at The Temple. Puma starts having flashbacks again, where he sees Johnny Mundo retaining the title over him. PJ Black notices Puma and brings him back to reality by flipping him off. After Black leaves, he bellows to Vampiro, “I will not lose no matter what, my Master.”

The Cueto Cup Tournament – Group B (Second Round): Cage vs. Pindar w/Kobra Moon

There is no match, as Cage refuses to remove his Iron glove and hits referee Jeremy Borden. Cage also attacks Pindar and tries to hit his finisher, but the referee disqualifies Cage. After the “match”, Cage attacks Justin Borden and hits him with his Drill Claw vertical suplex driver, before fleeing.

Result: Pindar advances to the quarterfinals of The Cueto Cup tournament

The Cueto Cup Tournament – Group D (Second Round): Dante Fox vs. Son of Havoc

Before this match can start, Son of Havoc is attacked on the Temple stairs by his rival, Son of Madness. The brawl enters the crowd, where Madness strikes Havoc down with a steel chain. Dante Fox watches from the ring, laughing, because he may advance to the finals of the group without even wrestling. Dario Cueto rushes out of his office, saying that the Cueto Cup must continue and that he will not postpone this match. He asks Havoc to get in the ring and fight, or quit. Havoc refuses to quit, and enters the ring despite his injury.

Dante Fox takes advantage of the injury, beating down Havoc and jumping over the ringpost onto him, in a stunning moment. Havoc tries to rally but Dante is on fire. Dante tries to leap onto Havoc again on the outside but is caught in mid-air in a body scissors position and then sent into the steel barricade.

Havoc gains a bit of momentum but a stormy Fox offers another amazing display of athleticism, pushing Havoc to his limits. Havoc misses the double foot stomp but connects with a leaping cutter for a near fall. But Fox hits an impressive senton dive in response.

Havoc fights off the Fox Catcher and hits the rebound cutter, a back handspring elbow and a sunset flip. It’s not enough to count Fox out, so Havoc hits a Death Valley driver off of the ring apron and onto the ringside floor. Back in the ring, Havoc misses a shooting star press, allowing Fox to hit the Fox Catcher from the top rope for the win.

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Result: Dante Fox advances to the semifinals of The Cueto Cup Tournament 

Backstage, Johnny Mundo is with the Worldwide Underground. PJ Black meets their new agent, Benjamin Cooke. Mundo seems to love him but Black doesn’t understand why they need an agent. Cooke tells Black that he wants to put them on cereal boxes and make the Worldwide Underground money. Cooke calls Lucha Underground a fight league, and if Taya, Mundo, Black and Mandel wish, Benjamin promises that the stable will own Lucha Underground with him as their agent. Cooke promises PJ that if he wins tonight, Johnny and the WWU will own Lucha Underground.

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The Cueto Cup Tournament – Group D (Second Round): Prince Puma vs. ‘The Darewolf’ PJ Black

Puma and Black work some back and forth but the pace picks up quickly. Puma hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and continues with some stiff kicks and stomps on Black, beating Black down in the corner.  Black rallies and hits a spike rana into the turnbuckle, a dragon suplex rolled into a dragon sleeper.

Black releases the hold to work an arm bar submission, grounding Puma. He continues with a corner elbow and a spinning heel kick. But Puma rallies with a 619, an enzuigiri and a rolling thunder spike DDT. Puma then follows up with a standing shooting star press for a near fall.

Puma counters Black during an exchange of strikes and a rear naked choke, but Black counters him to hit a brainbuster for a near fall. Puma comes back with a cutter and a Regal suplex for a near fall. Puma continues his offense on Black with corner attacks, but Black hits a cutter on Puma, followed by his ‘Wellness Policy’ front face suplex for a very close pinfall victory.

Puma and Black unload their entire arsenal of leg and arm strikes before Puma connected with a northern lights suplex and a brainbuster. PJ battles back with a springboard martial arts kick and follows that up with a moonsault for a near fall. Puma later blocks PJ from the top rope and hits a reverse hurricanrana. Still on the top rope, both men battle back and Puma hits a top rope frankensteiner on Black. Another near fall for Puma.

Puma then hits the shotgun dropkick, a running double foot stomp that sends Black halfway across the ring. Puma reaches the top rope to finally hit the 630 to secure the victory.

Result: Prince Puma advances to the semifinals of The Cueto Cup Tournament

After this incredible match, Puma celebrates in the ring as the crowd give him a standing ovation.

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We’re now in Dario Cueto’s office. He’s agreeing with someone on phone when Black enters. Cueto asks Black to come because his new agent Benjamin Cooke has been calling him repeatedly on his behalf. If Cueto is sorry that Black has been eliminated from the tournament, Cooke has given him another idea. Black will get the chance to redeem himself by facing off with the Lucha Underground Championship #1 contender, Rey Mysterio Jr., next week. After Cueto and Black’s conversation ends, Benjamin Cooke calls Cueto again. Dario throws his cell phone into the garbage.

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What an episode! PJ Black and Dante Fox offered stunning action. We now have three out of the four group finals: Fenix vs. Pindar for Group B, Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane for Group C, and Prince Puma vs. Dante Fox for group D.

Here is the updated bracket of The Cueto Cup, as of this episode.

cueto cup bracket

The finals of Group A will be determined next week with the results of Texano vs. The Mack.
and Drago vs. Pentagon Dark matches. PJ Black vs. Rey Mysterio is also set to take place. Until next week, hasta la vista!

All pictures, screenshots and tweets courtesy of El Rey Network.

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