After Magnus a few days ago, Matt Morgan announced on WInc. Podcast he requested his release from GFW Impact Wrestling. Morgan explained this choice was a matter of schedule as staying with the company would prevent him from keeping his weekly job.

Morgan explained: “I made an agreement to wrestle with them on weekends, right? Where I didn’t have to leave my 9-5 job, anything like that. And unfortunately it just didn’t work out because they switched it and they started taping on week days and they’re looking to travel.” Even if Morgan wanted to come back to help the company, he however firmly believes GFW needs to travel to be successful.

Morgan was an “historic” member of TNA/ Impact Wrestling. After a short stint in WWE and a few years in Europe and Japan, Matt Morgan started with TNA in 2007 as Jim Cornette’s bodyguard. He had notable feuds with Abyss and Mr. Anderson. He is a 2-time TNA World Tag Team Champion, with Hernandez in 2010 and with Crimson in 2011. He left the company in 2013 but came back in 2015 for a retirement match against Bram.

Morgan’s last appearances on Impact Wrestling were last April and May. He was a part of Team Borash alongside Magnus, Alberto El Patron and Chris Adonis. He earned a title shot for the GFW Global Championship Match against Magnus on May 4 episode, but was unsuccessful in winning the title.

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