This episode promised to be exciting and sad at the same time… Exciting because GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna will put her title on the line against Rosemary in a Last Man Standing match. But also sad because, as the news broke quicker than broadcasting, we know tonight may be the night of the last match of Davey Richards… The Konnan/Carlos & Alberto soap opera will continue this week, as a gauntlet match was announced between El Patron and the whole LAX. 

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6-Man Tag Team Match – Ethan Carter III, Eli Drake & Chris Adonis vs. GFW Impact Grand Champion Moose, Naomishi Marufuji & Eddie Edwards

The good surprise of the week. It should have been a classic face vs. heel tag match, but Marufuji added an interesting spicy touch to it and offered a great team work with Eddie Edwards. Edwards started the match against Drake, but Marufuji was tagged in and grounded both Drake and EC3.

Sans titre 4

The Moose/EC3 feud was fired up by Adonis and Drake who distracted Moose many times in the match. Adonis tried to make fun of GFW Impact Grand Champion but Moose expressed his own sense of humour with a standing dropkick. Marufuji then delivered a flurry of precise kicks. He worked again with Edwards to ground Adonis and even send Carter and Drake on the outside. After being controlled for a few minutes, Edwards was able to tag in Moose who attacked EC3, and then Adonis and Drake. EC3 came back to the ring belt in hand, distracting the referee, hit a low blow on Moose before a great front face double underhook butterfly suplex for the win.


Grado reached another level of stupidity while appearing as a 80’s style wrestler called “Richard Justice”. A new team is set to come to GFW very soon, its name is o.V.e. (in fact former ROH and CZW stars Jake and Dave Crist, known as The Irish Airborne or Ohio Is 4 Killers).


Lashley wants Prichard and a match… 

Lashley came to the ring to address Bruce Prichard because he’s upset not to be treated like the top man in the company. He wanted a title shot and being the top dog on the food chain. So he asked Prichard notes GFW Unified World Championship match at Destination X on August 17th. Bruce Prichard came to tell, like last week, to Lashley he is tired of wrestlers making demands. Matt Sydal appeared because he didin’t want to be ignored, so he hit the Air Sydal on Lashley.

Sans titre 8

Super X-Cup Tournament – Round One Match – Davey Richards vs. Taiji Ishimori

THE match of the night. A non-stop quick-paced action. Ishimori showed his quickness early in the moment, enough to frustrate Richards who grabbed a steel chair to the ring. An impressive Richards connected with a double legged choke on Ishimori and a flurry of submission moves. But Ishimori held on.

Sans titre 10

Ishimori rallied and reached the ropes for a springboard seated senton and a delayed reverse double foot stomp. Both men got involved in a series of reversals on the mat. But Richards trapped Ishimori in an ankle lock. He escaped the hold but Richards was able to catch him in it again. Ishimori escaped again but Richards answered with a stiff kick. Richards missed an attempt of his signature flying double foot stomp, bringing back to another series of reversal. Ishimori prevailed with a 450 splash. Awesome and bittersweet at the same time, as it was probably Davey Richards’ last match on GFW Impact Wrestling…


Bruce Prichard, after the early Sydal- Lashley confrontation, decides to make a title shot match between the two for Destination X. If Lashley wins, he earns his World Title shot. If Sydal wins, he earns an X-Division title shot.



Unbelievable match. Chairs, tables, the crowd steel gates, KM and a trash can were involved. If it is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, this match deserved to be seen instead of being read. Rosemary quickly got a table from under the ring. Both Knockouts went into a steel chair battle, slamming some against one another. Action then went outside the ring into the crowd. A brawl started in the gates, Rosemary smashed Sienna’s face onto the barrier before using the steel stands to get Sienna into a reverse tarantula. Sienna tapped but in a Last Knockout Standing match, the only way to win is to lay out your opponent for the referee’s count of 10.

Sans titre 23

Rosemary continued to beat down Sienna at ringside. Action moved to the ring apron with a stiff exchange of moves. Back in the ring, chairs and tables were still there. The brawl continued in the ring. Sienna hit her AK47 and dropped Rosemary to the ringside floor. Sienna’s attempt of Silencer finisher was stopped in mid-air by a steel chair thrown by Rosemary. Sienna was able to get up for the count of 9. But Rosemary was not done yet.


Rosemary hit her Red Wedding on Sienna who fell face first onto a steel chair. KM helped Sienna rise before the count of 10. Rosemary chased him off after trying to attack Sienna with steel chair shots. She instead grabbed a trash can from under the ring. Rosemary then put Sienna and the trash can against the table. But KM interfered, Rosemary spit the green mist, allowing Sienna to push Rosemary off the top rope and make her fell into a table on the outside. Both women were down, referee started to count them both. Sienna was able to get on her feet as Rosmary was still lying on the broken table at ringside.

Sans titre 20

Backstage, Grado was preparing for his proposal. EC3 presented his new finisher as “The ECD”, the Ethan Carter Driver. It was announced that Ethan Carter III will finally get a shot at Moose’s Grand Championship next week. El Patron and his family were ready to start a new episode of “Konnan/Carlos and Alberto hates each other”…

Trevor Lee vs. Octagoncito

The joke of the week. Putting a 4’10 mini in front of a 6′ man was stupid. Trevor Lee still held the X-Division belt that belongs to Sonjay Dutt. Real Champion Dutt was still banned from the building. Lee joked on Octagoncito size, he answered with some aerial moves, Lee fled and was counted out.

Sans titre 25

At their clubhouse, LAX were making plans for the Gauntlet match. And in the ring, Grado made his proposal but Kongo Kong kidnapped Laurel Van Ness before she was able to answer. Still ridiculous…

GAUNTLET MATCH – Alberto El Patron vs. L.A.X

What to say of a 5-on-1 match, mostly with LAX that prefers to beat down together than on a one-on -one… Homicide started and Alberto pinned him the second after. Ortiz was the second but LAX intervened to save him. But Alberto pinned him too. Santana was the last man fighting for LAX. Konnan and friends attacked Alberto outside the ring. But El Patron rallied and took on all of the LAX members by himself. He gets a hold of Konnan on the ring apron. Diamante saved Konnan who was held by Alberto. The disqualification finally came when Santana was trapped into the cross arm breaker and LAX interfered again.

Sans titre 27

Another beat down from LAX. Another flag on the face of El Patron. El Patron’s family again coming to the ring. But this time, The Veterans of War, Mayweather and Wilcox, came out of nowhere to save El Patron, attack LAX and make them flee.

I don’t know if it’s the last time we’ll see Davey Richards in a six-sided ring, but this incredible match against Ishimori is enough to let me say he will be missed… Good episode because action. I put aside the weekly telenovela episode of Konnan/Carlos and Alberto, and Grado’s wedding proposals, even if they were absolutely dreadful. But to be honest, the tag team action was really good, Sienna and Rosemary were just incredible and Richards vs. Ishimori had the level of a 5-star match. 

All pics and screenshots courtesy of GFW Impact Wrestling.

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