It’s 7am on Sunday morning. I only got to bed at 1am. I didn’t actually close my eyes until at least 3am. I’m currently both exhausted and buzzed. This is so weird. Now it’s time for the biggest show of the year. Elite British Wrestling: Live at Tramlines.
For those who aren’t aware Tramlines is a music festival held in the centre of Sheffield that is attended by about 8,000 people per year. As part of this festival, Elite British Wrestling put on a completely free show with hope to lure in new fans to our product. Our show is always headlined by a multi-person rumble.  This year we would be having 45 people in the main event.Some making their debut,  some longstanding stars and some returning heroes!
My would start with my rematch against Aidan Sparx for the EBW Catch championship I had lost the night before.
With around 100 people in the crowd. It was very apparent how much I am hated by these fans. My match was after The Monsters retained their tag team titles against Dirtbag Dave Stewart and Mikey Van Riot. As I sat in the ring I grabbed the mic to voice some of my opinions on the stuff that happened the night before. Sadly, the crowd would not go quiet on me for more than three seconds! I eventually said what I needed to say and out came Aidan. He looked well up for this and after yesterday I was up for this too!The match went really well. There were a couple of spots that I felt that I missed on some things but nothing major. There was a point in the match that I did something I had been training to do for such a long time. I did a second rope moonsault. Or, at least I thought I did. I have just seen the pictures back and apparently I did a modified version of a “moonsault” At the time it felt fine and got the reaction I thought it would but looking back, it’s probably something that I’m just going to leave alone for a while. Just got to try these things sometimes!  Anyway, the match went smooth, Aidan ended up winning by DQ after he hit the hammerlock DDT but The Monsters stopped him before he could get the pin and a clean win. I stumble backstage and take a nice little rest. 

Between the shows we usually have a bit of time to leave backstage and stretch our legs and stuff. While I was having a quick drink and a rest I noticed one of the little fans who comes to some of the shows on a regular basis, Little Bobby. Without going in to too much details Bobby has had a bit a shit time recently and came out to get away and have a good laugh. I went up, had a picture taken with him. I told him that if he said to anyone I was being nice I would batter him. He laughed. “Get in the ring and show me how tough you are!” I tell him. I get everyone out of the ring and tell Bobby to chop me as hard as he can. BANG! He whacked me in the chest so hard! As I’m trying to catch my breath he smashed me on the back and then on the chest again! As I am laid on the floor he pins me and all of the wrestlers at ringside count the fall! He gets the three count and gets a massive cheer for his efforts. I turned round and he’s grinning from ear to ear. Made up for that I really was. 

Evening Show

Alan Kay vs Aidan Sparx vs Radu Bulat vs Kriss Ace vs Krieg vs Shaun Cross.
Title on a pole match.
I hate pole matches. I absolutely hate them. They make my anxiety go insane. What if the title falls off the pole? What if it doesn’t unhook at the time it’s supposed to? What if someone goes in to business for them self and just gets the championship and runs? So Many things that can go wrong. Add to this 6 people who all want to look equally as good as the last and next, as well as keeping the audience engaged throughout the match while making it different to any other pole match we have done recently. A lot of factors to take in to place before the match goes ahead. The Match actually went pretty smoothly. Everyone remembered their bits the crowd knew where they were supposed to be looking and the big moments got the reactions we were hoping for. The ending got the exact reaction we were looking for, It looked like Aidan was about to grab the belt but me and Ivy got involved holding his leg down until J.Graves and Tommy Idol came down and took him out as part of their continuing feud. As I was down on the canvas Ivy climbed the ropes and grabbed the title and threw it down to me while the ref was dealing with the interruption. Perfection.


I got to work with some people I have never been in a ring with before, it’s always good to step in the ring with new people hopefully this trend continues so I can get out there a little bit more. Getting a massive reaction in the right way as I climbed the ropes to celebrate “My” win. People were gutted that I had won again. Even more gutted that Aidan had come so close and that he as robbed.



I was also involved in the 45 person rumble, with the winner going on to face David DeVille (or whoever the Heavyweight Champion is at the time) I came in at number 13 and went out relatively early, but again I had the chance to work with some people I have heard lots about, the likes of Alan Johnson, the man responsible for training the people who train me. Got a moment or two with King Dangerous, John Green, Mark Sanders all people I don’t get enough time in a ring with. Although I didn’t come near winning it was pretty cool to share the ring with these people who all at some point have had an influence on my development.




All in all the weekend was a massive success. 2 losses and a win ending the weekend as a two-time champion. Fellow Monsters retained their tag titles. Good weekend all round. But where do we go from here? Who knows what the future holds eh?


But for now.


Later Nerds x


Cover Photo Credit – John Mayo Photography 

Match Photos Courtesy of Brett Hadley: Photography & Danielle Overend-Hogg Photography 

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