Previously on Lucha Underground, Drago swore allegiance to The Queen of Reptiles Kobra Moon, turning his back on his friend and former Lucha Underground Trios Champion partner, Aero Star. Rey Mysterio’s feud with Johnny Mundo and The Worldwide Underground is increasing with the upcoming match between Lucha Underground Champion, Johnny Mundo and Mysterio Jr. Son of Havoc encountered his mysterious twin, Son of Madness, thanks to The Dario Cueto Cup. PJ Black asked Dario Cueto for regain after losing his second round match against Prince Puma. 

This week, the finalists of Group A will finally be revealed and complete the final bracket of The Cueto Cup. And PJ Black will square off with The Worldwide Underground better enemy, Rey Mysterio Jr. No video to open the show as usual, we go straight into action.

The Cueto Cup Tournament – Second Round – Group A – The Mack vs. Texano

In The Temple of Lucha Libre, The Mack and Texano may be 2 heavyweights but they master the fast-paced, high-flying Lucha Libre style. The match started quite slowly with tit for tat exchanges. The Mack sent Texano on the apron, hit a running enzuiguiri on Texano who fell on the outside. The Mack then nailed his opponent with a Suicide Dive/Tope Con Hijo.

Sans titre 2

Back in the ring, The Mack stayed in control with a running seated neck breaker. But Texano rallied with a springboard back elbow and a few chops. Action went back to the outside. The Mack again went high-flying with a tilt a whirl back breaker on the outside floor. The Mack had the match in the palm of his hand until Famous B and Beautiful Brenda appeared to distract the Mack. Famous B hit a stunner on The Mack, Texano continued with a  sit out power bomb for the pin.

Sans titre 4

Result: Texano advances to the semifinals of The Cueto Cup Tournament

Son Of Havoc was in a bar when Son of Madness interrupted him. Madness told Havoc that he turned his back on the “invisible cult” Club and he’s going to have to come back in, whether he wants it or not.

Sans titre 3

In The Temple, The Rabbit Tribe was playing. Paul London was using Saltador’s gear as a human checkers board. Mascarita Sagrada appeared to apologize to London for failing him in The Cueto Cup. The Rabbit Tribe has been believing that Sagrada is their “sacred Rabbit”. Sagrada gave them a huge box who contained a tiny rabbit’s foot. The tribe was overjoyed.

Sans titre 8

The Cueto Cup Tournament – Second Round – Group A – Pentagon Dark vs. Drago w/Kobra Moon

Drago, under the chains of The Queen of Reptiles, and Pentagon Dark has never squared oof in a Lucha Underground ring, so we may call this match a dream match… Fantastic fast-paced exchange of moves to start the match, until Drago got the advantage with a corkscrew plancha on Pentagon.

Sans titre 1

The flurry of offensive moves continued, but this time Pentagon Dark took control. For a short man as the pace increased again with Drago hitting flurry of moves and pinfall attempts (so quick to watch my head was turning…) Pentagon battled back and sent Drago face first to the mat. He tried a Pentagon driver, countered by Drago, but hit a leaping blockbuster. Drago went to the air but got in the Pentagon driver. Not enough to make Drago surrender. Pentagon got more aggressive as kobra Moon was yelling orders to Drago backstage.

Sans titre 10

Drago rallied with a springboard offense, a top rope frankensteiner and a top rope splash. Dark battled back with a Mexican Destroyer that Matt Striker labeled as the “Pentican Destroyer”. Pentagon Dark hit his signature package piledriver to secure the victory.

Result: Pentagon Dark advances to the semifinals of The Cueto Cup tournament

A Pentagon Dark match is always finished the bad way… Dark went to grab Drago’s arm, Kobra Moon tried to stop him but Dark knocked her down. Dark’s former trios tag partner, Aerostar, came to Drago’s rescue but he refused his help. To prove his loyalty to Kobra Moon, he lifted Aero Star and slammed him into the mat. Pentagon Dark broke Aerostar’s arm instead of Drago’s.

Sans titre 11

Backstage at The Temple, Catrina approached Dark to tell him he something from her and Mil Muertes and revenge will be coming soon. Pentagon did his Cero Miedo sign in front of her face. But Catrina disappeared. She came back behind him, thanks to her magical stone, threatened him again before disappearing for good.

Sans titre 12


If you were expecting this match to be intervention-free, you were totally wrong. What could have been a very good match was of course spoiled by The Worlwide Underground… Quick pace start until Rey sent Black to the outside floor. Mysterio Jr. tried a dive onto PJ but he caught him in air and dropped Mysterio Jr. to the floor. In the ring, Black worked Rey’s arms and ribs but he rallied with a drop toe hold. A 619 attempt was stopped by a thrust kick by PJ Black. Rey rallied with a counter dropkick and the two men then engaged in a series of strikes.

Sans titre 14

Mysterio Jr. won the exchange with a headscissors that sent Black on the outside. He kept on the effort with a springboard moonsault, a springboard west coast and a tilt a whirl head scissors (Just mind-blowing…). After an attempt of leap, Mysterio Jr. was caught in the tree of woe, allowing Black to hit a double foot stomp to Rey’s head. Action went on the top rope, Mysterio Jr. hit a frankensteiner Black countered into a Styles Clash. Mysterio rallied with a tornado DDT but referee was knocked out during the move.

Sans titre 16

Here came Johnny Mundo and Jack Evans. Mundo attacked Rey and tried to wake up PJ Black. Evans, Mundo and Black triple teamed Mysterio with a double suplex/super kick. But El Dragon Azteca came to help his mentor. He chased Evans and Mundo out of the ring. But Taya showed up and knocked Azteca down on the outside. Evans and Mundo placed Black onto Mysterio Jr. as the referee was back. But Rey kicked out. Azteca chased Mundo, Evans and Taya to the back. Black went for a Razor’s edge but Rey countered it into his signature 619 and springboard frog splash for the victory.

Result: Rey Mysterio defeats PJ Black by pinfall

Mysterio grabbed the mic to tell Johnny Mundo that he won’t be able to run anymore because he will beat him and become the Lucha underground Champion.

Sans titre 18

The finals of all 4 groups of The Cueto Cup are now set. 
* Pentagon Dark vs. Texano
* Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane
* Fenix vs. Pindar
* Prince Puma vs. Dante Fox


In 4 weeks, not only the winner of the Cueto Cup will be revealed but Rey Mysterio will challenge Johnny Mundo for The Lucha Underground Championship. Who of Johnny Mundo, Rey Mysterio Jr. or the winner of The Cueto Cup will be the new leader of The Temple ? Just a few weeks and great matches to know it… Until next week (well, in fact tomorrow…), hasta la vista !


All pictures, screenshots and tweets courtesy of El Rey Network. Cueto Cup bracket edit by @FrenchNygma for @steelchairmag.

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