Every month, we at SteelChair Wrestling Magazine will be reviewing the latest offering from SlobberKnockerBox. Some fans may ask, who are SlobberKnockerBox? They are a subscription service by wrestling fans, for wrestling fans. A specially selected box of wrestling themed merchandise, delivered to your doorstep every month.

And this month we received their August Deluxe Box, and this is what was inside:

The Bullet Club Combination Named T-Shirt – Who’s previously or currently in the Bullet Club – Styles, Anderson, Gallows, Fale, Tonga, Jacksons and Takahashi.

Enough is Enough (Its time for a Change!) T-Shirt – Easily a take on the late great Owen Hart slogan phase that he used in various promo’s and theme throughout 1998, and definitely a T-Shirt that many people could use to voice their opinions on various things.

Hollywood is Born T-Shirt – The Outsiders, The NWO and from the world of WCW, arrived Hollywood Hulk Hogan, this T-Shirt, celebrates that moment.

GFW Impact Wrestling DVD: Jokers Wild 2013.

For One Night Only, old partners will reunite and bitter enemies must work together in order to advance as Tag Teams are chosen at random. Once in the finals, the aim is to win and receive $100,000.

Joker’s Wild 2013 First Round Tag Team Matches.
Christian York & James Storm vs Crimson & Gunner.
Jessie Godderz & Mr. Anderson vs Douglas Williams & Kid Kash.
Christopher Daniels & Samoa Joe vs Chavo Guerrero & Rob Van Dam.
Bobby Roode & Joseph Park vs Robbie E & Zema Ion.
Aces And Eights (Devon & DOC) vs Alex Silva & Hernandez.
Matt Morgan & Robbie T vs Al Snow & Joey Ryan.

Joker’s Wild 2013 Final 12 Man Gauntlet Battle Royal.

James Storm vs Bobby Roode vs Christian York vs Christopher Daniels vs Devon vs DOC vs Jessie Godderz vs Joseph Park vs Matt Morgan vs Mr. Anderson vs Robbie T vs Samoa Joe.

Signed Promo Images by TNT Extreme Wrestling:

The Purge – Krobar and Vane – The Purge are a ruthless young tag team who in the last two years have made their mark in TNT, Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum and many other promotions, and are definitely one to watch out for.

Bram – Impact Wrestling star, Insane Championship Wrestling destroyer of marriages and Champion of other promotions,

The Mob – Keith Myatt & Ruffneck – One of the UK’s most destructive tag teams, whenever these two men are in a match, chaos will definitely follow to the delight of themselves and the fans.

The Shield Armbands.

They were one of the most incredible factions within the WWE, and as the reunion looks to be on the way, at least between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, cast your mind back and try on the probably soon to be vintage items.

A top notch box release this month, and Subscriptions start at £8.00/pm plus postage also Subscriptions are now open worldwide from http://www.slobberknockerbox.com

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