Previously on Lucha Underground, the Cueto Cup reached the finals for all 4 groups, 8 luchadors could now become the #1 contender for The Lucha Underground Championship. The Worldwide Underground war against Rey Mysterio Jr. and Dragon Azteca reached new highs last week when Mysterio defeated PJ Black. Prince Puma promised Vampiro to win The cup and the Lucha Underground title. Relations were complex between Dario Cueto and his brother Matanza, while Marty The Moth was obsessed with Lucha Underground ring announcer, Melissa Santos.


This week, the finals of Group B and D are taking place. And The Worldwide Underground has a revenge to take on Dragon Azteca… or is it the opposite?


The episode started with Dario Cueto greeting his caged brother Matanza. Cueto told him about his anger and how he became a slave of it. To the point of attacking his own brother. Cueto added that if Matanza has the power of a god, he is still a man and he has to keep being one, if he wants. He had to overcome his anger or The Gods will take him over. Cueto left, leaving a plate of meat far enough of Matanza, so he could see it but not touch it, increasing Matanza anger.

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The Cueto Cup Tournament – Quarterfinal Match – Group B- Pindar w/Kobra Moon vs. Fenix

A glowing Melissa Santos stared at his man from ringside. The Queen of the Reptile Tribe was of course not far away from Pindar. Early in the match, Pindar took control of the match. But Fenix quickly rallied and attacked Pindar with aerial moves. An unhappy Kobra Moon reached the ring to distract and choke Fenix, while Pindar was kept in his corner by the referee. Thanks to Kobra Moon, Pindar was now in control again.

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Pindar sent Fenix to the corner and made him fly high with an elevated monkey flip. Pindar made great use of his size to keep Fenix on the ground. But the Luchador finally rallied with a jumping spinning heel kick in the corner. Fenix came back by sending Pindar into the corner and landing a forearm to the back of the head to set up a German suplex. Meanwhile, Melissa Santos was seen cheering Fenix (not sure Marty the Moth will appreciate…) Both men battled to the top rope. Fenix hit an impressive exploder suplex from the top, grounding Pindar. He then connected with a double knee from the top rope to earn the victory, the smile of Melissa and a spot on semifinals.

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Result: Fenix advances to the final four of The Cueto Cup Tournament

Taya, PJ Black, Ricky Mandel and Jack Evans were in Dario Cueto’s office. He didn’t appreciate how the Worldwide Underground get involved in recent matches. He announced that the group is banned from ringside for Johnny Mundo’s match against Dragon Azteca tonight. If they were involved in it, Cueto would take away the opportunities he was preparing for them and being a part of the Gift of The Gods.

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The Cueto Cup Tournament – Quarterfinal Match – Group D – Prince Puma vs. Dante Fox

These two men reunited in a ring is an obvious sign of a great match… The match went high speed at its beginning, with duelling suicide dives on each other and high flying moves. Fox tried to hit a shooting star press off of the ring apron, Puma grabbed him in mid-air but Fox was able to counter his counter into a tornado DDT on the outside floor. Fox was in full control with a flurry of high-flying moves that grounded Prince Puma. Fox tried to slow his opponent down, using the ropes to keep him on the mat. But Puma finally woke up and rallied.

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The fight continued at a high pace when Fox blocked a tilt a whirl back breaker into a twisting suplex. Control jumped from one man to another, with reversals and counters. Until Puma connected with a cutter and a standing shooting star press. Not enough to make Fox surrender. He attacked Puma with strikes and a springboard gut buster. The action continued, and a mind-blowing fast-paced action… An insane exchange of strikes and pinfall attempts seemed to not want to stop. Puma gained control sometimes but Fox always came back. When he tried to be more offensive, Puma was caught and slammed in mid-air by Fox.

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Fox released his arsenal of aerial moves, going into a 450 splash attempt Puma countered with his knees up. Puma delivered a series of combo moves, not enough again to make Fox bend. Action reached the top rope where Puma connected with an exploder suplex and a reverse driver. Puma sent Fox into the turnbuckles with a double foot stomp and hit a breathtaking 630 splash for the win.

Result: Prince Puma advances to the final four of The Cueto Cup Tournament

Killshot made his way to the ring to take care of his rival Dante Fox. He then grabbed the mic to claim he is the one who’s right and that it isn’t over between them.

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We were now in Captain Vasquez’s office in LAPD headquarters. Detective Cortez Castro was banned from The Temple where he was unfiltered. She was watching his recent match against Cage. Vasquez excused Castro for losing the match as the masked man Veneno but not for avoiding to tell her Cage murdered Councilman Delgado. Castro asked why Cage wasn’t arrested, Vasquez answered she wants his gauntlet, not him. But Castro knew no man alive can take the gauntlet away from him. After Castro left the office, Vasquez opens up her drawer and stared at her half of the medallion she had in her drawer. She told Catrina, who owns the other half, if a man couldn’t get the gauntlet away from Cage, maybe a woman could. And Catrina would be right.

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LUCHA UNDERGROUND MAIN EVENT – Johnny Mundo vs. El Dragon Azteca Jr.

Is Mundo able to win without his bunch of brothers? Posing, he could, playing with Azteca like a kid with a toy, also. Azteca tried to use his arsenal of Lucha Libre moves but Mundo kept him to the ground. But El Dragon Azteca rallied and hit a top rope hurricanrana.

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The action went at ringside, Azteca tried to leap onto Mundo but he was grabbed in mid-air and slammed to the floor. Mundo gained the momentum in the match for a few minutes until Azteca rallied and connected with a dragon roll and a casadora bomb from the top rope.

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A nervous Mundo rallied to hit a Spanish fly. Dragon looked to finish Mundo and nearly had him down for the count a couple of times until Mundo was able to drop him and land the End of the World to take home the victory.

Johnny Mundo defeats El Dragon Azteca Jr. by pinfall

After the match, Mundo grabbed a steel chair and put it around Dragon Azteca’s neck. Rey Mysterio Jr. came to the rescue of his pupil and made Mundo run away.

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Mundo stood on the temple stairs before disappearing. When Rey was greeting his wife Angie, his son Dominic and his daughter Aalyah, Mundo reappeared on the Temple stairs. He approached Rey’s family and specifically talked to Dominic to tell him how bad his father is. The young wrestler attacked Mundo. Matt Striker reminded us Dominic was not 8 years old anymore, as he was during the Guerrero-Mysterio feud for his fatherhood in 2005. Security had to separate Mundo and Dominic while Rey was defending his family that was attacked by The Worldwide Underground. Taya, Ricky Mantel, Jack Evans and PJ Black held up Rey in order to let Mundo tease a knockout. But Mundo preferred to turn down on him and concentrate on Dominic. He put his belt on the lying kid. The Worldwide underground left the building as Mysterio Jr. was enraged next to his fallen son.

We left the Temple to witness Melissa Santos and Fenix walking together. Melissa asked him if he ever takes his mask off, something Fenix does sometimes when he doesn’t fight. Fenix and Melissa were joking while walking to their car.

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But Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez was watching. He told to himself Melissa won’t like Fenix when he takes his mask away from him because of how ugly Fenix is without the mask. Marty closed this episode with an evil and scary laugh.

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Prince Puma vs. Fenix, this first semi final of The Cueto Cup is already full of promises… On the other side of the bracket, Jeremiah Crane, Mil Muertes, Texano and Pentagon Dark will have to prove they have their spot in the sunshine. But whatever happens, in 3 weeks, a new # contender will be crowned…  and maybe a new Lucha Underground Champion… Every good story is supposed to have a nice end, will it be for our Luchadors? Until next week, hasta la vista!

All pictures, screenshots and tweets courtesy of El Rey Network. Cueto Cup bracket edit by @FrenchNygma for @steelchairmag.

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