May we expect this week we’ll finally get rid of the mess that we’ve been witnessing over the last few weeks? Trevor Lee who stole Sonjay Dutt X-Divison belt, EC3 in quest of Moose IMPACT Grand Champion title, Grado trying to marry in order to have a green card… And of course the soap opera of our summer, Konnan/Carlos and Alberto. Hopefully, Destination X is coming in just 2 weeks live, we reached the semi-finals level of The Super X Cup and the card is already full of good promises…

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The show opened in LAX clubhouse. Konnan was very happy as their newest member will reveal himself tonight. LAX was set to take on El Patron and his family tonight. And their newest member will help them introduce a new level of violence. (so we’re going to have a new episode of “Konna/Carlos and Alberto hate each other tonight…)

SUPER X CUP SEMI FINAL MATCH – Dezmond Xavier vs. Drago

Drago took control with a basement dropkick into Xavier’s ribs. Xavier rolled outside. Back in the ring, Xavier displayed his athleticism but Drago took him down with a load of strikes. The slow pace beginning turned into a Lucha Libre fast pace. Xavier regrouped and connected with a standing hurricanrana and his own load of moves. Drago was sent outside but quickly came back in to hit Xavier with a leaping kick to the head, sending Xavier onto the outside floor. Drago continued with a suicide dive onto Xavier.

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Back in the ring, both men went into an exchange of reversals, kicks and strikes. Drago prevailed but took too many time to follow, allowing Xavier to rally and hit a cutter. Xavier took advantage of the momentum to attack Drago and connect with a very high top rope dive. But Drago was not done yet, hitting Xavier with an Hangmen’s DDT from the top rope, a leaping power bomb and a big kick. But Xavier kicked out again and again. Drago continued with his signature running flip DDT but earned another near fall. A nervous Drago tried to finish off Xavier on the apron but Xavier countered with a 619.  Xavier then hit his signature Final Flash, a twisting corkscrew splash, for the win.

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After the match, Xavier confessed to JB if he was able to beat someone of the calibre of Drago, so he’s meant to win The Super X Cup.


The classic bunch of backstage segments with EC3 claiming he’s “a hot commodity”, so he’ll win the IMPACT Grand Championship as Bruce Prichard is corrupted. El Patron and his family said they were not worried by LAX’s new member but El Patron was a little paranoid and afraid this new member may be his brother or his father…

X-DIVISION MATCH – Trevor Lee vs. Mumbai Cat 

Mumbai Cat 1 has come from India without his partner to fight the Yeti of IMPACT. Lee wrestled again the belt around his waist and dominated early in the match.

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Mumbai 1 was sent outside the ring. As Lee was retained by the referee, Mumbai Cat 2 pulled Mumbai Cat 1 under the ring to take his place. Lee grabbed him back in the ring, thinking his opponent was injured, but this Cat was fresh. After a quick offensive attack, Mumbai 2 hit a tornado DDT followed up by a high cross body splash from the top rope for the win.

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Mumbai 2 took off his mask to reveal himself as Sonjay Dutt. He was supposedly banned from the building again. While Prichard and security were about to escort him outside, Dutt grabbed the mic to challenge Lee for HIS title in a Ladder match at Destination X.

Eli Drake w/Chris Adonis vs. Eddie Edwards 

No contest as Edwards was attacked backstage by Kongo Kong in front of a yelling Laurel Van Ness.

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As usual with the IMPACT Grand Championship, the match is made of 3 rounds of 3 minutes with judges Scott D’Amore, Dutch Mantel and Bruce Prichard scoring the rounds. And it seems like Carter and Prichard are very good friends…

Round One Moose attacked straight in the round, roughing up and flinging around EC3. But Carter sidestepped Moose to send him into the ring steps. EC3 was still in control when the round ended. 2 judges scored 10-9 for EC3 and one 10-9 for Moose.

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Round Two EC3 continued his offensive while trash talking to the judges. Moose was finally able to rally and ground Carter with an exploder suplex. EC3 started to slap Moose, his answer lied in a headbutt. Moose kept control until the end of the round, culminating with a drop kick. Judge 1 and 3 scored 10-9 for Moose while Judge 2 favoured EC3 with 10-9. Round 3 will be determinant.

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Round Three Every man tried to get rid of the other with his finisher. Moose kicked out of EC3’s 1 percenter while EC3 tasted Moose’s own medicine with a leaping choke slam. 

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Judge 1 and 2 were unable to decide fairly between the two, giving them a 10-10. But Judge 3 surprisingly gave 10 to EC3 and 8 to Moose. EC3 is the new IMPACT Grand Champion. Of course, Judge 3 was Bruce Prichard.

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Backstage Prichard explained he perfectly knew what he was doing, unlike Mantel and D’Amore. He also added that banning Dunn from the Impact Zone was what goof for the business.

A new vignette on the tag team o.V.e was aired, they’ll debut to GFW at Destination X.


Six-Man Tag Team Match – KM, Mario Bokara & Fallah Baah vs. Grado, Suicide & Braxton Sutter w/ Allie

Just having Grado in a match is enough to make the audience flee. Fallah Baah rolled on him but was unable to flatten him. KM tried to finish him too. Suicide did his Spider stupid. Beautiful suicide dives from Sutter and Suicide. Grado picked up the win with a roll up thanks to a big kick from Sutter on KM.

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After the match, Grado tried to propose to Laurel Van Ness again. But Kongo Kong appeared before she could answer and leapt on Grado (was unable to flatten him too…). Sutter refused to come rescue Grado, despite Allie’s requests. Van Ness fled again with Kong.

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Backstage LAX claimed Alberto can’t trust his own family and a new era of violence is going to begin tonight. Sutter said Grado could defend himself. Meanwhile on the announce table, EC3 was beginning a new love relationship with his title… (please don’t love her the bad way…)

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IMPACT MAIN EVENT – Alberto El Patron, Dos Caras & El Hijo Del Dos Caras vs. L.A.X (Homicide, Ortiz & Santana) w/Konnan & Diamante

In the new episode of our favourite telenovela (I’m joking because it’s utterly boring… to watch and to write), The Patron Family was asked to help Alberto get rid of the bad Carlos/Konnan and his band of bad brothers. Dos Caras and El Hijo and Dos Caras were in control very early. LAX suddenly took it when Alberto entered. The LAX beat him down for long, long minutes. But hopefully, Alberto’s brother came to his rescue. But LAX quickly controlled him and attacked him. This time Alberto came to rescue his brother and unloaded his anger on Santana with backbreakers and a back stabber. Meanwhile, The Patron family started to brawl with LAX on the outside.

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Alberto tried to finish off Santana with his signature double foot stomp but Homicide kicked out and Ortiz appeared and knocked down the referee. Alberto applied the cross arm breaker on Ortiz but there was no referee. El Hijo de Dos Caras grabbed a chair teasing he may be joining LAX. Could he betray Alberto? (suspense…) No, because El Hijo used the chair on Homicide, the two brawled but Konnan interfered to knock out El Hijo. But Alberto was not done yet and got Santana in a cross arm breaker. But the newest member of LAX suddenly appeared…

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It was Low-Ki, wearing his usual Hitman gear with the LAX logo on it. He hit the Warriors way on Alberto to offer the win to Santana, as the referee regained consciousness. Did Alberto finally able to get rid of Carlos/Konnan and his stable? (I get out irony mode a second… please stop that tiresome and boring feud…) After the match, LAX posed in the ring, with Santana and Ortiz hoisting the Unified Tag Team titles. And Low-Ki hoisting El Patron’s Unified World Heavyweight Champion belts.

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What to say… Excepted Xavier vs. Drago, the rest of the episode is easily forgettable because barely watchable. Please, less backstage, less talk, more good action. Or I officially launch #GiveImpactAChance…

All pics and screenshots courtesy of GFW Impact Wrestling.

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