Previously on Lucha Underground, Dario Cueto revealed he had gathered 7 ancient Aztec Medallions representing the 7 tribes of the ancient Aztec World. Whoever held all seven of them would gain a “gift from the gods”. The winner of 7 medallions is determined in a 7-Luchadors match and becomes the “Gift of Gods Champion”. The winner also earns a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship. The Gift of Gods title is vacant as soon as the Champion cashes in his match against The Lucha Underground Champion. Meanwhile, Texano was still courting Beautiful Brenda, the valet of Famous B, and Mil Muertes, Jeremiah Crane and Catrina were stuck in a magic love triangle. 

This week, the finals of Group A and C are taking place. And Dario Cueto has a new challenge for The Worldwide Underground…


TRIOS MATCH FOR THREE OF THE GIFT OF THE GODS MEDALLIONS – The Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, Saltador & Mala Suerte) vs. Worldwide Underground (Taya, PJ Black & Ricky Mandel) w/ Jack Evans

The winners of this match will go to the Gift of The Gods match and grab 3 of the 7 Gift of The Gods medallions. In the middle of The Rabbit Tribe comedy show, there was some action. Saltador and Taya debuted the match but he quite misbehaved so Taya tagged in PJ Black.

Sans titre 4

Saltador grounded him with a dropkick and a superkick right in the face. Mala Suerte was tagged in and hit a nice senton on Black. While Black was pummeling Suerte with fists in the stomach, Jack Evans was writing messages on a board. Black tagged in Taya who attacked the knee of Suerte in the corner. Saltador and London joined Suerte in the corner and lined up to allow Taya to leap into all 3 of them.

Sans titre 3

Taya tagged in Ricky Mantel who was grounded by the whole Rabbit Tribe. London was in control when Evans interfered in the match and made him fall on the top corner. Saltador sent Black onto the floor and leapt onto Black and Taya. In the ring, Suerte hit a stunner on Mantel, allowing London to hit a shooting star press for the win.

Result: The Rabbit Tribe earns a spot to the Gift of The Gods match

The Tribe celebrated in the middle of the ring with the tiny rabbit’s foot Mascarita Sagrada offered and their Gift of Gods medallions

Sans titre 6

Backstage at The Temple, Benjamin Cooke, The Worldwide Underground’s agent, was talking with his clients. He told them that after such a loss, he would all fire them. He told Taya, PJ Black and Ricky Mantel Johnny Mundo doesn’t need this kind of stress, so close to a world title defence. Cooke added they’re not going to be fired because Mundo has a heart of gold. Mundo told them that Cooke is working hard to get him marketing deals and they all need to ensure he’s still Champion for that.

Sans titre 8

The Cueto Cup Tournament – Group A – Quarterfinal Match – No Disqualification match – Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs. Jeremiah Crane

The match started way before he reached the ring as Muertes attacked Crane on top of The Temple. He slammed him into a storage room and the two disappeared. Muertes threw Crane through a door to make them be back into the crowd. They battled on top of the crowd, off the bleachers, Muertes sent Crane into the guardrail and then into the ring post.

Sans titre 2

Crane tried to battle back and leapt off the ring apron, but Muertes caught him in mid-air and power bombed him onto the apron. After this long beat down, the action came into the ring. Crane tried again to gain momentum but Muertes backfired his attempt of suicide dive. The action went back outside. Muertes speared him into the wooden chairs and sent him over the announcer table.

Sans titre 10

Muertes took the time to get some steel chairs from under the ring. He nailed Crane repeatedly with a chair and then hit a backbreaker onto two chairs. Crane regained momentum and threw Muertes into the chair on a reverse Irish Whip. Crane then had his revenge and hit Muertes repeatedly in the head with the chair. Crane then put a chair on Muertes’ throat and made another chair swing into the first.

Sans titre 14

Crane grabbed a table from under the ring. But it was enough for Muertes to come back and spear and power bomb Crane into it. Muertes went for another spear in the ring but Crane countered it with a front face choke. Muertes rallied and connected with a spinning chokeslam. Another table is brought in the corner of the ring and Crane cannonballed Muertes into it. Crane reached the second rope in order to take to the air, but Muertes caught him, hit the Flatliner and secured the victory. Absolutely insane, devastating and great match.

Result: Mil Muertes advances to the final four of The Cueto Cup tournament

After the match, Catrina gave Crane her signature lick of death. But Crane kissed Catrina back. Muertes kicked Crane in the head and hit another Flatliner. Love hurts…

Sans titre 16

Agent Winter from the FBI was in Dario Cueto’s office. He claimed Cueto and him share similar interests. “The Order” has replaced Councilman Delgado with him and Winter knows Cage killed Councilman Delgado. Agent Winter said that The Order is not upset with Cage as they understand that someone with this newly found God power needs to go through an adjustment period. Winter was ordered to keep an eye on Cueto. But Winter loved what Cueto did with Lucha Underground and admitted to being a huge Pentagon Dark fan. Before leaving, Agent Winter gave Cueto this strange quote, “Alas, His flesh will fry like everyone else’s when the war comes”. Cueto didn’t know The Order had someone in the FBI but Winter answered him The Order is everywhere and that they will do whatever it takes to make sure that the Gods rule again.

Sans titre 18

The Cueto Cup Tournament – Group C – Quarterfinal Match – Pentagon Dark vs. Texano

Texano had control of the match in the beginning, countering Pentagon’s attacks and even hitting a nice over the top rope tope. Pentagon was sent into the ringside wall. And Texano stayed in control with a springboard splash.

Sans titre 1

But Famous B and Beautiful Brenda came to ringside, trying again to recruit Texano. This distraction allowed Pentagon to take control for a brief moment. A surprising Texano continued his attack with a knife edged chop/lariat combo in the corner and heavy strikes to Pentagon. Pentagon rallied with a Lung Blower in the ropes. not enough to stop Texano who grounded Pentagon again with a twisting Indian Deathlock.

Sans titre 20

Texano hit a hesitation dropkick on Pentagon who was tied up in the tree of woe in the corner, followed by a leaping leg lariat. When everyone started to think Pentagon would be defeated, Famous B gave him a horseshoe and asked Brenda to distract the referee so Pentagon could strike Texano with it. Pentagon Dark won the match but not the good way…

Result: Pentagon Dark advances to The Final Four of The Cueto Cup Tournament

Pentagon Dark was about to break his defeated opponent’s arm, as usual. But Famous B tried to stop him, ranting and pleading him. Texano fled but Famous B suffered the wrath of Pentagon Dark. He hit him with a superkick and broke his arm. Brenda came to the ring to check on her man but Pentagon broke her arm too. Pentagon celebrated in the middle of his carnage as the show went off the air.

Sans titre 22

The show ended in LAPD Captain Vasquez’s office. Catrina was standing behind her and told her they agreed to stay out of each other’s way. But Vasquez will need Catrina’s help when the Gods arrive and wanted to make a deal. Catrina said she doesn’t fear the Gods. Vasquez told Catrina the gauntlet Cage is wearing is the gateway to the Gods. Vasquez reminded Catrina she gave her half of the ancient Aztec medallion. Catrina pulled her half off as she doesn’t like to be stuck between two realms like a ghost. Vasquez told Catrina only one man can get the gauntlet from Cage and Catrina controls him. As Catrina tried to grab Vasquez’s help of medallion, Vasquez told her she will get her life back if she gets her the gauntlet. Vasquez would then be mortal again, something she’s not afraid of. She claimed to fear the Gods more than death. Catrina stared at her mother and told her the Gods will soon learn to fear death, a thousand of them. She agreed with her mother’s deal before disappearing.

Sans titre 24

Here are the final four participants of The Dario Cueto Cup and the future #1 contender for The Lucha Underground Championship. Pentagon Dark vs. Prince Puma would be a dream match as a final. But in this world of Gods and Ancient Worlds, power lies where you never expect it to come from… and it’s a delightful and addictive mystery… Until next week, hasta la vista!


All pictures, screenshots and tweets courtesy of El Rey Network. Cueto Cup bracket edit by @FrenchNygma for @steelchairmag.

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