One of the pleasures of being apart of the weekly GFW conference calls is to be able to talk to the wrestlers and executives off-character and out of the TV boundaries. As far as Trevor Lee is concerned, during the recent X-Division-themed call, he really stayed in his character and gave a rough portrait of himself.

At only 24, The Hardy Boys alumni is currently wearing the X-Division title around his waist but that doesn’t mean he’s the champion. He in fact stole the belt to the real Champion, Sonjay Dutt. And at Destination X, this Thursday, he will have to climb a Ladder in order to be officially declared X-Division Champion. But for him, it’s not a problem at all. “The title is already around my waist. At the end of the PPV, it’s gonna be the exact same way. Now I have the company on my back, I’ve had the company on my back since I was here. Come on, I am the company. As for Sonjay Dutt, it doesn’t matter. I’m already at the top of the ladder.”

The X-Division may be something important to him but by listening to him, its history has nothing to do with his partners of call, Sonjay Dutt and Low-Ki. “I was a big fan of a lot of the earlier X-Division stuff but unfortunately some of those matches had to do with some people in this conversation but any of the earlier Ultimate-X matches with AJ and Chris Sabin and Ki were all all amazing matches for me.” He doesn’t even consider them as an influence whatsoever. “After Destination X, I’m going to be a three time X-Division Champion. I’ve been a Tag Team Champion. I’m the youngest almost-Grand Slam Champion of the company. I don’t care about Sonjay or Low-Ki, those guys have had their time. They’re great guys I’m sure but now is Trevor Lee’s time.”

At only 24, Lee has been a member of the GFW roster for 2 years but has already been involved in some of the most difficult matches of the Impact Zone. As part of The Helms Dynasty, he was involved in the Tag Team Apocalyptico that took place in his hometown of Cameron, in the compound of The Hardy Boyz, during the Total NonStop Deletion special event. “It was definitely something I have never done before. I have never been shot with fireworks. I have never been buried underground. It was definitely something awkward, weird, different than anything I’ve done before but it was something cool.”

He was also a part of 4 Ultimate-X matches, a kind of Ladder match where no ladder are tolerated. The X-Division title or a X-Red #1 contender shot are suspended 15 feet above the ring in the middle of crossed cables. And the wrestlers have no other way to grab the belt but to stay gripped to the steel cables. For Lee, this type of match is way more difficult than any Ladder match, like the one he will  be involved in in just a few days. “Ultimate X matches are absolutely terrible. You have to climb even higher than in a ladder match. Now, any match with Sonjay Dutt is gonna be a cakewalk for me but I think the Ultimate X match is going to be a little more difficult.”

When asked about a comparison between 205 Live and X-Division, his words are way more stiff. “You wanna know what 205 Live is. It’s garbage! I’m 225-pounds and I’m the X-Division Champion. None of those guys could even hold a dime to what I can do.” For sure, no one has the Yeti-like appearance, unbreakable pride and nerve Trevor Lee has been developing on TV. His words are as sharp as his attitude can be, in and out of the ring. Is it enough to make him a 3-time X-Division Champion? The answer will come on Thursday night at Destination X.

By Steph Franchomme

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