It’s SummerSlam weekend and yet it again it feels like NXT is here to salvage all the shit that the main shows are pouring out. But before we get there, we’ve still got one more episode before we reach TakeOver Brooklyn. We’ve got a big main event for us with Drew McIntyre taking on Rodrick Strong, there’s no way that shenanigans will take place. No Sir! Anyways, let’s take a look what happened This Week on NXT!

William Regal introduced both Ember Moon and Asuka to the ring for a contract signing as we head into their match at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn.

Ember praised her for being one of the most dominant women in WWE. But is disappointed that the only person she ever took a short cut with was with Ember. Now that she’s free of her injury, refusing to be a victim and is ready to end Asuka’s streak. Asuka replied in her native tongue with such fury and passion, just wish we actually knew what she said. The closed captions didn’t even attempt to translate. All we got was [speaks foreign language]. Thanks WWE network.

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-William Regal was confronted in his office by Lars Sullivan who promised that we won’t attack his tag team partner. Regal was hesitant to give him what he wanted but ultimately gave him one more chance. Must’ve been those puppy dog eyes.
– We got a video package to build up the tag team title match between Sanity and the Authors of Pain. Still very much looking forward to how this is going to turn out.

MATCH 1: Street Profits vs Lars Sullivan & Chris Silvio

As soon as you see how small Silvio is compared to Sullivan, You just know he’s going to be tossed around at one point. Silvio was almost asking to be turned into a rag doll, as he ran past Sullivan to get into the fight and be immediately knocked down by one kick.

The street profits were entertaining in this match, I’m still not sold on this gimmick but they were pretty fun to see in action and even had some humorous moments littered throughout. The Profits came out on top with an impressive combo of pop up, sit out, Powerbomb and a Frog splash. They made their way out of the ring as Lars just stared at his partner. He didn’t attack him, like he promised, and proceeded to carry him off stage… no wait he just attacked him backstage and threw him in a dumpster. Well, that lasted long.

I’m at least intrigued what they’re doing with Lars at the moment, not too sure where they can actually go with it but don’t count me out just yet.

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MATCH 2: Bille Kay w/ Peyton Royce vs Ruby Riot

A lot of back and forth within this match with a lot of mocking by both Billie and Ruby. It was good we finally got to see Billie in action as it feels like we haven’t seen her in weeks. Granted she didn’t win but it was positive we got to see a showcase of both Ruby and Billie’s skills.

Ruby managed to get a victory with an improvised Pele kick but the conflict wasn’t over. Payton Royce called out Ruby saying that lightning wouldn’t strike twice and that she’ll never be iconic. Ruby merely smirked at this as the NXT crowd cheered her name. This pairing seems like it could go over well, plus it’s pretty great to see Billie and Peyton finally put in their place after the insults and rude actions these past few weeks.

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MAIN EVENT: Rodrick Strong vs Drew McIntyre

An actual main event to lead us into TakeOver began and it seems like we were given plenty of time to put on a decent match.

McIntyre impressed early on by throwing Strong around the ring, putting in a decent offence. But Strong was resilient and kept getting back up to face his opponent head on. The momentum quickly shifted to Strong’s side as he managed to keep McIntyre grounded by dropping him on the apron and a number of back breakers. You could only keep someone as big as McIntyre down for so long before he was able to knock Strong down with a huge clothesline.

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Strikes, chops, and crushing blows ensued. Both men pulling out deadly moves from their arsenal. As the two guys were tied up in the corner, the NXT champion Bobby Roode ran down to the ring and threw Strong off the top turnbuckle and crashing onto the outside. With McIntyre still tied up in the corner, Roode proceeded to beat down on his challenger as well as kicking Strong while he’s down.

We were left with the final image of Roode standing tall after delivering the glorious DDT to McIntyre, and him feeling absolutely glorious… Please Drew, kick the shit out of him.