As told in the stakesDestination X was about a mix of different feelings and possibilities. The desire of being a Champion one last time before retiring. The pride to follow in the footsteps of Chris Sabin and Samoa Joe. The chance to earn a spot for the coveted GFW Championships. The honour to debut during one of GFW’s historical event. And the power to open a new page in this new era that GFW is trying to build, match after match, episode after episode. Who will shape the future of GFW for the next several years? Answers below.

No pre-show as this “special event’ is taking place during GFW’s weekly broadcast time slot ( a pre-show was aired on YouTube Impact Wrestling channel last Friday).

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In the event introduction, Gail Kim herself confessed she was nervous coming back to the ring after 17 months out due to a neck injury. But with the adrenaline rush of being in the ring and supported by the fans, she promised to be 100%. And to be honest, she was there. But there are two elements Gail Kim could not deal with in that match. Unified GFW Knockout Champion Sienna spent quite a bad moment and had to use all possible tricks not to lose the belt. Sienna’s cousin, KM, was of course there at ringside and interfered in the match right off the bat.

But Kim took control of the match very early. Sienna regained control after Kim dropped on the steel steps while chasing the Champion on the outside. Kim was about to win the match but KM distracted the referee. And, surprise, Kim’s long time rival, Taryn Terrell, made a surprise return, hit a stunner on Kim to offer the belt to Sienna. With KM and other friends by Sienna’s side, there’s no reason for her to lose the belt. Only the six-sided steel ring could eventually change the game…

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How monumental was Bruce Prichard’s announcement supposed to be? His answer to the GFW Championship issue was simple, give the title back to the man El Patron defeated, Bobby Lashley. When Lashley was supposed to make his way to the ring, surprise, Jim Cornette appeared! He announced GFW (Karen Jarrett probably…) called him to help fix things in the company. An unhappy Prichard asked for security. But Cornette told him he was arrogant, obnoxious, and people in the company were getting fed up with him. Cornette had the absolute delight to announce Prichard he was fired.

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It was now Cornette’s turn to make his “monumental announcement”. As Alberto El Patron didn’t relinquish the title but was stripped of it, he wanted to make the roster fight for the belt and, mostly, make all the wrestlers conduct as professionals in and out of the ring. Next week a 20-man gauntlet match will take place to determine the new GFW Champion. LAX suddenly came to the ring, as Low-Ki was the #1 contender for the title, Konnan didn’t understand why he had to fight 19 other wrestlers to win the Championship. Cornette understood and agreed to make him enter #20 in the gauntlet match. LAX of course tried to intimidate Cornette but he reminded them we couldn’t touch a corporate man…

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That was the most expected match of Destination X. The Super-X Cup offered a tremendous series of matches over the last few weeks. Dezmond Xavier and Taiji Ishimori were stunning opponents and absolutely deserved their places in the finals. Quick-paced, high-flying action was there as expected. Both men reached the highs of the arena, Xavier with a splendid standing corkscrew moonsault, Ishimori with a 540 splash. But in the end, Dezmond Xavier charged with a kick to the head of Ishimori for the victory. Xavier helped Ishimori be back on his feet, shook his hands and showed respect to his opponent before receiving the Cup from the hands of Jeremy Borash. Match of the night and, to quote Jeremy Borash, “incredible”.

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As an X-Division Champion with no belt, Sonjay Dutt was determined to climb the ladder and show Trevor Lee the belt didn’t make the champion, but the way a wrestler is fighting to defend and respect it. And Lee paid the bill of the last few weeks last night in a match where ladders, tables and friends were welcomed. Lee tried to play his usual bad games but Dutt was prepared and had surprises for him. Very tough match, Lee felt the blow of landing on a table and 2 ladders.

As Dutt was about to reach the belt on top of the ladder, Caleb Konley came out of nowhere and power bombed Dutt through a table. But here came Petey Williams who hit the Canadian Destroyer on Konley, cheered his friend Sonjay Dutt in order to make him come back to the ring and climb the ladder again. Lee tried to join him up but fell badly on a ladder. Dutt finally grabbed what has been his title since early July. Really, really good match. The X-Division way, the great way.

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We’d heard about him for a few weeks. oVe were ready to fight and made an impact in the tag team division. I couldn’t help but think about the Decay when Jake and Dave Crist entered. The masks, the darkness, the punk attitude, Ohio Versus Everything had just to show us what they’re about. We should have expected a debut more interesting than against two jobbers. Interesting team work, the Crist brothers seemed to master their game. They obviously will bring something new to the Tag Team division and be serious contenders for the GFW Tag Team Championships. For sure LAX and the belts will come sooner than later…

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Before Sydal vs. Lashley match started, EC3, Moose, Chris Adonis and Eli Drake all approached Jim Cornett to be apart of the gauntlet match. They were already all in, but because Drake said he was the number one, Cornette gave him the #1 entrant spot in the match.

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After the Bruce Prichard segment, Lashley was more than eager to win the GFW Championship spot against Sydal. Even with an already injured shoulder, Sydal was also ready to win what he wanted the most, an X-Division title spot. I’ve never been a fan of this kind of match, David vs. Goliath way. Sydal may be agile, Lashley is very strong. Something Sydal suffered from all along the match. Lashley lost the match the most stupid way, by grabbing a chair and fighting with the referee in order not to make him use it on Sydal.

But Sydal took advantage of the moment to hit a spin kick while sending the chair on Lashley. Lashley got his knees up while Sydal was connecting with his signature Shooting Star Press, missed a spear, allowing Sydal to make the roll-up for the win. More than an X-Division title shot, Sydal, in fact, won a title shot for the Championship of his choice. But due to the state of his shoulder, Sydal claimed last week he may have re-aggravated a rotator cuff injury, the opportunity may be pushed back until Sydal is absolutely 100%.

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Being a live show seemed to be the key for GFW’s future. When weekly taped episodes can offer the worst like the better, the PPV/ Special Edition live events are good, full of surprises and interesting. Destination X didn’t disappoint and really helped shape what may be next for the company.


Destination X Full Results:

Unified GFW Knockouts Championship: Sienna (c) defeated Gail Kim

2017 GFW Super X Cup Tournament Final: Dezmond Xavier defeated Taiji Ishimori

Ladder match for the GFW X-Division Championship: Sonjay Dutt (c) defeated Trevor Lee

Ohio Versus Everything (Dave Crist and Jake Crist) defeated Jason Cade and Zachary Wentz

Shot vs. Shot match (the winner gets a GFW title shot of his choosing): Matt Sydal defeated Lashley

All screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling

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