Previously on Lucha Underground, Marty the Moth was extremely jealous of Melissa Santos flirting with Fenix. Mil Muertes, Jeremiah Crane and Catrina were stuck in a magic love triangle. The match between Rey Mysterio and Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo took a personal turn when Mundo attacked Mysterio’s son, Dominic. Cortez Castro and Joey Ryan were uncovered agents in The Temple, both on a mission to bring down Dario Cueto. Catrina tried to manipulate Pentagon Dark. The Cueto Cup continued. Captain Vasquez revealed she was Catrina’s mother and was holding the key to her immortality. 

This week, we are going to know who will to compete for the contender-ship for the Lucha Underground Championship and win The Cueto Cup. So Mil Muertes, Fenix, Prince Puma or Pentagon Dark?

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The episode started with Cage working out when Catrina appeared out of nowhere. She asked him if he really knows what the gauntlet is. Catrina explained to him it’s dangerous magic and it could take him over. Cage said the gauntlet is his and he doesn’t want to give it up. Catrina disappeared when Cage tried to attack her.

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Officer Joey Ryan was in Dario Cueto’s office. Cueto was embarrassed Ryan lost so early in the tournament. Ryan then revealed that Veneno is actually Cortez Castro, an undercover cop. Cueto built up his revenge by booking Sexy Star vs. Veneno for next week, in a Mask vs. Mask match.

The Cueto Cup Tournament – First semi final – Prince Puma vs. Fenix

More than 10 minutes of pure pleasure. Puma and Fenix were both Lucha Underground Champions and, as seen in their previous Cup matches, they more than deserved their place in the sunshine of The Cueto Cup. Melissa Santos couldn’t help but blush when Fenix made his entrance.

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Long striking exchange with kicks to the head and forearms. Puma gained a bit of an advantage with a head scissors that sent Fenix to the outside. Puma connected with the Tope Con Hilo to the outside. Puma went for a suplex combo but Fenix countered into a hurricanrana for a near fall. Puma rallied, hit a 619 and a springboard leg lariat for another near fall. Puma missed a 450 allowing Puma to hit a destroyer. Back and forth work again, until Puma hit a springboard lariat. Fenix replied with a cutter and picked up the pace hitting Puma with a German Suplex and a jumping thrust kick. He then grounded Puma with a beautiful running kick to the back of the head.

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As Fenix was reaching the top rope, Marty the Moth appeared behind Melissa Santos. Enough to distract Fenix who decided to save the girl instead of the match. Fenix hit Marty with a moonsault. Puma took advantage of the distraction to nail a tiger knee and a Michinoku Driver. Back in the ring, Puma hit the 630 for the win. Sorry Fenix, you couldn’t have the girl AND the win…

Result: Prince Puma advances to The Final of The Cueto Cup Tournament

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Mil Muertes was working when Catrina appeared to tell him to keep a bit of his violence for Pentagon Dark. Cage attacked Muertes from behind, gauntlet in hand. But Catrina used her magic stone to make Muertes rise and tell him to break Pentagon in two.

The Cueto Cup Tournament – Second semi final – Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs. Pentagon Dark

Mil Muertes was still suffering from the previous attack and was holding his ribs. Something Pentagon Dark noticed immediately, so he attacked Muertes right in his ribs straight in the match.

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Action quickly went to the outside when Pentagon hit Muertes with a suicide dive. Muertes desperately tried to get off Pentagon’s pressure, trying a chokeslam. Not enough as Pentagon brought him back to the outside. He hit him in the ring post, into the barricades, on a table. Catrina tries to distract Pentagon by grabbing his leg, Muertes was then able to connect with a spear but was countered in his attempt of a package piledriver.

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Pentagon continued his attack of what was remaining of the powerful Mil Muertes. He hit an enzuiguiri and a backstabber. Catrina tried again to grab Pentagon’s leg but he kicked her out. 5 Superkicks and a double foot stomp onto Muertes’ ribs later, Muertes finally relinquished and Pentagon earned his spot in the final.

Result: Pentagon Dark advances to The Final of The Cueto Cup Tournament

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As usual, Pentagon Dark tried to break his opponent’s arm but Muertes escaped.

The Johnny Mundo – Rey Mysterio Face Off

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A smile of delight on his face, Dario Cueto came to hype the title match set for next week between Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio Jr. The wrestlers were asked to come because Cueto loves to witness his wrestlers talk shit to each other (and fight after, of course).

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Mundo was hidden behind a wall of security guards and said that he is here to crush the dreams of Mysterio. He again attacked Mysterio about his son Dominic, asking if Rey could really be his father. The brawl started just after. The WorldWide Underground rushed to help Mundo beat down Mysterio. PJ Black, Jack Evans, Ricky Mantel and Taya enjoyed every second of it.

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Until The Mack, Sexy Star and Dragon Azteca Jr. came to save Mysterio. Prince Puma, Pentagon Dark, Mil Muertes, Cage, Marty the Moth, Fenix, Mariposa, Vinnie Massaro, Joey Ryan, Dante Fox, Killshot joined the party. A real chaos invaded the Temple while The Rabbit Tribe was sitting in front of Cueto’s office and watching.


Puma finally stopped everybody by hitting a 630 off the top rope to wipe everybody out on the floor. Mysterio in the ring then hit Mundo with the 619 and stood tall, raising high the Lucha Underground.

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Every new episode is raising the bar even higher. This week’s one was just awesome, intense, explosive, furious. And the best is yet to come as next week, the winner of the Cueto Cup will be revealed, we may have a new Lucha Underground Champion and a mask will fall, as well as a Luchador’s reputation. Until next week, hasta la vista!

All pictures, screenshots and tweets courtesy of El Rey Network.

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