It’s the “Biggest Party of the Summer”, and you’re invited! Join WWE this Sunday for all the glitz and grandeur that is sure to be SummerSlam. Here’s what the VultureHound team think will go down.

Bradley’s Predictions

There’s certainly more focus on the Raw contingents going into SummerSlam and I fully expect them to steal the show. Although there are four big guys in the main event, I think the best match of the night could either be Ambrollins v Sheasaro or Bálor v Wyatt depending on how freaky they can get. Don’t forget there’s also the caveat that if he loses the Universal Title, Brock Lesnar will leave the company. I don’t think that will happen and I think we will see Lesnar retain. As well as these matches there will also be the question of how we’ll sit through three matches on a bumper pre-show that features The Hardyz teaming with Jason Jordan to take on The Miztourage, The New Day defending the SmackDown Tag Team titles against the Usos, and a Cruiserweight title re-match between Akira Tozawa and Neville. I fully expect Neville to reclaim what is rightfully his. As for

As for SmackDown we will await Corbin’s response for being cost his Money in the Bank briefcase in at the hands of John Cena. It could go one of two ways: either Corbin will completely run through Cena out of pure rage or Cena will finish off Corbin and bury him next to Damien Sandow. Could it also be the night Carmella cashes in her contract too? I think so and possibly on the new Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks just to cause even more controversy. There is another superstar shakeup on the way remember. The main prize sees Shinsuke Nakamura take on Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship. It would be a welcome change for a babyface champion to lead the way on SmackDown and the company seems to have faith in Nakamura with how quickly he’s been granted this opportunity, yet I think Jinder will still somehow retain.

Alan’s Predictions

The Demon won’t lose, they have toys to push out. Finn Balor wins. In The New Day vs The Usos, it’s time to turn Big-E. The Usos win. Randy Orton vs Rusev, Randy Orton wins. Alexa Bliss (c) vs Sasha Banks – Keep this rivalry going for a while with an Alexa Bliss win. Sheamus and Cesaro (c) vs Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. I feel there’s a long-burn story on this one. I adore Sheamus and Cesaro. They have come so far in the last few months but there’s something going off in this this story with Dean and Seth. I reckon new champs. Naomi (c) vs Natalya, Naomi wins. AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Owens. Could go either way. Again, I think they should keep this going. AJ Styles retains the US title. Jinder Mahal (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura. Not the time for Nakamura. Mahal wins. Brock Lesnar (c) vs Samoa Joe vs Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns. Oh boy, is this going to be good. Four huge guys that are going to kick the tar out of each other for 30 minutes minimum. But it won’t only end up being these 4 guys. Here’s what I would do, and my way pleases EVERYONE. After 25 minutes of everyone kicking the tar out of each other, Brock starts to take control. Suplexes everywhere for everyone. Then out from the crowd come the new WWE RAW Tag Team champions. It’s happening. It’s really happening. There’s no DQ in multi-mans. They start taking people out with chairs. Lesnar gets triple power-bombed through one table. Strowman through another. Joe is left in the ring in a defeated mess. Rollins and Ambrose lift Joe to his feet, holding him up as Roman hits the spear for the 1,2,3! Go to credits on the 3 titles bumped together, circa 2013. Roman Reigns wins.

Steph’s Predictions

For one of WWE’s “Big Four” PPVs, only a few matches on the card have a major PPV feel. The Intercontinental belt is the only title that won’t be defended, and it could have been. Miztourage prevails.

The Fatal-4-Way is the hardest to predict, because all participants can be really valuable Champions. With Ambrose and Rollins teaming up again, they may help Reigns win the title, and so reunite The Shield, or make him lose and start a new war. On the flip side, the KO-AJ story has to come to an end as we’ve seen enough of them. With Shane McMahon as the referee, the result of the match may be out of the wrestler’s hands. He can do it right or he can betray Styles or Owens and choose his champion.

Corbin kicks Cena out of SmackDown, Rusev destroys Orton, Wyatt proves The Demon is not making Balor better, Enzo is forgotten in the cage as Big Cass wins. AJ Styles, The New Day and Cesaro/Sheamus retain. Neville regains a title he should have never lost. Natalya, Sasha, and Nakamura win their match but not the belts, as too many interventions are possible. And even if I want Joe to win, Lesnar will retain.

Lee’s Predictions

Firstly, Akira Tozawa becoming Cruiserweight Champion is nothing more than a ruse to ensure Neville becomes the first-ever two-time holder of this rebooted championship. Corbin announces his presence as a heel (by which I mean a much better heel than he’s been recently) by destroying Cena – the man who cost him his briefcase – thereby giving Big Match John more time for his extracurriculars. Nakamura is crowned the WWE World Champion. I don’t want to live in a world where Jinder beats Shinsuke. Natalya wins the SmackDown Women’s Championship and becomes the monster heel she should have been all along (wishful thinking). Dean and Seth win the tag belts. Finally, in the main event, Roman Reigns becomes the WWE Universal Champion, after new tag champs Dean and Seth interfere on his behalf, taking out all competition, finalising The Shield reunion and reminding everyone that The Shield are, and should always have been, HEELS. And for anyone who listens to the podcast, there’s still time for them to make Show vs Big Cass loser leaves Raw. Just saying.

Abir’s Predictions

The Hardyz and Jason are bound to overcome the Miztourage this Sunday. After just breaking another tag-team title record, the New Day are bound to retain. Big Cass has more to gain than lose from this match, so he shall take home the win. Orton’s losing streak is far too long for him to go down again. A bitter Natalya will be pinned and then attack the champ, leading to a successful cash-in from ‘Mella. Banks will definitely become champ again. Seth and Dean will continue their bromance with the belts around their waists. Finn will defeat Bray. Corbin will manage to get his revenge on Cena – as this past Tuesday was pretty horrendous for him. Styles will win, putting an end to this Owens saga. Mahal will continue to remain atop the SmackDown hierarchy by defeating Nakamura. And, the most underestimated member of the Fatal-4-Way, Joe, will be victorious.