The biggest party of the Summer is behind us and we’re all coming down, mostly from sleep deprivation. Like all eagerly anticipated parties, it underwhelmed many, but lucky for those people, there’s 1 million more hours of wrestling to watch this week to compensate. I’m Elliot and I watch Raw so you don’t have to.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar kicked off Raw with their typical post-PPV gloating session, complete with more or less the same dialogue as last time. The variable on this occasion came in the form of Braun Strowman, who marched to the ring and delivered 2 running powerslams to the champ. See you at No Mercy, gang!

With their appearance heavily promoted throughout the show, eventually Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins ventured to the ring, tag titles in hand, and invited any team to come and take a pop, to which The Hardy Boyz accepted.
After a fast-paced affair, the new champions managed to put Jeff Hardy away with a finisher combo.

– Big Cass and Enzo had a street fight that featured little weapon usage, which ended unexpectedly with Cass forfeiting due to a seemingly real injury.
– Emma lost to Nia Jax thanks to her new Sami Zayn-esque gimmick of being allergic to wins.
– Elias played a bit of a song, then beat R-Truth in a match with relative ease.
– The majority of the cruiserweights had a big ol’ 8-man tag match in which the commentary team desperately tried to get the viewers invested in their characters… by presenting all 8 of them at once.
– Finn Balor defeated Jason Jordan.
– Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss set up a Women’s Championship rematch for next week.

The Miz, once again, cut the best promo of the night on Roman Reigns and John Cena, who needed a common enemy. When challenged to a tag match against the divisive pair, The Miz was gifted the partner of Samoa Joe, who is hopefully about to embark on an incredible feud with Big Match John. The faces stood tall in the obligatory post-promo scuffle.
This match filled the night’s main event spot and was a worthwhile watch. A key moment that will likely be talked about in the coming weeks saw Roman accidentally deliver a Superman Punch to John Cena, who seemed to harbour a grudge throughout the rest of the match.
The final moments came when The Miz captured Cena in a full nelson, hoping to deliver the Skull Crushing Finale, though this being WWE and the man in question being Mr. WWE, Cena slithered out of the hold to deliver an AA for the win.