The biggest party of the summer has finally ended. It’s time to pack up your swimming gear and head back home, leaving nothing but that sandcastle you took way too long in building. NXT TakeOver was a blast and now we have to deal with the aftermath and see what is going to happen next. Will all questions be answered? probably not. But there are the WWE UK guys to look forward to, so I’m happy. Anyway, without further delay, here’s what happened This Week on NXT.

MATCH 1: No Way Jose vs (no one because Lars Sullivan came down and destroyed him)

Yep, Jose got taken out and bashed about before he could even attempt a mega conga line. Not entirely sure why they decided to have Sullivan go out and attack. Maybe he’s annoyed he didn’t get on the PPV? Or more likely both Jose and Sullivan aren’t doing much at the moment so we’re just going to see how much time they can kill. Great. Not like we want to see Jose have some progression at all.

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As we’re used to by now. The show after TakeOver is normally filled with recaps and backstage footage showing the aftermath. This show was no different and we got many pieces to see;

– Johnny Gargano was asked about his match, he admits that his loss was his fault. He promised that this was far from the end for “Johnny Wrestling”. They’re still building to this eventual Ciampa vs Gargano match and I’m grateful we’re given the time to let it develop.

– Asuka was interviewed, she admitted that Ember was strong, but she was stronger. She doesn’t know what’s next for her in NXT, but she knows that she’s champion. She did end up injured after this match so we may not see her for a while. The women’s division in NXT will need to step up as now we don’t have the promise of a championship at the end of a story arc.


– Pete Dunne and Wolfgang were being interviewed when the question was raised, when was “the last king of Scotland” going to get his opportunity? Dunne responded by telling him to not get too ahead of himself, and focus on tonight.

MATCH 2: Peyton Royce vs Sarah Logan

The anger of Peyton Royce was on show, her frustration at the resilience of Logan led her to dominate for a considerable amount of time. But, she let her arrogance get the better of her and soon Logan fought back hard. A good showing by both Royce and Logan, it all ended with a fisherman duplex by Royce.

It’s questionable to have a contestant in the Mae Young Classic lose right before we even see her compete in the tournament, doesn’t give us much hope that she’ll progress very far. I might be wrong? But wouldn’t it seem like the better idea to give her the win so she has at least some momentum? (I know the Mae Young Classic has already been filmed but this is WWE land, so it hasn’t happened yet to them).

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After the main event recap, we’ll apparently find out more next week regarding Adam Cole’s actions. But we also got a backstage look at Bobby Roode in the aftermath who didn’t want to talk to any press or cameras. Rodrick Strong mimicked the “blowing a kiss” action that Roode had mockingly used for so long and told him that he’d see him soon. But Bobby is on Smackdown Live now? Is Strong going there too? I have so many questions!

Funnily enough, they did mention his debut on Smackdown live, he was interviewed saying that he’s not done in NXT yet and says he wants a rematch and to take down Rodrick Strong. So, why did he appear on Smackdown live if he’s still going to be on NXT? This a new cross brand thing they’re going to continue doing? I still have questions!

Aleister Black ignored all the press asking him questions and just carried on walking. Not sure we actually needed this, but hey, got to kill time somehow apparently.

MATCH 3: Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs Wolfgang & Pete Dunne

The match got started with a nice sequence of technical wrestling, both men evenly matched and trying to get the advantage. Was beautiful that we finally got to see Trent and Tyler team up on WWE TV, the chemistry they have is truly unique. But once again Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne stole the show, Pete’s style in the ring rarely gets old and the rivalry they’ve created between them does make you want to see an all out brawl. Wolfgang was looking good too and did some pretty hard hitting moves, shame this didn’t get more time that if needed to really show off the talent they all have.

Thanks to an unnoticed tag, Wolfgang took advantage of the confusion and ended the match by landing a senton on Tyler Bate and winning the match. Now, when do we get that WWE UK show? Never? Okay. I’m going to go cry now, see you next week.

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