Previously on Lucha Underground, 32 Luchadors and Luchadoras competed for The Cueto Cup. Cortez Castro and Joey Ryan were uncovered agents in The Temple, both on a mission to bring down Dario Cueto. But Ryan revealed to Cueto Veneno was in fact, Castro. The match between Rey Mysterio and Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo took a personal turn when Mundo attacked Mysterio’s son, Dominic. Prince Puma promised his Master, Vampiro, he would win The Cup, no matter what.

This week’s episode is going to be epic. A Mask vs. Mask intergender match. The finals of The Dario Cueto Cup and the crowning of a new #1 contender for the Lucha Underground Championship. And the long-awaited match between LU Champion Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio. No video segment to open the show, as usual, we go straight into action.


Mask vs. Mask match: Sexy Star vs. Veneno

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Sexy Star attacked Veneno straight in the match with a dropkick and worked Veneno down in the corner. The referee backed Sexy off, allowing Joey Ryan to come out and rip the mask off Veneno to reveal the face of Cortez Castro.

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Because the referee was busy with Sexy Star, he didn’t see Ryan’s actions. But he witnessed Ryan and Veneno fighting outside and Ryan hitting a low blow on Castro on top of the announce table. The referee then threw out the match while Ryan fled the building, Veneno’s mask in hand.

Result: Sexy Star defeats Veneno

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Johnny Mundo and Benjamin Cooke were in Dario Cueto’s office. Cueto called Mundo “his” champion and asked if he is ready for the match tonight. Cooke answered, saying he thinks Cueto doesn’t value his client enough as Mundo saved the company by defeating Sexy Star to become the LU Champion. Mundo added Cueto voluntarily let the locker room be involved in his brawl with Mysterio last week. Cueto said he understood they are worried about shenanigans so everyone on the roster, is banned from ringside and will be fired personally if they get involved. Mundo tried to make this rule not be applied for the Worldwide Underground but Cueto said it would be unfair, so Taya, Ricky Mantel, PJ Black and Jack Evans are no exceptions and are banned too. Cueto added that, as the Mayor of Slam Town, Mundo doesn’t need them. Mundo agreed but told Cueto is anything could cause him to lose unfairly, the next time Cueto would see him and the title would be in another promotion. Cooke added nothing could stop Mundo from becoming the undisputed “King of Lucha Libre.”

Cueto Cup Finals: Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Dark

The match started with forearm and head kicks exchanges before Puma hit a backbreaker and sent Pentagon with a flip dive. The action came back in the ring where Puma continued his attack before Pentagon connected with a lung-blower, a senton and a double stomp. Short momentum as Puma rallied with a flying knee, a thrust kick and a 619 in the corner, followed by a crossbody. Pentagon countered a tornado DDT into a backbreaker for a near-fall.

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Pentagon continued to focus on Puma’s body. But the Prince rallied and unloaded a spin kick, a northern lights suplex transitioned into a dead lift suplex. Pentagon countered a 630 attempt and caught him in a pump-handle driver. Pentagon then hit a superkick and a Canadian destroyer. Puma moved to the apron and answered with his own Canadian Destroyer. Both men were now down.

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They rallied to exchange strikes again. Puma countered Pentagon’s attempt of a package piledriver. Puma then tried to get Pentagon to his shoulders, but Pentagon slid out and hit a palm strike. Both men reached the top rope, fighting back and forth. Puma stopped Pentagon with a head kick and stunning top rope Frankensteiner. Puma stared at Vampiro who gave the thumbs down, the sign for Puma to hit the 630. And win The Cueto Cup.

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Result: Prince Puma defeats Pentagon Dark to win the Cueto Cup.

Vampiro came to the ring to raise Prince Puma’s hand. Then Dario Cueto gave to Prince Puma the Cueto Cup and made official that Puma will face the winner of Mundo vs. Mysterio match at Ultima Lucha Tres. And because Cueto wanted to find out who the winner will be, he asked for the match to begin right now.

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Lucha Underground Championship: Johnny Mundo (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

A revengeful Mysterio attacked right in the match with punches and a springboard high cross. Mundo rallied and hit a gut buster off the ropes. He kept Mysterio to the ground with a body scissors choke. Mysterio was able to counter it into a European clutch.

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Mundo rallied with a gutbuster, until Mysterio fought up with a hurricanrana. Mundo stopped Mysterio momentum with a running knee strike and a kind of camel clutch. Mundo missed a corkscrew dive, allowing Mysterio to hit the head scissors on the floor. Mysterio then hit a dive transitioned into a hurricanrana on the floor. Mundo then tried to rip off Mysterio’s mask. Mundo put Mysterio in the tree of woe but the Luchador escaped his dropkick. He then blocked an attempt of Alabama Slam from Mundo into a Canadian Destroyer.

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Mysterio trapped Mundo into the Octopus stretch. But Mundo escaped and blocked a 619 attempt into a backbreaker. Mundo got ready for The End of the World, connected but Mysterio broke the count. Mysterio was able to send Mundo to the floor with a seated senton. Back in the ring, Mysterio hit another senton and a tornado DDT. Mundo speared the referee while countering Mysterio and kicked the Luchador under the belt. After a backbreaker, Mundo brought the belt to the ring.

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But Dominic Mysterio appeared and took the belt from Mundo and landed a double-leg takedown on the Champion. As Dominic is not a member of the roster, he was not banned from ringside and perfectly allowed to interfere. The security made him get out while Mysterio was finally able to hit his 619- springboard combination.

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But Dario Cueto pulled the referee out of the ring and punched Mysterio. A furious Mysterio hit him with a 619. As the referee was checking on Cueto, Mundo grabbed the belt and hit Mysterio to the back of the head. Mundo connected with the End of the World for the win.

Result: Johnny Mundo defeats Rey Mysterio to remain Lucha Underground Champion

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Why Dario, why? Is he so afraid to see his Champion leave that he had to spoil any of his contender’s chances to the belt?

Amazing episode again. Ultima Lucha Tres is set to begin on September 27 in a 4-parts series. Will Prince Puma be the one who’s going to dethrone the King of The Temple? Until next week, hasta la vista!

All pictures, screenshots and tweets courtesy of El Rey Network.

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