Previously on Lucha Underground, Son of Havoc encountered his mysterious twin, Son of Madness, thanks to The Dario Cueto Cup. Cortez Castro and Joey Ryan were uncovered agents in The Temple, both on a mission to bring down Dario Cueto. But Ryan revealed to Cueto Veneno was, in fact, Castro and stripped him of his mask.  Fenix and Melissa Santos befriended, something Marty the Moth and his sister Mariposa didn’t appreciate. Dario Cueto revealed he had gathered 7 ancient Aztec Medallions representing the 7 tribes of the ancient Aztec World. Whoever held all seven of them would gain a “gift from the gods” and becomes the “Gift of Gods Champion”. The winner also earns a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship. The Gift of Gods title is vacant as soon as the Champion cashes in his match against The Lucha Underground Champion. 

What to expect this week? The winner of The Cueto Cup is known, Johnny Mundo defeated Rey Mysterio and is still the Lucha Underground Champion. If The Rabbit Tribe of Paul London, Saltador and Mala Suerte won 3 Aztec Medallions, 4 have yet to be competed for. Doctor Frenchy is telling you all… and it’s starting right now…


The episode started with Dario Cueto meeting his caged brother Matanza. Cueto admitted he was wrong. He kept it away from Rey Mysterio because he believed he was obsessed with him. But in fact, Matanza just wanted to protect him. Without him by his side, Dario was hurt by Mysterio, giving him a 619 and humiliating him and the Cueto Legacy. Dario thought Rey has to pay. In 2 week, at the 100th episode, Matanza will compete against Mysterio in the main event. And Dario wanted Matanza to do one thing for him and the family, destroy Mysterio. Dario smiled watching his brother turning angry.

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Son of Madness vs. Mascarita Sagrada

The mini Luchador vs. the maxi wrestler. Madness was not happy Son of Havoc made Sagrada an honorary member of the biker club. So Madness attacked right away with massive kicks and a backbreaker, what Matt Striker compared to shaking a piñata. Sagrada rallied and hit a short tornado DDT. Madness stopped his dive attempt, hit a running enzuigiri and a suplex for the win.

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Madness grabbed back the biker jacket. But Son of Havoc rushed to the ring to attack Son of Madness as Havoc was tired of Madness’s actions. Dario Cueto got out of his office and asked the security to separate them. He then announced that if they want to fight, they will do it for something. Tonight, Madness and Havoc will compete in a Biker’s Brawl match for an Aztec Medallion.

Result: Son of Madness defeats Mascarita Sagrada

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Marty The Moth w/ Mariposa vs. Argenis

It was Argenis’ first match in 3 months after Pentagon Dark broke his arm. Argenis started with leg kicks but Marty stopped him and attacked him in the corner until the referee stopped him. Bicycle kick from Marty that grounded Argenis. Marty tried to charge Argenis but the Luchador connected with a crossbody. Then Marty decided to rip off Argenis’ mask, what Mariposa approved at ringside.


An exposed Argenis managed to trip Marty up, sent him to the floor and hit a nice kick to the chest and a dive from over the top rope. Mariposa distracted Argenis, allowing Marty to attack again and send Argenis into the bleachers. Argenis countered Marty with a superkick and a hurricanrana. Mariposa sent Argenis into the ring post and then the blood runneth over.

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Back in the ring, Marty continues to viciously beat on the bloody body of Argenis. Argenis hit a neck breaker, but the blood seemed to drive Marty even angrier. Marty hit a code breaker variation for the win. Marty continued the beat up after the match, ripping off Argenis’ mask. He then came to Melissa and told her it was not the match he wanted. Because what he wanted was Fenix’s mask.

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Marty then called out Fenix, who arrived and laid out Marty and Mariposa with tough superkicks. Melissa told Marty she thought he would never be able to take Fenix’s mask off. Fenix then joined Melissa in the ring and accepted Marty’s challenge, a máscara contra cabellera (mask vs. hair) match. And the match will happen at Ultima Lucha Tres.

Result: Marty the Moth defeats Veneno

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Sexy Star vs. Joey Ryan

After sucking his lollipop and oiling his body (entirely), Ryan suffered the wrath of Sexy Star (after putting his lollipop in his underpants). She unloaded strikes and kicks, before hitting a tornado DDT. Star continued with a satellite to the world head scissors. After a roll up, Sexy viciously slapped Ryan.

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Ryan countered her attack by slamming Sexy down by the hair. Ryan hit a back breaker but here came Taya mocking Star with a “Go Sexy Go” sign. Sexy rallied an grabbed Ryan’s chest hair to throw him down with rolling suplexes. She continued with the Three Amigas.

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Sexy connected with a leg drop but was distracted by Taya while reaching the top rope. She then attacked Taya and hit her with the paper sign. Enough for Ryan to rally and hit a superkick for the victory. Ryan tried to put his lollipop in Star’s mouth but here came Cortez Castro, now unmasked. He attacked Ryan with a kendo stick until Ryan fled backstage.

Result: Joey Ryan defeats Sexy Star


Cortez Castro was now in Dario’s office, kendo stick in hand. Dario told him he was impressed. Castro then threatened to arrest him for killing Mr Cisco. Dario offered Castro to fight Ryan in a “5-0 street fight” next week. But, as Castro seemed still unhappy, Cueto added the gain of one of an Aztec medallion to the match. Castro accepted and slammed the kendo stick on his knee.

Sans titre 18

Boyle Heights Biker’s Brawl Aztec Medallion Match: Son of Havoc vs. Son of Madness

Watching these two fighting is like watching twins wrestling. Madness hit a slingshot double foot stomp right in the match and went to the outside to grab a trash can. Madness tried to hit him with but Havoc avoided the blow and hit Madness with the can. The fight went into the bleachers, for the Believers’ delight. The trash can blows continued, as well as the fight in the crowd.

Sans titre 24

Madness tried to toss Havoc in the railing but Havoc reversed. Havoc continued with a double stomp and then tossed Madness into the wall. Back in the ring, Havoc climbed the ropes to hit a 450, had to roll out, allowing Madness to ground him with a lariat. Havoc rallied and reached the apron to suplex Madness over the ropes to the floor. Havoc followed with a suicide dive.


Back into the ring, Havoc hit a back handspring elbow, a crossbody, the double stomp and a standing. Havoc then hit the rebound cutter for a near fall. Madness rallied and unloaded forearm strikes before hitting a brainbuster. Madness then went under the ring and grabbed a toolbox, a beer bottle and a trash can.

Sans titre 22

Madness tried to powerbomb Havoc on it but turned it to a Death Valley Driver. Tired of Havoc’s resilience, Madness grabbed a hammer. Havoc avoided the blow, reached the top rope and broke the beer bottle over Madness’ face. Havoc then hit the shooting star press for the win. Havoc posed in the ring with the biker jacket in one hand and the Aztec medallion in the other.

Result: Son of Havoc defeats Son of Madness

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For the first time since the season started, even if the main event was really good, I didn’t appreciate this episode. Until Ultima Lucha Tres, starting in 4 weeks, it seems like Lucha Underground is going to fill the wait with creepy, bloody and mostly unnecessary storylines. What is next week going to offer the audience? Wait and see… Until next week, hasta la vista!

All pictures and screenshots courtesy of El Rey Network.

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