Johnny Impact will certainly be a familiar face to many wrestling fans, following his stints with WWE, Lucha Underground and many other promotions across the World. But the latest addition to the GFW roster is keen to put the past behind him and made an Impact in his new job.

Johnny is currently AAA’s Mega Champion, Latin American Champion, and World Cruiserweight Champion as he goes into the Impact zone. After the crossover appeal that GFW, AAA, Pro Wrestling Noah, and Lucha Underground. Mr Impact is able to balance his work in the ring creatively and also work in other areas in the media such as his work in Netflix’s GLOW, and writing for himself like his recent film Boone: The Bounty Hunter.

Steel Chair Magazine were on hand to speak with the latest GFW recruit about joining GFW, who he would like to face from the GFW roster, thoughts on Eli Drake and much more.

One of the biggest questions we thought needed asking was who he would want to face in the Impact locker room. He stated that joining a new company can be one of the most exciting things because there is a ton of people that he’s never faced before. A notable name he mentioned being Dezmond Xavier before he mentioned his former co-worker of WWE, Bobby Lashley. They were close and hasn’t had the chance to work with him in other 10 years. Johnny noted that it would be interesting to see how they match up now. Mr Impact also said that Eli Drake has been underrated for a long time by the wrestling community and he would love to have a one on one with him soon.

Image via Impact Wrestling

When the conversation shifted towards his thoughts in Eli Drake. Johnny said that he’s more style than substance, part of the job of a wrestler is to evolve mentally and physically. While Johnny spends his time training and updating his move set, for example, incorporating parkour elements help improve his physical ability. To him, evolving is what wrestlers should be doing. Whereas Eli Drake would rather be in the gym lifting weights and acting like a general meat head. The eventual fight between them will present audiences with a difference of two training philosophies in modern wrestling, who will prevail in the end is yet to be seen.

Similar to the previous question, We asked if there was a dream match he would love to have if he had the chance.  Three people that were on top of the list for him would be Kazuchika Okada due to his work in NJPW.  Daniel Bryan and even The Miz would be people that he would want to wrestle outside of Impact Wrestling, given the chance.  Two people from his childhood that he would’ve loved to have faced are the “Macho Man” himself Randy Savage, and Shawn Michaels. But given the circumstances, these seem like they wouldn’t be able to happen anytime soon.

Overall it was a great chat with the Impact star, who is genuinely optimistic about the future of GFW and looking forward to working with everyone in the locker room and the people behind the scenes. Whatever happens in the future, we’ll keep an eye on what Johnny is up to as he’s sure to evolve and bring us something new every time we check in.