SteelChair caught up with GFW creatives Sonjay Dutt, Scott D’Amore and John Gaburick for a talk on how the future of the company is shaping up in time for their biggest yearly event, Bound for Glory. Here are the main takeaways.

According to Scott D’Amore and John Gaburick, the demise of GFW Wrestling has been greatly exaggerated and Anthem are still very much invested in GFW.

Coach Scott D’Amore thinks that Jeff Jarrett has had a great influence on the identity of GFW Wrestling and if it wasn’t for Jeff Jarrett there wouldn’t be a GFW in the first place. No word yet on whether the company will be keeping the Global Force Wrestling name. Also, John Gaburick believes the meat of the product is all creative and the talent care about.

It looks like Alberto Del Patron is going to play a part at Bound for Glory 2017 but no current word as to whether or not Rey Mysterio will be on the card.

John Gaburick thinks the world of talent from the UK and it is so important to keep up good relations with global promotions. He also thinks that promotions like AAA and NOAH have done great work with GFW.

While the Global Wrestling Network certainly wishes to emulate the success of the WWE Network, they aren’t looking to them for their business model. However, they are looking for a stronger presence online with the Global Force Network, and are very excited to have other promotions such as AAA on their streaming service.

Coach Scott D’Amore gives all his thanks and well wishes to former Team Canada members Bobby Roode and Eric Young. He thinks they will do great things in their current promotion. Also, Scott D’Amore and Sonjay Dutt think the future is bright for Petey Williams in GFW Wrestling.

They all think the diversity of the team means that the creative will take on a life of its own and be more dynamic than ever. They are also confident in their ability to work as a team and do great things.

No plans to add anyone else to the creative team, at GFW. According to Sonjay Dutt, they have all the talent they need right there, and according to Scott D’Amore talent is always fluid so performers like Low Ki leaving is a natural part of the process.

Sonjay Dutt believes that Eli Drake is the perfect choice to be World Champion at the moment, that Matt Sydal and Dezmond Xavier have the tools to represent the company on the world stage, but there is uncertainty if Eddie Kingston will continue with the company.

According to Sonjay Dutt, Bruce Prichard is an on air talent only and won’t be moving forward with the company unless he wants to.

Dutch Mantel has been using and will continue to use his wealth of experience to bring amazing creativity to the Global Force team.

Lastly, the incident involving Rosemary and Sexy Star will get no further comment from GFW, so quit asking!!