Previously on Lucha Underground, Rey Mysterio humiliated Dario Cueto when El Jefe interfered in Mysterio’s Championship match against Johnny Mundo. Cueto asked his brother Matanza to destroy Mysterio. Fenix and Melissa Santos befriended, something Marty the Moth and his sister Mariposa didn’t appreciate. Dario Cueto revealed he had gathered 7 ancient Aztec Medallions representing the 7 tribes of the ancient Aztec World. Whoever held all seven of them would gain a “gift from the gods” and becomes the “Gift of Gods Champion”. The winner also earns a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship. The Gift of Gods title is vacant as soon as the Champion cashes in his match against The Lucha Underground Champion. Catrina was ordered by her mother, the police chief Captain Vasquez, to get the gauntlet from Cage in order to regain her mortality.

Lucha Underground is reaching this week its 100th episode. El Jefe Dario Cueto revealed last week a strong program for this very special episode. Matanza Cueto vs. Rey Mysterio, the Worldwide Underground against Prince Puma team, and Pentagon Dark vs. El Dragon Azteca for the last Aztec Medallion. Doctor Frenchy is telling you all… and it’s starting right now…


Backstage The Worldwide Underground was laughing while watching Ricky Mandel’s new ID. Mandel changed his last name to Mundo, something Johnny is not going to appreciate. Johnny Mundo arrived to declare Ricky as an official member of Worldwide Underground and he’s going to take Prince Puma to Slam Town. But when Mandel showed his new ID to Mundo, Johnny stated there could only have one Mundo in Lucha Underground. He pulled Ricky off the upcoming match and told him to sit on the sidelines because he didn’t ask him about changing his name.  Johnny announced Marty “The Moth” Martinez would replace him.

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Atomicos Match: Marty “The Moth” Martinez & Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo, PJ Black & Taya) vs. Prince Puma, Cage, Fenix & Sexy Star

Puma chose an all-star team to surround him in this match. Martinez started off the match with Sexy Star. Star kicked and slapped Martinez several times, but teased Taya on her corner. Black and Fenix were tagged in and cross-bodied each other. Here came Mundo and Cage but Mundo tagged in Taya to face the giant and force him to take off the gauntlet. Taya drop-kicked Cage but Cage replied with a slam.

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Both teams brawled, allowing Cage to hit a clothesline on Taya. A tagged in Mundo suffered the wrath of Cage with a Stalled Suplex. Jeremiah Cranes suddenly came out of nowhere to steal the gauntlet and Cage went after him. Puma connected with a suplex on Mundo and action went to the outside when Sexy Star hit a Dive on Taya, followed by Fenix on Martinez.

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Mundo and Puma were still in the ring, Johnny connected with a springboard from the second rope and a kick to the face, helped by Marty. Meanwhile, Taya and Sexy Star were fighting in the crowd. Black kicked Puma while Mundo was suplexing him. Mundo continued with a superkick before Black hit a DDT. Mundo hit the End of the World on Puma for the win.

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Winners: Marty “The Moth” Martinez & Worldwide Underground (Ricky Taya, Johnny Mundo & PJ Black)

Martinez creepily approached Melissa Santos after the match. But Santos slapped Martinez. Fenix came out and hit a superkick on Marty.

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Jeremiah Crane brought the gauntlet to his former lover Catrina backstage and asked for a kiss of victory. Mil Muertes attacked Crane, but Cage arrived and told her she can’t disappear because of its power. She dropped the gauntlet and then disappeared. Cage, Muertes and Crane were all brawling when the hand of Dario Cueto crept in to reach the gauntlet and steal it.

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Aztec Medallion Match: El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Pentagon Dark

Pentagon attacked El Dragon with a dropkick before working the legs with kicks. Dark hit a superkick but Azteca rallied, kicked and drop-kicked Dark to the outside. He reached the top rope to connect with a head-scissors to Dark on the outside. Dark attacked his legs again and tossed him into the wall, but Azteca rallied with a hurricanrana and a crossbody.

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Azteca continued with a leg drop but Dark replied with a dropkick and a double stomp. They traded kicks and chops, but Azteca hit a spinning DDT to stop the exchange. Dark countered an attempt of tornado DDT into a backbreaker. Dark hit the runnning package piledriver for the win.

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Winner: Pentagon Dark defeats El Dragon Azteca Jr to earn one of the 7 Aztec Medallions

As usual, Pentagon Dark was about to break his opponent’s arm but Matanza Cueto came out to stop him and warm himself up on Azteca. Rey Mysterio came out to stop Matanza and save his protégé.

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Rey Mysterio vs. Matanza Cueto

The war between Matanza and Rey is an unfinished business, as Matanza pinned Rey at Aztec Warfare II while Rey pinned Matanza at Aztec Warfare III. A revengeful Mysterio attacked Matanza right in the corner and kicked him several times. Mysterio hit a springboard head-scissors, Matanza slammed Mysterio off the apron. Matanza used his power to pummel Rey on the outside into some fencing and rake away at the eyes. Back in the ring, Rey tried to rally but Matanza attacked again with a shoulder block. Mysterio connected with a Crucifix but Matanza clotheslined Mysterio.

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Outside or inside the ring, Matanza was outpowering Rey. But when Matanza set him in the top turnbuckle for a superplex, Rey bit his hand and hit the Code Red- Sunset Flip Power Bomb that made him beat Matanza at Aztec Warfare III. Mysterio continued with a Seated Senton and a Spinning DDT. Matanza stopped another attempt of DDT with a big boot to the face and grabbed a chair from under the ring.

Sans titre 27

Mysterio ended up dropkicking the chair into the face of Matanza and set the chair in the ropes. Matanza got drop-kicked into the chair, followed by a 619 by Rey with the chair. Mysterio tried to reach the top rope but Matanza threw the chair into Rey’s knee and slammed him to the mat. Matanza attacked with a German Suplex, a pump handle throw and a spear into the turnbuckles. Mysterio dodged his attempt of charge and went for a moonsault but Matanza caught him. He hit the Wrath of Gods, Rey had his foot on the bottom rope but Dario pushed it off to give his brother the win.

Winner: Matanza Cueto

After the match, Matanza hit a chair-assisted Wrath of the Gods. Dario asked his brother to finish Rey off. Matanza took him to the floor, wrapped the chair around his neck and sent him to the ringpost, not once but twice. Dario Cueto enjoyed every second of it as his brother was carrying Rey to the back. Was it to be sacrificed or to be eaten?

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Can do better for a 100th episode. All the elements were there but the tone was not. Good match between Azteca and Pentagon Dark who could a serious threat in the Gift of Gods match. I definitely enjoy seeing women wrestlers being treated as equal with male wrestlers and able to square off with them. That’s one of Lucha Underground’s specificities and something I wish I could see more… 


Ultima Lucha Tres is set to start in 2 weeks for a 4-part series special. The card is taking shape slowly but surely. Prince Puma will try to grab the Lucha Underground Championship in a title vs. career match against Johnny Mundo, Marty The Moth and Fenix will square off for the beautiful eyes of Melissa Santos, Taya and Sexy Star will compete in a Last Luchadora Standing match and The Gift of Gods Championship will reunite the 7 Aztec Medallions holders, Paul London, Saltador, Mala Suerte, Son of Havoc, Cortez Castro, Drago and Pentagon Dark. And the winner of the match could redeem the championship for a Lucha Underground Championship match. But until this glorious season finale and, of course, until next week, hasta la vista!

I left you with Dario Cueto and his Top 10 Favourite Things about Lucha Underground.


All pictures and screenshots courtesy of El Rey Network.

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