According to F4Wonline, Jim Cornette will not be working Bound For Glory on November 5 and the TV tapings following as he’s now done with GFW Impact Wrestling. Cornette is said to state there’s no heat over his departure and that it’s just a matter of circumstances but is expected to go into more detail on this on his podcast on Thursday.

Cornette noted he came to the company after Jeff Jarrett called him last August to work just one set of TV to help further a few storylines. He appeared at Destination X to strip Alberto El Patron of the World Heavyweight Title, settle the 20-Man Gauntlet for Gold match, and fire Bruce Prichard to become the new manager of IMPACT.

Cornette agreed with Jarrett that he would come back to work Bound For Glory and then the November TV tapings. But with Jarrett gone for the moment, the current creative team, headed by Scott D’Amore and Sonjay Dutt, is said to be focusing more on in-ring action and less on authority figure storylines.

Also, with Bound for Glory taking place in Canada, Cornette would have not been able to appear as he has not been to Canada since before 2010 after being turned away at the border due to his record that has arrests from years ago. Something IMPACT creative consultant Dutch Mantel confirmed to him.

By Steph Franchomme

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