Like a headbutt to the face, another episode of SmackDown Live has come around once again. Last week we ended on a shocking note as Vince McMahon took an actual headbutt from Kevin Owens. How the hell was SmackDown Live going to follow up? Were there some cringe-worthy moments? Well…Welcome to the most must-see Vulture Hound weekly review in history; welcome to… The SmackDown Review.

The episode opened with Shane McMahon making his entrance and coming to the ring. He said Kevin Owens has made an enemy of the entire McMahon family, and he might understand part of what he started because he isn’t in the building tonight. McMahon swore to punish Owens at Hell in a Cell. Condemnations were made all other the place,

Condemnations were made all other the place, condemning Owens, his actions, hell why not just throw in the kitchen sink while we’re at it? Anyways, although some may argue that Kevin’s talents are being wasted in a match with Shane. I refer you back to last Wrestlemania when AJ Styles put on possibly the best match of the night against Shane. Plus, Kevin has been booked well these past few weeks, so I have decent expectations for their upcoming match.

Following this, We saw a match with Randy Orton as he easily defeated Aiden English. Orton won by pinfall with the RKO. After the match, Rusev came out and said he has become a national disgrace since he lost to Randy Orton in 10 seconds at SummerSlam. He said he wants his revenge right now. Rusev defeated Randy Orton.

Orton went for an RKO, but Rusev pushed him off, into Aiden English on the ring apron. Orton shoved English and wandered into a thrust kick, then was pinned by Rusev. Whether people are desperate to see Rusev take on Randy again is a different story, wouldn’t have blamed him now if he decided to ask for his release. As long as we don’t get a 5-second match again, we SHOULD be okay.

The Other Bits

– Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers came to the ring. For the second week in a row, Mahal mocked Nakamura and said this was what he had to look forward to from the fans if he became champion. He insisted Nakamura should realize the fans aren’t worth it.

– AJ Styles came to the ring and shamed Kevin Owens for his actions, then ran down Baron Corbin, who he dubbed “The Shortcut King” and a failure. Baron Corbin came out for the United States Open Challenge, and the ring introductions were made, but before the bell could ring, Corbin attacked Styles from behind. When the referee managed to pull Corbin off and went to check on Styles, Tye Dillinger appeared and attacked Corbin. Dillinger tossed Corbin out of the ring and Corbin injured his ankle in the process.

Corbin rolled back in the ring and tried to tell the referee that he wasn’t well enough to continue, and clutched his ankle. Styles locked in the Calf Crusher and Corbin tapped out, but the match was never official.

– Charlotte Flair came to the ring to thank the fans for their support over these trying six weeks dealing with Ric Flair’s health concerns. She was interrupted by Natalya, who invited Charlotte to stay for her “Celebration of Women.” This was actually a celebration of Natalya, and Charlotte interrupted to challenge for Natalya’s Smackdown Women’s Championship. She was interrupted by Becky Lynch, then Naomi, then Lana and Tamina, all of whom staked their own claim to the title.

– Natalya attempted to deny any of them a shot at the title, but Daniel Bryan appeared to make a main event No. 1 contender match between Charlotte, Becky, Tamina and Naomi.

– The New Day defeated Hype Bros. This was a non-title match, and the Usos sat in on commentary. The New Day won by pinfall after hitting Zack Ryder with the Midnight Hour.

– Kevin Owens appeared via satellite to apologize for his actions last week, but said this was Shane McMahon’s fault, and that Shane got what he deserved.

– Dolph Ziggler came out to complain about the fans’ lack of respect. He mocked the entrances of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and D-Generation X. He again called himself the best ever and said he couldn’t care less about the fans.

Fatal 4-Way No. 1 Contender Match

It’s main event time and it the women showing us how it’s done. And now it seems like we’re going to get the match we were all hoping for, as Charlotte Flair defeated Tamina Snuka, Becky Lynch, and Naomi. Charlotte Flair vs Natalya, hell yes. This was for a Smackdown Women’s Championship match at Hell in a Cell. Tamina hit the Superfly splash on Lynch, but Naomi broke up the pinfall. Lana pulled Naomi out of the ring and Tamina hit Naomi with a superkick on the apron, then turned around into a big boot from Flair, who got the pin.

As I stated, I’m excited to see how this will go down. Charlotte and Natalya are titans of the women’s division, To see them to go at it is going to be something to stay tuned and not look away. Let’s hope they steal the show.

By Bradley Tiernan

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