This is normally where James is welcoming you and give you a quick summary of what may happen in this review. But Miss Doctor Frenchy is here this week and I’m happy to tell you… THE UK GUYS ARE STILL HERE! Trent Seven and Tyler Bate aka Moustache Mountain in tag team action. So, without further delay, here’s what happened this week on NXT (James will be back next week, Frenchy promise!)

MATCH 1: Johnny Gargano vs Riddick Moss W/ Toni Sabbatelli

Gargano beat Riddick Moss last week, and this match is the continuation of Moss & Sabbatelli bullying Gargano. The impressive looking Sabbatelli tried to use his power advantage (after years in NXT, Sabbatelli is still quite limited in-ring wise) with a couple of slaps. After a long minute, Gargano fired up, rebounding off the ropes but to eat a dropkick from Sabbatelli. Tino stayed in control, grounding Gargano with a rest hold. Johnny rallied, got on his feet, unloaded strikes, a modified arm drag and a running enzuigiri. Sabbatelli countered a slingshot DDT with a powerslam. Here came trash talk time, “You are nothing!”, repeated Sabatelli. Gargano crawled to his feet and hit a massive superkick before locking Tino into the Gargano Escape for the win.

Gargano picked up another win and kept momentum on making a name for himself in a short but nice match.



– Roderick Strong came to William Regal’s office to remind him he promised to defeat Bobby Roode and head onto the NXT Championship to face Drew McIntyre. Because he kept his first promise, he asked for the title match. See you in two weeks.

– Backstage, Sonya Deville claimed the reason why Asuka and herself never faced was because she would have broken Asuka’s undefeated streak. So now that Asuka’s gone, she laid claim a match to the newly vacant title and invited the rest of the roster to put their “hair up and square up.”

– Backstage again, Dakota Kai explained that even if she may be new to NXT, those who watched the Mae Young Classic Tournament knows exactly who she is. The Captain  of “Team Kick” asked for a shot at the NXT Women’s title.

MATCH 2: Lacey Evans vs. Bianca Belair

Is a ponytail a legal weapon in a wrestling match? For Bianca Belair, absolutely. The two competed in the Mae Young Classic Tournament and went straight into a lockup. After pushes and shoves, Belair slammed Evans down, followed by a shoulder block. Belair still in control slammed Evans by the hair before a double chickenwing implant buster. She worked Evans over in the ropes, but Lacey countered with a leg sweep and a slingshot elbow. Belair cut her momentum with a fisherman’s suplex and continued to work her over in the corner. But Evans rallied with a clothesline, kicks and a broncobuster. Belair whipped Evans with her ponytail (is it really hurting that bad, Lacey?) and hit the reverse power bomb for the win.

Both BelAir and Evans has some potential but for the moment, neither the crowd nor myself were convinced of it.


Aleister Black speaks for the first time… 

Aleister Black came to the ring in a nice black suit, carefully shed the jacket and rolled the sleeves of his shirt. The silent fighter was about to talk… He said 15 years ago, he started a journey that led him to NXT, a journey including stories from those 15 years on his body in the form of scars and tattoos.


But here came The Velveteen Dream, claiming Black hasn’t seen the light of the Velveteen Dream. Velveteen said he doesn’t see pain or scars, just lies in the form of tattoos. He thought Black is scared of fear and seeing the light. But Dream could see Black has a heart, just put in the wrong place. Black hit the Black Mass to knock the mic out of Dream’s hands. And quietly sat down in the middle of the ring. Dream kneeled down and crawled his way to the back. If this was seduction, I think I might change my definition of it…


MATCH 3: No Way Jose vs. Lars Sullivan

No Way Jose challenged the undefeated Sullivan two weeks ago, thinking he could destroy the mountain. It took exactly 3 minutes to Sullivan to get rid of Jose.  Jose attacked straight into the match, with rights and a crossbody, but ran into a wall as Sullivan didn’t go down. Sullivan hit several corner attacks that rendered the Dancing Machine motionless. Sullivan went for a chin lock, allowing Jose to jump on Sullivan’s back for a sleeper. But Lars sent him in the corner and Jose fell. Jose unloaded every kind of strikes, Sullivan shook but didn’t fall. And sent Jose to the mat with a shoulder block. He reached the top rope for a diving head butt and a slam for the victory.

Short squash match, the Giant destroyed the Disco Machine. Period.


MATCH 4: Tyler Bate & Trent Seven vs. Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish

That is a main event match, interesting, striking, with the perfect hint of British spice. Bate and O’Reilly kicked off the match with some back and forth. Until Bate hit a dropkick and tagged in Seven. After a nice double team work, Seven tried to send Fish to the outside but O’Reilly stopped his dive by tagging him out. Fish unloaded knee strikes and a nice springboard senton. Seven rallied with chops to Fish’s chest and a DDT, but a tagged-in O’Reilly rushed to the ring to attack Bate, work over on Seven. Both teams ended up outside, with Seven speared by Fish into a barricade. With Cole in their corner, Fish and O’Reilly were still in control. Fish’s attack was countered by Seven who hit his Seven Star Lariat. Bate and O’Reilly were tagged in.


Bate ran wild as Fish met Bate’s big boot. Bate hit an exploder suplex and a running shooting star press. Seven sent Fish to the floor, O’Reilly ate a double team powerbomb. Seven hit a suicide dive on Fish outside, while O’Reilly countered the Tyler driver into a guillotine choke. Bate broke up the move with a shot to the knee from Fish who came to save his partner. The former ROH Tag Team Champions went for a kick and suplex combo but two-count as Bate got a foot on the ropes. Bate tagged in Seven who worked both O’Reilly and Fish. O’Reilly surprised Seven with a flying arm bar, dragging him to the mat but Seven escaped into a half crab. O’Reilly made the save again, Cole sent Bate out on the floor with a superkick. Fish and O’Reilly hit their signature double kicks to Seven for the win. Cole joined his friends to the ring to celebrate.


But Drew McIntyre’s music was heard and he headed to the ring. The Undisputed Era was ready to fight but fled when McIntyre charged. But SAnitY appeared from the back curtain, looking for revenge. Big brawl between McIntyre, SAnitY and The Undisputed Era, as the show went off air. Great ending after a very, very good main event.


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