Previously on Lucha Underground, Fenix and Melissa Santos befriended, something Marty the Moth and his sister Mariposa didn’t appreciate. Dario Cueto revealed he had gathered 7 ancient Aztec Medallions representing the 7 tribes of the ancient Aztec World. Whoever held all seven of them would gain a “gift from the gods” and becomes the “Gift of Gods Champion”. The winner also earns a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship. The Gift of Gods title is vacant as soon as the Champion cashes in his match against The Lucha Underground Champion. Dario Cueto stole Cage’s gauntlet when Mil Muertes, Jeremiah Crane and Cage were fighting for it. 

The Gift of Gods Champion is going to be determined tonight. Who of Paul London, Saltador, Mala Suerte, Son of Havoc, Cortez Castro, Drago and Pentagon Dark will earn a chance to become the Lucha Underground Champion? A new Luchadora is set to debut, and it’s no other than Lucha’s announcer, Melissa Santos. Doctor Frenchy is telling you all… and it’s starting right now…


The episode started with Melissa Santos and Fenix training. They seemed to love what they were doing. She asked him again to see him without her mask, but Fenix told her if it was taken away from him, he would lose everything. She promised him she won’t lose her, he kissed her passionately.

Sans titre 2

As Melissa is wrestling tonight, Famous B is the ring announcer of this episode.

Dante Fox vs. Texano

Fox took control of the match right away, beating Texano down. He teased a dive but connected with a kick on the floor. Back in the ring, Fox continued with a Swanton Bomb while Killshot was watching from the crowd. Texano rallied and hit 2 lariats, clotheslines and an enzuigiri. Fox struck back with a springboard cutter and a 450.

Sans titre 4

The fight continued with Texano hitting a nice double chicken wing facebuster. But no man wanted to relinquish. Fox countered a powerbomb into a crucifix. Before Texano countered the Fox Catcher into a backbreaker, covering for a 2-count. Famous B announced Texano as the winner but as it was a 2-count and the bell wasn’t rung, Fox went or the roll-up and got the win. This time, we had a winner…

Winner: Dante Fox

Texano was absolutely furious against Texano and was about to bet him down but Dario Cueto came out. Texano and Famous B will face off next week and if Texano lost, El Jefe would give Texano’s contract to Famous B, so he would have to join Famous B’s agency. Texano hit a little slap on Famous B’s face before leaving the ring.

Sans titre 10

In Dario’s office, Son of Havoc was putting his medallion in the Gift of Gods belt. He said he will win the belt and be in the Ultima Lucha main event. Pentagon Dark showed up and claimed he would break everyone’s arm tonight and win the title. Dario then made a call to ask for more emergency medical technicians to be there for the main event.

Sans titre 12

Marty “The Moth” Martinez & Mariposa vs. Melissa Santos & Fenix

Mariposa and Fenix started the match with locks and strikes. Mariposa worked on Fenix’s arm and hit a Scoop Slam. Fenix kicked Mariposa in the face, she tagged Marty in. Martinez tried to take control but Fenix picked up the pace with a kick, Fenix connects with a kick and a back-handspring into a Stunner on Martinez, sending Marty on the floor. Fenix went for a big dive.

Sans titre 16

Back in the ring, a tagged in Mariposa kicked Fenix several times before tagging in Martinez back. Marty attacked Fenix but the Luchador battled back with a superkick. He then pushed Martinez into a kick from Santos. Melissa was finally tagged in and reached the top rope for an assisted Seated Senton. She then attacked Mariposa and tripped the sister into the brother’s crotch. Santos continued with an assisted leg drop.

Sans titre 18

While she was firing up on Marty, Mariposa made Fenix fall as he was trying to go to the top and tied him up to the ropes. Santos left alone, was chased by Marty. Unable to help Fenix, she found herself stuck between Mariposa and Marty. Marty hit a double team pedigree with his sister for the win.

Sans titre 20

Winner: Mariposa & Marty “The Moth” Martinez

After the match, Martinez grabbed his little box and took a scissors. Fortunately, Fenix escaped from the rope and stopped Martinez from cutting Melissa’s hair. Marty and Mariposa ran off.

Sans titre 22

Gift Of The Gods Championship Match: Mala Suerte vs. Saltador vs. Cortez Castro vs. Paul London vs. Son Of Havoc vs. Pentagon Dark vs. Drago w/Kobra Moon

Seven men at the same time in the ring, the action was everywhere. Pentagon and Havoc quickly showed they were the two big men of the match. Saltador sent Havoc out and attacked Pentagon. But he kicked Saltador in the face before being grounded by a hurricanrana. Meanwhile, Havoc attacked Drago with a big elbow to the face but Pentagon connected with a superkick, sending Havoc to the outside. London went for a dive as Mala Suerte hit a crucifix on Pentagon. But Pentagon cut him off with the Penta Driver.

Sans titre 28

Drago came back to the ring before Pentagon was able to make the count. Drago then hit a neckbreaker on Dark. But Castro stopped him with a neckbreaker of his own. Saltador stopped Castro with a springboard leg drop. Havoc kicked Saltador before he was able to reach the top turnbuckle and hit a double foot stomp and a standing moonsault.


London stopped Havoc with a spin kick while Saltador hit a Senton to the other opponents on the outside. Drago followed him with a Corkscrew Plancha, and Havoc with a suicide dive. Havoc hit a cutter on London while Pentagon was hitting a package piledriver on Saltador. Havoc then hit a Shooting Star Press on Saltador while Dark was hitting the package piledriver on London. Havoc pinned Saltador, Dark pinned London, at the same time. Double pin, so double winner…


Winners: Pentagon Dark and Son Of Havoc

Dario Cueto came out after the match and told he noticed what happened. But as it can only be one winner for the Gift of Gods CHampionship, he announced a Ladder Match for Ultima Lucha Tres between Pentagon Dark and Son Of Havoc for the Gift of the Gods title.

Sans titre 24

The show closed with Cueto meeting a mystery associate and Agent Winter in a limo. Dario brought the gauntlet with him. Cueto said that Mil Muertes or Jeremiah Crane would be good hosts for the gauntlet and booked them and Cage to a three-way match for the gauntlet. Winter was upset but Dario told the mystery associate he could take out Cage himself if he won it back. The associate puffed a cigar and seemed to approve.

Sans titre 26

Mixed feelings on this episode, mostly because good action lead to very bad endings, excepted for the Gift of Gods match who offered to the Believers another chance to see Dark and Havoc fight for the gold. Ultima Lucha Tres is beginning next week for a 4-part series special (in 4 weeks or not). Here are the matches already announced:

* Steel Cage Match: Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. The Monster Matanza Cueto
* Luchadora Match: Catrina vs. Ivelisse
* Luchas de Apuestas (Hair vs. Mask Match): Fenix vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez
* Last Luchadora Standing Match: Taya vs. Sexy Star
* Hell of War (Three Stages of Hell) Match: Dante Fox vs. Killshot
* Contract Match: Texano vs. Famous B
* Gauntlet Match: Cage vs. Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane
* Gift of The Gods Title Ladder Match: Pentagon vs. Son of Havoc
* Lucha Underground Title Match: Johnny Mundo (c) vs. Prince Puma

But until this glorious season finale (maybe the ultimate episodes of Lucha Underground) and, of course, until next week, hasta la vista!

All pictures and screenshots courtesy of El Rey Network.

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