With two ‘WrestleMania-worthy’ matches on the card for the upcoming RAW pay-per-view, No Mercy doesn’t seem to be holding back in the race for ratings. Will said promise come to fruition? Or will RAW leave us longing for more? Here’s what the VultureHound team have to say.

Craig’s Predictions

RAW’s women’s division is frankly a mess. Despite this, Bliss may win by capitalising on a miscommunication between Banks and Bayley, rekindling that possibility of a feud, and leaving Bliss to continue a rivalry with Jax. That in-turn would allow Emma to possibly battle a returning Paige to capture the magic they had in NXT. Bring back Harper, Bray Wyatt needs him. Cesaro and Sheamus to regain the tag titles, creating tension between Ambrose and Rollins, and due to constant antagonising from the Champions, an Ambrose heel turn takes place at the Survivor Series rematch. Ambrose and Rollins continue to feud, climaxing at WrestleMania. I could dream, right?

Big matches. Hogan vs Savage. Hogan vs Rock. Rock vs Austin. Could Cena vs Reigns equal or surpass everything that has been said in the verbal jousting in RAW? Possibly, and I like to think that it will, with Reigns scoring the win. Who this year has been better than Strowman within the RAW brand? I want Strowman to win, to finally seize the Championship from Lesnar, admittedly for Lesnar to return and reclaim it at Survivor Series with possible interference. Regardless, for No Mercy, this is the must see match and there won’t be a table left.

Steph’s Predictions

As Brock Lesnar is not expected to appear on RAW until Royal Rumble, I can’t help but think Strowman will become champion, maybe with Heyman turning his back on Lesnar. Neville just can’t lose against Enzo Amore. Even if I’m not a Cena fan, I want him to shut Reigns up. However, their feud is just beginning so we’ll hear from them again. Ambrose and Rollins retain. Emma wins the belt to become Asuka’s first opponent, as it happened in NXT. Jason Jordan will take the IC belt, thanks to Angle. Wyatt will get his revenge against Balor.

James’ Predictions

Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman. Yes, you can sing “Vince McMahon loves big sweaty men” to this. But, this genuinely seems it’s going to be a great time. Braun and Brock have shown that they can present us some jaw dropping moments. This match will likely have a few more. Will the title change hands? I doubt it. Brock will always be Brock, and I think he’ll still be keeping the belt for a while longer. I won’t be disappointed if I’m wrong, though.

Erin’s Predictions

UNDERTAKER. And maybe some other cool stuff, too. Maybe an Ambrose heel turn in the works. Perhaps a nice little nod to Emma in the women’s division (I remain hopeful). Most likely, screaming children and overly-zealous middle-aged smarks to steal the show when Reigns one-ups Cena. Almost definitely, a shit ton of debris scattered around Lesnar as he does the job to Strowman (again, I’m feeling hopeful).

But what I’m really trying to say, is UNDERTAKER VS CENA AT MANIA 34. Because a little bit of hope is what makes this world go round. That’s all from me.