It’s getting harder you know?

This whole “Professional Wrestling” game.

Despite the fact there are probably more promotions in the UK now than ever before it’s harder now than ever to find yourself standing out enough to be booked by them.

Or, it is for me at least.

While I sit here typing away, I know a majority of the reasons that I won’t be booked for a lot of shows for example, lack of car, only local standing fan base and finally not so aesthetically pleasing look. While I’m able to change these things, for the time being it definitely makes things very difficult.

I was told very early on in to my training that wrestling is difficult in all aspects, physically and mentally, and that at times it will do it’s best to wear you down to your very last thread. I was told that there will be times where you feel on top of the world and then the next moment you feel like the lowest of the low. Something I have sadly been a part of.

Winning my first championship with Phoenix Events South Yorkshire, was supposed to be a massive moment for me. and it was. Personally I still hold it up there as one of my greatest achievements to date and quite rightly so, but remembering the deathly silent reaction at the time of me winning will stay with me forever. Every time I watch it back, I get the same sick feeling in my stomach.

Six months on from that I am still (technically) the Phoenix Rising Champion and now a two time Elite British Wrestling Catch Champion, where in my first victory I defeated Paul Malen, a man that since meeting very early on in my career has taken a lot of time to sit down with me and pass on some fantastic advice. I hold that match very close to my heart, despite the match falling short of my own expectations it’s still one of my favourites for obvious reasons.

Since winning the Catch Championship in June I thought I would be able to reach out to a few companies, you know, do the the marky thing and go ” Look, someone believed in me enough to be a champion, do you fancy hiring me?”


Not a thing came back.

I think I have possibly emailed or contacted 90% of British Wrestling companies and heard back from three of them. One of the companies, was very interested in me working for them, we had even worked out some dates but the moment wages were being discussed, silence. Absolute silence on their part.

What am I supposed to do there?

Should I go out there and work for companies for nothing?

Do I go out there just for exposure?

Or should I expect a wage for a job that I’m doing?

This always splits British Wrestling right down the middle. Some will say that you should definitely go out there and just wrestle and get better by working in front of different crowds and different opponents just for the sake of being able to do so, while the other side will say that you shouldn’t step near a ring without a wage coming your way.

It’s a difficult situation. Really difficult. I really want to wrestle. I want to wrestle as much as I can. While a the same time I don’t want to put myself out of pocket. Now, I know a lot of people have done this in the past, just recently i know that Pete Dunne and Travis Banks have publicly said that this is what they did to get their foot in the door in some places and now they are on the hot streaks of their lives. While in the same breath I have known people to offer their services for nothing and then get no where when it comes to getting paid for gigs.

All of this made me think about how I advertise myself online. Through facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth. Some people have made a name for themselves through social media alone. But you have to be really good at this to make something of it. Look at Hustle Malone, current HOPE Wrestling Champion. This time last year I knew nothing of Malone, but through his promo work online alone he very quickly shot in the spotlight and now a lot of people know of his name via this channel alone.

There’s a lot of ways to do this, via promos, keeping people updated on your story on Instagram, doing a hype video for yourself to get your talent noticed. But a lot of people are doing this right now. So you are either going to stand out in a crowd of wrestlers or just get lost in the shuffle.

I suppose for now I have to keep plugging away, keep losing the weight so I can look like more of a “Wrestler” and then hopefully the gigs come my way. Sorry this came off as a bit of a downer. But it’s been something on my mind for a while now.

Thank you for your time.

With that in mind, if you wish to have a chat about some upcoming dates get in touch, or even if you want to get in touch and have a chat or pass me some advice one what you would do in my situation that would be great!

Either way, drop me a message and we can have a chat.

Email –

Alan Kay Wrestler – Official Facebook Page 

Twitter: @AK89Wrestler

Instagram: @AK89Wrestler

Thank you for your time.

Later Nerds x