Johnny Moss revealed to a British sports website he will soon move to Orlando, Florida, to become a full-time coach at WWE Performance Center to help to train the next generation of WWE Superstars. And at the same time leave the British wrestling scene as well as his Egremont wrestling school.

For Moss, coming to WWE is a dream come true. “This is a lifelong dream fulfilled, I’ve been obsessed with wrestling since I was eight – it’s all I ever wanted to do – and to be offered this job with WWE is beyond anything I could ever have hoped for.”

From mid-october, Johnny Moss, who already was a guest coach several times at the Performance Center,  will work full-time at the WWE Performance Centre. “I’ll be allocated a class of men and women of different athletic background and different levels of experience and I’ll work with them daily to prepare them for a career in wrestling, teaching them the basics of everything that life in the ring entails”, he explains.

If Moss is leaving his wrestling school, the School of Hard Knocks and Hammerlocks, to Josh Terry, he plans to keep a close eye on its progress through regular updates and his frequent visits back home. He will also continue to join his protégés on the road, working with them at weekly live events across Florida and regular tours of the United States, Australia, the Far East and back home in the UK.

Johnny Moss had been in the wrestling business for 20 years. He trained with Andre Baker at Hammerlock Wrestling School in Kent. The same school that trained talents like Finn Balor, Zack Sabre Jr. and Johnny Storm. While training there, Moss also developed coaching skills and trained talents like Finn Balor and NXT’s SAnitY giant, Killian Dain. Moss opened its own school in 2014 in his hometown of Egremont to allow people to experience the Hammerlock Wrestling and Andre Baker’s knowledge and methods.

Moss also took part of the World of Sports Wrestling revival show on New Year’s Day and was supposed to become a regular of the show that was set to start around the summer, with the support of IMPACT Wrestling, but the project was postponed in May for supposedly contract issues.

Johnny Moss will have a UK farewell at an indie event in Egremont at the Whitehaven Sports Centre on Saturday, October 14th. He will wrestle Joe Coffey that night.

By Steph Franchomme

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